#199 Mail-Right Show: 30 Things to do in Your First Month as a Real Estate Agent Part 2

Hi, Folks. We in this show discuss this article ” 30 Things to do in Your First Month as a Real Estate Agent” which if you do a Google search comes up quite high when you looking for general advice if you’re a new agent. We also look at the good and the really bad advice given in this article. In truth you going to read and see a lot of similar information online which basically not terrible however not that great either.

Jonathon: Welcome back folks to the male right show. This is episode 199. I have got my great cohost with me. Robert, we are going to continue our discussion from last week folks. What was the title? This is the crucial point’s listeners and viewers. Your first month as a real estate agent. We went through we got 30 points. We went through about 15 of them last week. We are going to finish it off this week. I’m going to introduce you to my great cohost Robert. Robert, would you like to introduce yourself to the new listeners and viewers?

Robert: I would love to. My name is Robert Newman. I’m the founder of InboundREM. It is summer in Van Nuys. I’m extremely excited to be here with John. And talking to all of you who are brand new into your real estate career and looking for some advice on things that you should get doing. Well, John and I have done is we took the number one search result for what should you do when you’re a new agent. And we found the article there and we’re basically doing our own kind of review captioning of that article. And I’m really excited to get back into it. We made it one through 15 through our last internal show. And today we’re going to do 15 through 30 on the second part of our internal show on this topic. Wow. I messed that up. Hey, my substitutes for that,

Jonathon: You made some sense with it. It’s better than some things that I have come out with. I think that the listeners and viewers are used to it now. Listeners and viewers we appreciate you. So how are we going to start? Shall we just do a recap or just the ending there. I think we got to around number 15 there’s about. I think we discussed open houses offered to show homes for agents. Shadow of a real estate agent. I think we got to. Number 16, agent caravans. Do you want to talk about that number’s sixteen.

Robert: I do actually. So the reason that these solicitors taking us so long is that we both have, well, a lot of personal antidotes and opinions on this. And I actually have, I’m very blessed to consider one of the most well-known agents in the world as a business acquaintance. I’d like to consider them a friend. He probably would agree that we’re friends. His name is Christophe Choo. And I learned something interesting from him.

Jonathon: When will you get him on the show you though Robert?

Robert: Well we already talked about it, he said he’d come on and then I, I don’t know what happened. He kind of stopped responding to my emails. He’s a busy guy. Hard to get them pinned down. So this agent caravan. So I would have thought that guy see Christophe is at the top of his career. He’s been doing it for many, many years. He sells anywhere between 60 and $100 million of real estate every year, which puts him somewhere in the top 100 of agents in the country almost every year. So imagine my surprise when I’m talking to him and he does not ever miss these listing caravans. I know agents all over the country that there have nowhere near his success who speaks poorly of these agent caravans. Christophe’s opinion about this is that.

Jonathon: I think before you do that, you want to explain to the new agent what they are.

Robert: Oh, okay. So a car vans are where agents from your brokerage or maybe even a combination of brokerages. Basically go around and look at new listings that are hitting the market. So brokerages basically say, okay, we have 30 listings. And 15 of these are new. So we want all of our agents to be able to see them. Instead of just agents kind of piling by any particular day. The listings are open on one day and everybody can come by on that particular day. Tuesday’s is what is common across the country.

Jonathon: So funny enough, choice. Well, the best well known one in this area of Northern Nevada is one done by Chase International where they show their hiring properties that are available in the Lake Tahoe area. We do that in July. It’s probably coming up. It’s quite entertaining. You see, you see some amazing properties. I mean, amazing. It is a good day out actually.

Robert: I believe it. So anyway, here’s the thing Christophe said like has a very strong opinion. How are you supposed to sell something or respond to question if you don’t have an intimate, intimate knowledge of the inventory? I agree with them. How are you supposed to know? And I don’t care if you’re selling billion dollar homes, million dollar homes, $500,000 homes, $300,000 homes. I don’t care if you’re selling tract homes that inferior supposed to be the same. I think that you need to put boots on the ground and look for weathering on window frames, rose bushes in gardens, Jacuzzi’s in backyards, spa tubs in bathrooms. Because if you have all those details on lock, when you speak to your client, finally get in the car, I deeply believe it increases your chance of a sale, number one. And number two, it qualifies you to represent. You are technically saying, I am an expert in these things and this is the most important decision of your life. My expectation of a real estate agent is that they’re going to know the title count of the house that I’m thinking of buying for $600,000. John, what do you think?

