#195 Mail-Right Show Building Systems So You Have More Time to Get Quality Leads Part 2

You are trying to build a real estate business however some months you need more lead but other weeks you just can’t seem to even be able to cope with dealing with existing client’s demands plus also following through with contacting new possible client inquiries.

This is where building effective internal systems inquiries all-important connection to being a successful real estate agent in 2019.


Jonathon: Welcome back folks to the Mail Right Show. This is episode. What is the episode? I’m losing it folks. Its episode 19 my dear listeners and viewers. We have got another internal show. My cohost, my beloved cohost Robert Newman. He seems to be touring all the hotspots of Europe. He is in a Bever at the present moment. And then if you don’t know what to Bever is. This is part of a group of islands in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain. I actually spent a bit of time there actually. So, but what are we going to be discussing. We are going to continue our discussion from last week, which is about systems. Because we only kind of brushed the surface really. Robert, would you like to introduce yourself to the new listeners and viewer?

Robert: Yeah, I’d love to. So my name is Robert Newman. I am a professional marketer and sales person for 35 years. I’m the founder of a company called Inbound Real Estate Marketing or inboundrem.com. And I give advice to new and veteran agents alike. Brokers and boots on the ground, residential real estate agents on how to make money and positioning yourself correctly in the new digital age. And the topic that we’re going to talk about today is continued to talk about is various types of systems. Because it’s a very broad topic. We talked a little bit about tools and some other things the last time that we met. But we really did only scratch the surface. And we’re going to dig a little deeper into that. I think today part of what I would like to discuss is probably going to end up being how to integrate a platform into your systems because we really didn’t discuss it.

I’m probably gonna use a couple of screen shares because I have access to pop program called Bold Leads. I’m not endorsing this platform in any way, shape or form. Not saying you should run out and buy it. I’m merely going to use it as an example of how you would integrate a tool into your processes. And John as usual will keep me a tethered to the earth because I tend to go all over the place with these conversations. And he’s always very kind and gently brings me down to reality and make sure that everybody actually is following what I’m saying.

Jonathon: And I’m the founder of Mail Right. It’s a very similar product in some ways as Bold Leads. But we provide a website as well. So you get a website, you get text, email marketing, social media calendar. It’s got a load of functionality built-in with it folks. If that sounds interesting, you can go to the Mail Right website up in the top right. You can book a free demo and it will be me that will demonstrate in the program to you. Or, and after that you can use Mail Right for $1 for 14 days. That’s right. That’s not a big risk, isn’t it folks? And basically in those 14 days we show you the power of Mail Right. So let’s go straight into it. So I think we had a pretty good discussion last week about why systems are important. That you want to avoid this feast and famine, which a lot of real estate agents in the first few years really feel ever. They feel totally out of control or in a desperate search for new leads basically. So it really is feast or famine. So but like you say Robert we talked about why it was important to get a virtual assistant or some form of assistance. Now let`s talk about how CRMs and platforms can help in this. I’m going to put this to you about CRMs. The thing I have observed about CRMs is the most important thing is whatever CRM you choose. The biggest thing you got to do is keep using it.

Robert: I totally agree with you. And CRM`s one of these days we just have to have a really deep dive into that conversation too. Because I’ve been having a lot of conversations with a lot of people about CRM. One of the things I’ve come to realize is very similar to websites. Certain CRMs are better for certain types of communication than others. Everybody has a CRM. Even mail chimp has a bloody CRM. Everybody has a CRM of some kind. What matters is what you, the realtor are looking to do with your CRM. And that’s the important dialogue. Like what do you need your tool to do? And then you connect that to the tools that do that thing the best. And all of these tools have so many features and functionality. Even I get lost in it. I’m swimming in it. And so I can’t even begin to imagine what nontechnical people feel like. I need to throw you a curve ball there, John. I’m talking really fast because I just realized something as I tried to connect into Bold Leads. I can’t do it from my defense, they are blocking me.

