053: Must Have Tools For Live Video Periscope and Facebook Live

In this episode we look at live video and a number of tools that will turn your so-so videos into real Hollywood productions. With these tools listed below you can really start to take video to the next level with only an iPhone 6 in your pocket. Only a couple of years ago you would have to spend at least $3,000 ... Read More

052: We Discuss How An Agent Can Get the Most Out of Social Media in 2016

In this episode we look at social media and give some tips and tricks that have worked for us when using social media. One of the main challenges I’ve clearly seen is that a lot of agents are slightly intimidated by how to really use social media to  get quality leads. I can totally understand this intimidation because you can really easily ... Read More

051: How Mortgage Brokers and Agents Can Work Effectively Together

051: How Mortgage Brokers and Agents Can Work Effectively Together 1
We interview Jayson Bates and discuss how mortgage brokers and agents can work effectively together. Jayson is a mortgage broker with over twenty years experience who is also going to be my new co-host for the Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Podcast Show. Jayson successfully uses online technologies from social media to pod-casting to promote his Real Estate services . Jayson is ... Read More

050: Holiday Weekend & Zillow Part 3

038: Good Quality Photography & Video is Important! 1
Holiday weekends, Facebook advertising for RE Agents & Zillow Part 3. We start off by talking about Memorial day or other long holiday weekends and what an agent should be doing that will be effective for getting high-quality deals. One of the most important points we all agree on is that you shouldn't do open houses over one of these long holiday weekends ... Read More

049: Zillow Part Two, The Good The Bad and The Really Ugly

038: Good Quality Photography & Video is Important! 1
Zillow, We talk about what you should do and consider before spending any money with them! Also, what you should do connected to setting up your free Zillow account before you consider spending a penny with Zillow. We see a lot of agents see Zillow in black or white terms. We don't we personally feel you can get ... Read More

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