Jonathon: I think it is spot on. This is certainly this type of stuff you got to do too counter those that just want to replace agent with artificial intelligence or whatever. And this is from somebody that’s immersed in WordPress and web development design. It is my bread and butter. It is how I make my living. But I just feel like you I think we’re on the same prayer sheet really. Your company’s about web development design and SEO. But do you think, you know, it’s just taken too far. But to counter you really got to know your local property and the properties that people are going to ask you questions about. Aren`t they?

Robert: And I feel strongly about this. You have to be an expert. I think everybody has the right to demand that a real estate agent is an expert in the inventory. And I think these car vans on Tuesdays is a good way to get good practice on becoming an expert in the product that you’re selling. And I love the fact that Christophe is so successful and still hit some every single time they’re available.

Jonathon: Did he tell you why he does it?

Robert: Yeah, for exactly the reason.

Jonathon: He is very experienced in that particular market area. So, but why does he still?

Robert: Because he gets a lot of calls. He gets calls from people all over the world. When he does, they expect him, they ask him questions about, and so what’s available in Beverly Hills? And he likes to have not like a new listing came up a week ago. He likes to be able to say, well, I went and saw a beautiful home this last Tuesday with a lovely garden, so on and so forth. And I agree with him. He says I put my feet in that house. I can tell you anything you need to know about it.

Jonathon: Yeah, totally understandable. Totally the right attitude. That’s why he’s successful. He does the donkey work.

Robert: It’s also, by the way, why he doesn’t, as far as I know, negotiate on this commission and other things. Cause unlike many real estates, some real estate professionals don’t earn it. Others like Christophe earn every single penny they deliver the service that they’re being paid for, their commissioners earn. He doesn’t send his assistant to do this work. He goes and does it himself.

Jonathon: With all the nice things we have said about him, I think he should sponsor this show.

Robert: I know it’s terrible. And the funny thing is he and I have never done any official business before. We’ve just been meeting.

Jonathon: That was just pure English flipping listeners and viewers.

Robert: I can’t get him to sponsor me. I don’t think it’s going to sponsor a show.

Jonathon: I don`t think so either. But you still got it. So I’m learning everything you can. Take at least one class with your local mls as a challenge to keep yourself awake. But I think you’ve got to do it.

Robert: Yes. I do.

Jonathon: And literally listen to the stories top real estate agent. Let`s go quickly through this section and then pick up the ones that you want to comment on. So we’ve got 17. Go to your local MLS. This is the stories of top real estate agents. Review real estate contracts, attained any new agent orientations and find the mentor. And they left out the most important one of the lot. And they might listen to the Mail Right Show.

Robert: They did. It wasn’t even here.

Jonathon: They could update it though.

Robert: I don’t think it’s around anymore, is it? No, it is. She still does it or she still has that website.

Jonathon: It still ranks. She hasn’t done it since she came on the show actually a very not I like to around, but it’s been dead for two years. What did you think of these on any particular ones that you want to point out in this particular section?

Robert: Learning everything you can. I took a trip to Spain as you pointed out, and we laughed about me being a world traveler. But while I was there, I listened to 53 lectures.

Jonathon: I don’t leave my house. I just live here in front of my monitors.

Robert: I listened to 53 lectures on NLP, which is a topic I already know about neuro linguistic programming. This is a mental tactics that I use to achieve the kind of success that I want and do the things in life. I want to do like travel to Spain for 21 days. So I’m a big believer in always.

Jonathon: You’ve been using those techniques on me.

Robert: Every single day.

Jonathon: Oh, there we go.

Robert: That’s why you are better looking.

Jonathon: I am sorry listeners and viewers. I will quiet down.