Jonathon: If I was them I wouldn`t allow you log in. You would be enjoying yourself too much.

Robert: I am sure there’s some wisdom in that. I’m sure there’s some wisdom in that. So we can do one of two things. We can talk and we can just verbally and read through this. Or if you wanted to, you could screen share your tool and we can use it.

Jonathon: Let`s go for the outline. Because fundamentally I think the biggest pothole a lot of agents fall into. Is that they also think of CRM is going to kind of solve all their problems. It certainly won’t do that. In some ways if they’re really pushed or really feel that they are not coping in some way it can add to the problem. So would you agree with that?

Robert: I totally agree with that. And guys we are going to change it here audience. We’re going to about and how they fit into systems. So we’re going to alter our course a bit. So thank you for your patience. First of all, for those listening, for those of you who are at home, go ahead and pick up at the pen and paper pencil because I’m about ready to lay some heavy data on you really fast. So everybody. All right. You’re set, I hope. Okay, so here we go.

I couldn’t agree with you more. Different CRM`s do different things really well. I’ll give you an example. Zurple is one of the best email marketing CRMs that’s out there. It’s a behavioral based CRM that consciously emails people while they’re in the midst of a search process. So it touches base with them while they’re doing certain types of searches on the CRM. And they act as if it is a live human. Such as, I noticed that you just looked at 4321 Broad Street. Would you like a home evaluation on that Martha? Find your name even feels like you’ve got a message from the realtor while you’re looking at the property. Because it’s behavioral based and its messaging you directly while you’re using the platform, it’s a different type of CRM. But it operates on the back end the same way the other CRMs do.

If the client messages you and an inbound way, you get thrown into a screen and now you manage the contact just like you would offer other CRMs. So customer record management systems in theory are supposed to manage the communication between a customer and you. But that process has gotten so big. There are lots of people that now have integrated such as Lion Desk that have integrated transactional details into the customer record management system. And what that means is that did the paper client sign the paperwork and then it connects it into the record. So if you’re a person, a realtor who doesn’t have like let’s say you is using the Buffini method. You’re using it successfully to get all your contacts. So you’re not really [09:03 inaudible] as other people are using all these digital lead generation methods. So what you would do is you would probably go with Lion Desk. And a transactional based CRM because that’s going to be more useful to you. So in quick, quick, quick succession here guys, here’s what the CRMs that I follow are and what they do really well. Bold Leads, does marketing funnel really well. That’s also something that John`s system does at Mail Right. In addition to what does that mean?

That means that once somebody has communicated with you, you put them into a series of emails and text messages and systematic things that nurture that lead automatically. It’s called the funnel and you create the funnel and press the on button. And now that client is getting communication for however long you’ve designed that funnel to run. Bold Leads does that really well. Mail Right does that really well. You should check those things out. You have other systems that manage and connect with people via social platforms as well. This is a new area of endeavor. Companies like KB Core and Conversion. Talk about that a lot in my experience. Those systems aren’t actually really great at doing it, but they talk about it a lot. So I’m going to put KB Core and Conversion at the bottom of the CRM list. I’m just simply saying that you’re going to hear not the bottom, but they’re not as efficient as they could be.

Jonathon: Well I wouldn`t quite say it’s inefficient. I don’t want to be too outrageous. That is not part of my nature really. I think with these systems. The one thing is some of these systems aren’t the generating. They have methodogies. Well KV it does because they use Google Adwords. You’ve got to mix it up with yeah, I interrupted there. I apologize Robert because what I think I was trying to say is it’s got to be clear. If some of these CRMs don’t generate as many leads or the quality of lead as they might suggest. Is that a fair statement or do you think I have gone off?

Robert: I would argue, I would say that we need to clarify our language for the sake of the audience. It doesn’t create customers.

Jonathon: I think this area, how it’s all being marketed to various people has confused the waters a little bit. Ain’t it?

