Yes, we’re happy to publish to your Business Page. Simply register as normal, and activate any Page you administer in your Mail-Right social media settings area.

Yes, with our Elite plan* we can start by having one of our managing editors interview you and get some basic information on the history and major objectives of your business and market. Then our team of experienced copywriters will write email content and post that works best for your business and your goals.

  • This is an extra charge service that is only offered to our Elite customers.

For more information about customized email campaigns, email: support@mail-right.com.

Of course! You get 30 days…100% risk-free. If you’re not blown away by our service, just send an e-mail to support@mail-right.com by day 29. The next message you’ll get from us will be a  confirmation that you have cancelled your account. We do asked for your debit or credit card details however we don’t charge your card until the first 30 days have expired . No hassle or hard feelings. It’s that simple.

If you looking to increase the results that you get from our  DONE FOR YOU package we recommend that you should consider increasing your minimum monthly budget with Facebook.

DONE FOR YOU:           $250.00 to $500 per month

To cancel your account, contact us  email at support@mail-right.com. Please include your name and the email address associated with your account. And if you can tell us what we could do better, we’d really appreciate your feedback. Please allow 48 hours for processing.

Simply open an account and upload a list of people you want to stay in touch with (first names and e-mail addresses). It’s really that easy. *Mail-Right does not accept purchased lists. Read our spam policy here.

There are several ways to upload contacts from within your account. You can upload a .csv file, import from popular e-mail clients like Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo. Or you can enter them one at a time right from the control panel within your account.

If all of that sounds confusing, just email a list of first names and email addresses to support@mail-right.com. The e-mail must be sent from the e-mail address you have listed on your account, so we know which account to upload the files to. All formats accepted.

Yes, We over this type of service with our Premium & Elite level plans.

We have a small but very experienced team of commercial copywriters. Our standard service gives you the choice of between six to eight fun well-written subjects to select from per month.

When it comes to custom campaigns link to our Premium & Elite packages one of our editor will interview you and get some basic information. so we can right in more in your voice!

This conversation also includes determining what type of newsletters topics you would like to see produced for you.

With our Premium and Elite packages we offer a much more localized services however it depends on your market. If you are in a major market, Mail-Right your content will be more locally focused. As a simple rule: the more news sources we can find in a market, the more locally-focused Mail-Right will be.

About every four weeks. Our studies show that a four-week send cycle increases engagement and decreases opt-out.

With our Standard package 2 times per day with our Premium and Elite packages just tell us what days of the week you want us to post and we’ll do the rest.

Are you familiar with the difference between your newsfeed and your timeline? It’s a tricky bit about Facebook. Your profile shows the posts that you made. Your newsfeed is an aggregation of posts that your friends have made. The post that your Social Expert makes on your behalf show up on your profile or your Business page. Still unsure of where your posts will show up?

Facebook or Instagram represent today’s greatest opportunity to reach your network with reminders that you are an agent and your doors are open. By using added-value content, focused on giving your friends valuable and interesting real estate information, you are passively and thoughtfully keeping your network focused on you, rather than ‘selling’ to them. When they are interested in buying, they will turn to you first.

Yes, your personal and client information is stored on our secure servers and we will never share or sell your information with anyone. You can read our full privacy policy here. Your credit card will be processed and stored at Stripe.com.

Yes, you will receive a heavy discount on any of our annual plans.

Here a list of free or very inexpensive tools will help get all all the data-out of all this different places you have it at the present moment and then get into one Excel file!




Sign up for a free Yahoo! mail account.

Import all your Facebook contacts by connecting your Facebook to Yahoo! Mail.

Select all your contacts.

Select print and run a basic view of all your contacts.

Copy everything on the print sheet (Press Ctrl+A to select all) and paste into Excel. (but do not actually print – you just want to copy and past the data) *Note make sure to do this in Chrome or Firefox for the copy and paste to work.

iPhone: Get this $1.99 app “My Contacts Backup Pro”:        

FullContact: Service/App: Sign-up for a free FullContact account

We see so many mistakes made when it comes to effective newsletter and sales emails. Here’s a short list of some of the major and most common mistakes:

1) Content that is not well-written and drags on for too long

2) Technical language that your targeted audience does not understand

3) People generally post too little on their Facebook page, you need 1 to 2 posts per day

Facebook is the most powerful marketing medium agents have access to today. Ready to get started gaining leads with Social Media? We make it easy. Simply get in touch with us if you sign up for our Annual Package and you’ll get the following:

1 – An incredible 25% off!

2 – Your Facebook account fully set up and customized for you by our experts

3 – A Facebook business Page also set up for you and optimized for results

Mail-Right has an average open rate of 29.3%, almost double the traditional open rates reported by other email marketers.However this really depends on the quality of your list you are using.

Other email programs like Constant Contact and Mailchimp require you to write the emails and use another company’s program to schedule social media posts. Mail-Right will write the emails and send them for you. And we integrate a program helping you stay connected across multiple social media platforms. Basically, we do it all so you can concentrate on what you do best. With Mail-Right, you get it all done in one spot and it’s delivered automatically, consistently, and reliably so you stay on top of your prospects’ and customers’ minds.

With our with our Premium and Elite plans You can give us the categories and our social editors will either find suitable content or custom write content to fit your personality. Love landscaping tips and ideas?

No problem. Want to provide market trend reports? Done. Interested in helping clients stage their home? Easy. All of these are options you can choose and more!

All Mail-Right members can contact customer service at any time. Our office hours are Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm PST, and real humans are on standby to help at or via email. We also do a lot of one to one video conference support using either Google Hangout or Zoom.us

Email absolutely ROCKS for this type of messaging. It’s the perfect media to generate referrals because e-mail is read when it’s convenient for the recipient. This makes it easy for us to build top-of-mind awareness without becoming annoying or interrupting.

With all our plans you can log into your account to view, approve and edit all 8 eight pre-written (none-custom) stories directly. We automatically we upload these emails for you so when you log into your account, you’ll see all 8 plus stories.

With our Premium & Elite plans you’ll get an personal email from us letting you know a message is ready for your review and approval (5 days before publishing.) If you are not happy with the copy are are more then happy to work with you and produce a post/article that more suitable for your local audience.

We can’t guarantee delivery. However, we use some of the most controlled, white label mail servers in the industry. This means that 99% of our html and plain text emails get delivered to your client’s inbox. However when dealing with Google the more images you have in the email message the more likely they will end-up in Google’s marketing folder.

You have control over how often we post on your behalf. You should post your own personal content as you normally would and we will compliment your updates with professional added-value content. Remember, you can tell us exactly what kind of posts you want and how often you want them to appear Facebook page.

Yes. We use some of the most controlled and white label mail servers in the industry. This means that 99% of our newsletters and html emails go through.