Robert: Take at least one class with your local MLS. So I agree with that. To me what would be better though is get in and have like a family member or your partner, your kids, give you like a, just randomly picked addresses. And then look up those addresses on the MLS. And learn as much information about each as you can, as kind of like a personal homework assignment. Listen to stories from top real estate agents. So I’m going to change this up. I’m going to say that you can just go it. I’m a big believer in the real geeks YouTube channel. I forget what they call it, but you just have to do.

Jonathon: Another channel, which they should, it’s got all these episodes on it as well. The Mail Right Show.

Robert: The Mail Right Show we are decent. I like us. I just don’t like to shamelessly plug all that much. But if you’re here.

Jonathon: I’ve been told by some friends that listen to this show that I need to plug more. And I am doing it.

Robert: You need to what now?

Jonathon: Plug more.

Robert: Okay. I get it. I feel you on that.

Jonathon: I have been told by my own sources that I need to up my game and become more Americanized.

Robert: Really? Is that Americanized in Self Promotion?

Jonathon: It does seem to go with the territory.

Robert: I don`t want to be Americanized.

Jonathon: Well you are unique. Let’s say we put it that way.

Robert: So review the real estate contracts and practice writing contracts for single family homes and condominiums. I think this is a good idea. Even better if you can now offer to do some groundwork for a busy agent, do some of their paperwork for them. Not as their assistance, but as literally as number 21. I’m going to capitalize into that. You know, I have mentored, God damn, I don’t even know how many sales people over there.

Jonathon: I think it`s a bit linked to what you said in the previous section about going on the caravans having some awareness. I know a few agents that have been in it for more than or 4 years. They know bugger all about the documentation and they literally have to bull shit when there are some detailed questions. If I was an agent I really wouldn’t want to put myself in that position. So knowing something about the contracts, how they’re written being able to answer the questions without looking like a dickhead. I think is relevant or important. Don`t you Robert?

Robert: Yeah, of course. I mean anytime that you’re in sales and you’re signing a document, you got to know about the contract. Any question? I don’t, I mean for me and the sales teams I run, it’s a nonstarter. You don’t know the contract can’t sell the product. And like I said, full stop. If the contract gets handed into me and it looks like a salesperson doesn’t know what he’s doing, I hand it back to them and say, you know, I’m not going to take this until you fucking know what you’re doing.

Jonathon: I think the last one, find a mentor. Easy to say finding, I’m not talking about buying a coach, they are two totally different things. Funny enough, I was listening to the last episode was of Little Walter Cooler. Chris and Jimmy were on it. They had one of their ladies on it. They were interviewing a very successful real estate agent. I did ask her to come on the show. I haven’t heard anything back from her actually. But they were talking about the importance of coaching and also finding a mentor. I really do think if you can find somebody that’s paid to you that’s got some experience which it could be enormously helpful. Can`t it Robert?

Robert: Yes. So guys, I was in the midst of seeing something to John. God bless his heart, moved off in different directions.

Jonathon: I apologize. I didn’t mean to do that.

Robert: Go back to it, which is when it comes to the paperwork, cause we are talking about paperwork and I said hey, you can offer a seasoned professional to let you help them. This would be a good idea in finding a mentor, which I believe in. Of all these things, I think that number 21, my success in my career. I can name my mentors, Lynn Goldsmith, Billy Aerostat. I’ve lived, I’ve may have more success because of two men in my life than anything I can relate to. These guys took the time to really sit me down and teach me what it were to be an exceptional leader and an exceptional sales person.

And I don’t even know how much money that helped me make over the span of my career. The problem, the challenges when you find an amazing mentor, they want to teach you, but time and energy are always in limited supply. So if you could offer something to them to make them internship easy, take some of the minor tasks off their plate, go for anything. If you see somebody that you really think is a rock star and you think that maybe there’s some small possibility they might be willing to teach you. Come up with a list of things that you can do for them as well, which make it all that much more likely. And then maintain your side of the agreement meticulously. Because there is no way to add a price tag to knowledge that’s going to feed your career for the rest of your life. Like there’s no like what the gift is that you’re being given. It’s beyond calculation.