Robert: Which is why it’s important for us to, which is why I’m glad that we’re talking about it. And why I am trying. I would like to clarify for the audience so that if they are going to create a system and understanding what the pieces of the puzzle should be labeled as. Is a very important element of understanding how you’re going to create and build your systems? First of all, most providers out there have created a two part system for you and lead generating part that dumps into a CRM. Just two separate things. I create leads and I give them to a CRM. Now, companies like Conversion and me, we use two separate tools. One that creates the leads and another that creates, that manages the records. And most people like these companies Sink, Boomtown and Zurple. Their selling point is, oh, we have an all in one system for you.

We’ll create the leads, we will manage the leads. They all do it differently with certain levels of efficiency. And the same thing goes for lead generation sites. Some of those systems are more efficient at generating leads off the audience that they’re getting in front of. Then other systems, regardless CRM are just the part that manages the record. And what you consider to be as part of your system, like what you need a CRM to do is a really important conversation for you to have with yourself. Do you need your CRM to manage transactional data? Are you a high volume inside salesperson? That’s what I am. Give me, put me in front of a phone and a hundred names. I’m going to hammer out calls, develop rapport and make my reminders and start to send out emails. And I’m going to do all personally because that’s what my history is.

That’s what my experiences and I love doing it. I’m good at doing it. That’s an easy skill for me now. Not a lot of people are like that. So but I would need a high volume CRM tool. What I use for my company is hubspot because it is a very complex CRM that allows me to create funnels on the fly. Have all my templates. Even have sale, like snippets of sales conversations that are literally called snippets. And I can just do hash tag snippet name and the block of conversation that I have and I throw it in there. But it’s a really complex tool that’s really kind of aimed at expert marketers. And so it’s not a tool that people who are just starting out with building a system should really be using. Even though funnily enough, everybody that’s at Keller Williams that was listening to this show right now, guess what?

You’re basically using hubspot. Keller Williams just designed it and called it command, but it’s almost identical in every way, shape and form. So congratulations, you have an incredible system, but it’s going to be one of those things that are going to have to go to a lot of classes for. So you have to figure out what pieces of puzzle that you need is part of your systems start. You know, I’m always a person that says we need to start with the basics. How are we going to get your prospects? That should be the first part of your system every single time. Because without prospects you can’t close deals with that deals you can’t make money. So how are we going to get in front of people? Your system should include, is it going to be the Buffini method, which you and I talked about. It just basically working your sphere of influence. And then you create, and we talked about this a little last show, all the things inside that part of the puzzle. And then once you have all those contacts you need to figure out is your system of high volume system like do you need to go through a hundred names to find five good ones? Or is it a low volume system?

Are you walking out the door shaking hands with people that you meet working your sphere of influence? Because you’re probably only going to get a few prospects every week at Max. You do not need some kind of system in place that manages high volume contacts. You don’t need it. You don’t need to listen to me and John or anybody about all these different CRMs out there. You can use fricking outlook, you can use a Google spreadsheet. Honestly would work just fine for you. You don’t need a lot of complicated tools. So that would simplify your system a great deal. Is just depending on what the method is that you’re using. The next part of the system is going to be what happens when your, at the end of the processes. And this is the transactional part. Do you need something to help manage signing documents?

Here’s an interesting thing that technology has brought into place for realtors that I think a lot of realtors don’t realize. You do not need to be in person to close your signed deal. You can use docu-sign and use dot loop. So part of your system and part of the discussion that you should have, and this is something that we didn’t manage to get to in previous conversations. Is where is your time used efficiently? Don’t be scared of plugging in technology to save you time. You do not need to drive to the home to sign paperwork. You just need to create a digital copy of it and send it to your prospect. Everybody has email, just have them open up the email, sign it digitally, send it back to you. And you might, for some people who are listening to our show right now. This one idea might save you many hours of your time.

