048: Zillow Part One, The Good The Bad and The Really Ugly

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Zillow, We talk about what you should do and consider before spending any money with them! Also, what you should do connected to setting up your free Zillow account before you consider spending a penny with Zillow. We see a lot of agents see Zillow in black or white terms. We don't we personally feel you can get ... Read More

047: How To Blog in 2016 With Chris Angell

In this interview Chris Angell joins us for a great discussion on how you should be using blogging in 2016 to get great exposure and the right leads and referrals. Chris is an experienced real estate agent and trainer who also produces an excellent weekly podcast called the real-estate-license-roadmap. Chris has also had a number of great articles published ... Read More

046: How To Use Facebook In 2016

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We've got a great interview here with Andrew Fogliato of Just Sell Homes, Andrew is an expert on how to develop Facebook paid advertisement campaigns that get real results for top performing agent and brokers who are looking to have fantastic sales results in 2016!     WordPress Facebook Plugins and Resources Facebook Conversion Pixel Plugin New ... Read More

045: Top Agent Writer Podcasters Pat Hiban

045: Top Agent Writer Podcasters Pat Hiban 2
Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars. This podcast is a top-ranked, 3 three-day a week Real Estate podcast, interviewing the best of the best in and around the Real Estate industry. Once the AH-HA moment is discovered, his guest goes three deep and shares exactly how they have built, created, and structured their path to success. Pat was ... Read More

044: Blogging Advice For Real Estate Agents

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We've got a great episode where we talk about blogging advice for Real Estate agents inspired by a great article recently written by Justin Kerby  for the Inman's website called "Three types of content that will make your blog better." http://www.inman.com/author/justin-kerby We then talk about general advice and equipment for your iPhone and iPad if you are looking to do ... Read More

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