Jonathon: Totally agree. We are going to go for our break folks. We will be back. We will be attempting to finish this off. We’ve got too really. We’ve got a great returning guest next week. We’ll be back in a few moments’ folks.

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Jonathon: Coming back, I’m a little bit confused actually Robert. I didn’t tell you something. I splashed out an enormous monitor. I’ve got like a 36 inch monitor in front of me. And I have being mucking around with this and I’m on a techno with it. It’s rather tasty this one. Hopefully it’s going to increase my efficiency. You never know. So on, we go on to create a plan for the future. This is something which personally I’m terrible, absolutely terrible. I write nothing down. I think it’s partly down cause I suffer from a bit of dyslexia. But I’ll get the grammar wrong in my emails. But I kind of communicate reasonably effectively. Don`t I Robert? I’ve never been a great one for writing all this down and kind of play it by intuition. And I think it’s a weakness of mine. To be quite truthful. I think having some plan. It never goes the way you write it. You know it’s a bit like planning a battle. Soon as you get into the battle, everything’s up in the air, isn’t it? But having some idea where you’re going and what you’re doing is important. What do you reckon Robert?

Robert: Well actually guys, 21, 22 and 23 are the reason that I really got all hot and bothered and wanting to review this list to start.

Jonathon: Hot and bothered.

Robert: Yes, yes, hot and bothered because guys, I think that as a new real estate agent for all of those listening to the show. Hear me on this. I think that if you’re walking into your business without a digital marketing plan, you are setting yourself up. There is a handful of you out there and that this number may be 5% of the five out of 100 that have previous sales experience that can knock on the door, pick up a phone call, an expired listing, feel completely comfortable doing it. And you have a built in baked in marketing strategy for your brand new real estate business. The other 95% of you, and this is perfectly reasonable, you’re not coming in as an extremely experienced salesperson.

You had other experience. Maybe you were a teacher, you were a parking lot attendant or you’ve been in school. And you just graduated with your brand new real estate license. And you’ve never actually, you know, you’ve had jobs but nothing that you would define as a career for all those people for the other 95%. The question is how are you going to market yourself? And most people these days are going to say, you should do that online. So some people would say, I’m going to draft a business plan and I’ll just include in their market myself online, bang, done. That’s so wrong. When you’re building out this plan that they’re talking about here, you need to decide and do the research upfront that says, what social platforms do you think you should be on? If any, are you going to build yourself a Google my business profile?

How are you going to get the, like what is it that somebody is going to be able to look at if you decide that you’re going to send them to someplace online? And what can you get started with that is very low or zero cost. You start asking yourself all these questions. Then the next question should appear which I actually am going to market myself online? And what does that look like? You can do a great marketing job with just creating content, which is zero cost. But you need, whether you decide to do that or whether you somehow have money or you’re going to finance your business on a credit card and go out and buy marketing services from the moment that you decided that you know that you get your license. One way or the other, you need a business plan and a digital marketing plan. You can put them together and call them one plan, but you need to have a solid concrete idea of how you’re going to leverage the internet in your new real estate business.

Jonathon: I think a good resource for this is the paperless agent run by Chris and Gary. They do some free webinars and they’ve got some freebie material on the website. Just go on to their website. I’m going to put it into chat from our beloved cohost. And funny enough, the website, I think they’re secure socket certificate is expired because it’s unsecured now. They need to sort that out. But they do some great webinars. I’ve asked both of them to come on the show. Robert I’ve just heard crickets. I might give either one of them a buzz on the phone and try and persuade them. Because I know they’re in the same area.

Obviously there is direct competition. But I’ll do watch regularly some of their stuff. And they’ve got some great free resources when it comes to writing out a plan. And then the stuff you just mentioned so far and I just mentioned it too.

Robert: Awesome. Guys, this is the only podcast that I listen to or watch. Following SEO and keeping up with it can a 100% all the time kind of thing. And I oftentimes fall behind in that endeavor. When I’m reading articles, I’m always reading case studies on SEO and inbound marketing always like consistently and no doubt about it. And Neil Patel, A Racks, I’ve got this long list of people that produce content, search engine marketing, like I probably have five, six different content producers I follow. I just don’t have time for anything else. So John, I love this recommendation. I wish I had something to add. I don’t please check out this paperless agent if he says it’s good. I know it is. And, and I think that anybody that’s offering tools to brand new agents is awesome. And you can also probably find some good tools, easy agent pro.