The next thing is, and that should be part of your system. Systems are designed to save you time. So what else could you do? Virtual Tours, you can qualify your prospects differently. So let’s say you get on the phone and you are talking to 100 people. Somebody tentatively says, I want to see a home. But you’re not sure that they’re solid prospects. And it’s going to take an hour to drive to the home and show it. What do you do? I would personally say when you’re on tour of the home in the first place. Take out your cell phone, camera and record the whole thing. Getting in the habit of doing it every single time you are solid about a listing, sign the listing, do anything like that. Why? Because when the prospect comes through, if you’re using digital marketing as one of your tools, all you got to do is send them a link to the video. And say, go ahead and take a look at the home. Tell me what you think. You save yourself the time meeting there at the prospect still likes the homes, still excited about seeing the home. When you schedule your appointment is going to be 10 times more powerful. And once again, the system is going to weed out the lower value contacts and allow you to spend your time with higher value contacts. Does that make sense to you John? Because I feel like I am talking for a long time.

Jonathon: It does, but we need to go for our break. So when we come back. We’d go into some of the other point’s folks. We will be back in a few moments.

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Jonathon: We’re coming back. We’re talking about processes, CRMs, how to use them, how not to use them. Robert’s relaxed, he’s on holiday in Bever. But there you go and I will just look away and trying to build my business up folks. So Robert onto the next point.

Robert: Well I think, I think like I’m just kind of the reason that we wanted to do a second show. And honestly I’m doing this all top of mind audience guys, John. I’m just trying to give your ideas because we could, we should and could spend hours on various systems. And the objective here is to get you thinking creatively about how you can re-examine your business and start to readjust the way that you invest your time. Every time you free up some of your time. My advice would be spending that extra time figuring out how to load the funnel with more prospects. Because until the time comes, you have more closing that you can handle in the amount of time that you want to do your real estate business. You’re not where you need to be. So all these systems, all these ideas that I’m giving you is designed to make your business more efficient so that you more time to do the things that matter.

And in my experience, like every time I get deep into consultations with people. I discover that what’s really happening, including really famous people like Chris Doc too, you know that they’re just not using the tools that they have because they don’t realize how those tools could be leveraged. Taking a phone and constantly, like if you close a deal with a client, snap a couple pictures of that. And you are in person, use the opportunity since you had to go there anyway. Take that little camera and say, how do you feel now that you own your new home? I feel wonderful. I guess what that right there is a video testimonial. And that why and can be used as part of your system for generating social proof. So I’m going to talk about that for a moment. I’m going to let everybody in on a secret.

I’m going to share with you a single tactic that all of the best performing sales people, like the best performing real estate marketers I know are currently using to one extreme or another. Once again, if you have a pen or a piece of paper, if you’re listening on the radio, I know that we’ve been babbling on a lot. This is a strong point. Social proof. Social proof is either written or video testimonials of people saying how excellent they find your service. Talking about you and the experience that they had with you. Amazing marketers across the board gathered this information whenever possible. And I mean whenever possible, if you tour somebody around in your car all day long and they do not buy a home from you, here’s a secret. You can get social proof from that person. Did you service them well? Did you show them a lot of homes?

If they enjoy your company, but maybe they’re not going to buy a home from you? Guess what? Get a referral from them. Talking about how amazing the time was that you spent together. Why? Because once again, if you just simply convince enough people to spend time with you, you should be able to close more deals. It’s a system, a systematic approach to improving the quality of your leads, the quality of your marketing effort, the quality of your business. Social proof, written testimonials, create a template email template like I have. That says, if I serviced you well during this conversation, would you consider taking one minute to do me a small favor? And if the answer’s yes and 90% of the time it is, I say, here’s the link to my Google reviews page. Just go on there and give your honest opinion about what, how you felt about the advice I gave you.