Jonathon: I think its Chris actually, they’ve got actual blueprint. It’s a book, but you can buy it for 12 bucks for your kindle. And it’s actually gives you a whole digital plan. And I downloaded it and I agree with it. It covers a lot of the stuff that we’ve been discussing over the months. They are on the same prayer. She, I think if you go to Amazon, I think you can download it for your kindle for about 10 bucks.

Robert: What`s it called?

Jonathon: It’s the blueprint. Something around maybe if you pull the paperless agent blueprint it will come up. I make sure it’s in the show notes folks so you’d be able to go.

Robert: He’ll catch you up. How to become paperless agents. I don’t know. Anyway, he’ll figure it out later on. So outline your goals 22 and 23 but I don’t want to move off this.

Jonathon: All right, keep going. Keep going.

Robert: Because in my life and when I talk about this, everybody is going to, my whole vision for myself, this right now and this business. I didn’t know what business I was going to be in, but the vision for my life, it was created for me 10 years ago. And I’m living it and breathing it every day and now I have a vision from 10 years longer. I meditate on my visions or my goals as everybody else would refer to them every single day without fail. And if I have one secret to myself.

Jonathon: I meditate as well, actually Robert especially with a glass of Jack Daniels in my hand.

Robert: I knew you were gonna say something Sassy English man a year. I just knew it. You couldn’t help it. The hippie Shit, John can’t actually stop himself from being English for five seconds. He’s very good.

Jonathon: That`s what I have being told the listeners want more English, the way you react to it. I just love the way you react to it. And they say I got to do a lot more plugging. I got to become a little bit more American.

Robert: Plug away, John, whatever you go to them.

Robert: We are actually looking for some testers cause I’ve developed enough allow you to have new functionality and it needs tasting. So especially I’m prepared to do a special deal. I’m looking for a couple of young agents that are looking to get some decent leads. Basically you get everything for free. And we also help out on the campaign costs as well for the Facebook, Google campaigns. But I just need a couple of people that are really up for it to test it out. So even Robert might be able to find a couple of agents for me. I don’t know, but he’s a busy man. But if that sounds like you.

Robert: I will send out an email for you man and you get overwhelmed with request.

Jonathon: I don’t want that, but just go to the Mail Right website and hit us up from the contact us page. And then maybe we can have a chat or you can even book to have a chat with me on the website. And if we think we are good partnership I’ve just kind of expanded the functionality. I can’t burden the existing clientele testing it. That wouldn’t be right. So I’m looking for a couple of people. So back onto the subject. So yeah.

Robert: So listen up guys, just to recap, John’s looking for a couple of Beta testers for his product. He is going to give it to you for free. He’s looking for newer agents so that means this show in particular and probably last one. Today’s date is June 13th. I think it’s safe to say that this case, the Beta test for window will probably be open for two weeks. So if you’ve listened to this show or listening to this show between June 13th, 2019 and June 27th, 2019, reach out to John and get access to his awesome set of tools. All you’re going to have to do is provide them some notes as you use them.

Jonathon: Thank you so much for saying that actually he’s done a much better job promoting my own product. That`s just the case. That’s what people been saying. I’m not a great promoter of my own product. Am I Robert?

Robert: I’m not gonna touch that with a 10 foot pole. What I will say is that what John is offering you is worth a few thousand dollars. You’re getting it for free, which plays almost beautifully into my comment about being a new agent. And what we’re talking about right here. I’m always going to say, look for opportunities to promote you for free. Look how to produce content for free. And even though this comes up, very rarely, this is a perfect example of yet another thing where you can get access to a toolkit that you’d normally have to pay for, but you don’t in this one case. So if you think you want to try like a content management CRM system. This is a good opportunity for you to do so without the cost. Now there is time involved with all these things.

You have to keep the aware there’s time. So you have to ask yourself, do you have the time? Because if you don’t then you shouldn’t do it. But if you’d have some time then you should reach out to John and you should help him and he will help you. Outline your goals for each week. I think I’ve covered this, but guys, I can’t emphasize enough before John just went on his merry way and plug in is product. Goals are really, really super important. Do these goals like every single week consistently. I think that it’s probably the most important thing on this entire list is having a strong vision for your business. And then focusing on at once a week, every week. I would say every day. I don’t think of what I think that week. I think that’s naive. I think you should have a goal and you should look at it every single day and say inside your head, I have already done this. Attach a lot of emotional importance to it and then say that it’s already done. Because he’ll be surprised how your subconscious mind will maneuver your actions into such a way that everything else on this list will get accomplished for you. In a seemingly mysterious way.

Jonathon: I think also they discuss this in the Walter Cooler as well with their agent interview. They are avoiding what I call it, the figure of 8. As how I call it, it’s the dips and highs. It`s basically, if you don’t do marketing, the lead generation dies a bit. You get so busy doing the service that you’re providing for the leads that you got. You don’t do the marketing. You can get into kind of vicious pattern. Well, you need to do is be realistic. There are certain parts of your marketing strategy we touched on. Listen to Robert’s advice about having that plan is something I’m terrible at. So you don’t want to listen to my advice folks, but listen to Robert. Secondly you got to have the time allocated to do so much marketing. Yes, sure. When you get really busy you might have to cut back a little bit. But if you can’t back completely, you’re going to get into this vicious circle of 8 as I call it.

So fundamentally be realistic. Get up earlier in the morning and that’s when you do your videos. That’s when you do your social media. Maybe that’s when you do your one or two blogs a month for your website. But you know, I personally think it’s more realistic to get up early in the morning before all your clients get up. Or if you’re a night owl now, do it late at night where the phones, you know you’re not available. But you need to mark off some consistent time to do your Facebook play in your Facebook post, boost some of these open houses you’re going to do. Plus do the some videos. Also have some time during the day, during the week where you’re going to do some live video on Facebook. You got to have a plan and stick to it as much as you can and don’t get kind of totally wiped out by the poles of clients. It’s not easy. Is it Robert? Easy for us to say, harder for us to do. But it is really is really important. Isn’t it?

Robert: Yes it is. John. I think it’s time that we go. I would like to do about five minutes of bonus content today. Bonus content is there is some secret messaging inside building better agents, which is another thing that kind of got me really hot. As John will tell you, I am not a big fan of like hidden marketing tactics. I like to put my marketing tactics right out there and let the consumer decide. So let’s call it, we’ll wrap up this part of the show and then move on to the really important part.

Jonathon: Robert how can people find out more about you, your knowledge, your products and what you’re up to?

Robert: Holy Shit. Now you’re gonna force me being American and plugged myself. All right, so here you go guys. You guys ready? Everybody got their pen and piece of paper. You ready to go? You ready for the 800 number? You ready for the fucking Cuisinart and the other little things that are coming after it? No, I’m sorry. You can find me at kind of on one myself now. Thanks John. It’s inboundrem.com. I’m the founder of my own marketing company, my own blog. I’ve been in the real estate industry for Real Estate Marketing Industry for 12 years. And if you want to learn more about me just go to my website and look at the about or services pages. You can learn plenty about what me and what my company does or just look at the blog if you want some good marketing advice

Jonathon: And he’s got some fantastic articles there, which I’m going to up my game in the next month as well. I’m not going to plug myself because I’ll be merciless all through the episode. All I am going to say is we got a great product. We love you to come on board. Go to the Mail Right website, have a looksee. If you think it’s your cup of tea, you can book a session with me where I will show you all the functionality. And then we can discuss your requirements. What more can I say? We will be back next week and you will be able to see the bonus content on the Mail Right website our episode or our YouTube Channel where we’ve got almost near to 200 interviews with some of the leading expert in real estate marketing online. What a fantastic resource. I think we’re going to end the show. We’ll see you next week. There’s bonus. Oh yeah. We’re going to keep on guard to be able to hear that on the YouTube channel or, well, we are finishing the podcast. We’ll see you next week folks. Bye.



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