And the amazing thing is, is that I’ve managed to get 55 five star reviews, which is more than every single competitor that I have except for one. And it doesn’t matter that that only of those 55 like seven or from actual customers. It just doesn’t matter because everybody’s talking about the quality of my consultation. The quality of me as a human, the quality of the information that I gave. All people care about when they, before they talk to you is, am I going to waste my time? And that’s what everybody’s worried about because unfortunately in today’s world audience, a lot of real estate agents, your competitors, because if you’re listening to the show, you’re already amazing. Because you’re trying to improve yourself. So guess what? A lot of your competitors are not. They’re not. They’re trying to get away with the smallest amount of effort possible. And so that leaves a bad taste in the mouth of all these people. That have responded to Zillow ads and Zurple ads and Boomtown ads. They have a bad taste in their mouth. They don’t want to talk to you. They don’t want to spend an hour with you or 10 minutes with you. Why? It’s likely they’re going to waste your time. So just convincing them it’s not a waste of their time to talk to you. It’s an important use for social proof. Would you agree John?

Jonathon: Yes and what you have just said is supported by facts. I’m thinking in a recent National Association of real estate survey. The two leading factors for individuals to choose an agent are one, likability and two is trust. So I think it was 70% of the respondents to the recent survey. They did the two leading things that made them choose their agent was likability and trust. And so many agents don’t have that. Do they Robert?

Robert: No. And maybe they’ve got the likability part down, but the trust part I think is lacking. If you live in California, where I do, and even a low end home is about $700,000 right now. These kinds of conversations become, they’re always important. Doesn’t matter if you’re spending 200,000 or 700,000. But in places where, when I talked to my friends and I’m upwardly mobile, a lot of them are upwardly mobile. You know what the greatest thing, the greatest achievement, the greatest aspiration, most of them have, buying a home. I’m talking, I know lots of people that are making $150,000 a year, which is great money for California and they still can’t afford a home. So it just takes time and a lot of energy. So by the time you get there, it’s this huge mountain you’ve climbed. So of course, trusting the person that you’re going to do this business with is paramount. It’s paramount.

Jonathon: So I think what people don’t realize is that fundamentally there’s different stages. We’ve discussed this with the buyer. So you got to understand what a lead is. And we’ve discussed that before because people that enter these systems and then then they should be nurtured to some extent. Doesn’t mean that they are looking to buy or sell right now. And the system that you utilize for different mythologies should be able to show you activity that would suggest that certain people in your lists or in your databases are showing signs that they are more interested. So those people you should then touch personally, shouldn’t you?

Robert: Yeah.

Jonathon: In some ways he’s not jet science or this. There’s a lot of making out its jet science. But fundamentally is if somebody goes, is responding to Facebook advertisement and you’re offering something to get that person’s email address or phone number. The lead magnet in a specific market.

That`s a good sign that they might be interested. So probably that person’s with why would he know? And then if they know at that moment in the buying or selling cycle, you put them on a campaign where you keep in touch with them. It`s not jet science is it? And also your website should have the information about your local area. That if you were looking in the area, you would be interested in that content. And then they should be methodogies on that website to get people’s email and contact details. So then they can go on to an automated system. But then you need, and then you keep offering them information that has additional step, additional lead magnet, and additional bit of information. Which is then a sign that then they might be in a position that is suitable for you to personally contact them. Would you agree with that?

Robert: I would. We’re probably coming close to the end of the show. And before I forget, because I will forget, I forget privately. So I’m going to say it publicly to our audience and to you. Next week, exactly, one week from today, I am on a plane for 24 hours as I head my butt back to the states. This means I will not be present for the show. And we’ll move the show and do it as a slightly different time. But anyway, one way or the other, if I don’t talk to everybody next week, then I wish you well and I will miss you.

Jonathon: Oh, wrong. We’ve hardly scratched to talk about and we try and keep it down to 30 minutes folks. But like I say, when Robert back or myself, if any of this is interesting, you can contact either of us. And we’re both very approachable. So if you’re looking for some advice, just give us a call. We will be back next week with either a guest or an internal discussion. And we see you soon. Bye.


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