We’re a team of digital marketing champions and development experts that have combined our talents towards one goal: Helping you, our clients, get real results from your marketing and online presence! We love and truly understand the complexities of online sales and marketing, and helping busy, productive real estate professionals be able to simply focus and maximize your time, talents, and funds seemed like a great idea.


Jonathan Denwood

Jonathan DenwoodBefore founding Mail-right.com, I spent years owning a digital agency that designed and developed membership and educational websites.

As a business owner, I didn’t want just to give clients a new site because marketing is more complicated than putting up a new site and watching businesses pour in.

I really want our clients to succeed. So we spend time analyzing each client’s business needs first, then develop specialized online strategies to meet and exceed their goals. I really do love educating business owners on what it takes to achieve online success.

When I’m not helping businesses succeed online, you can probably find me enjoying the High Sierras – that’s the mountain range that wraps around this magnificent region here in northern Nevada.

Many times, people ask if I miss the U.K. I can honestly say, not as long as I have a good cup of tea. Jonathan is the founder and CEO of Mail-Right.


Adam Brown

Adam Brown

Everyone loves a good story! In fact, it’s why we like watching movies Yet; storytelling has been around for 1,000 years. And so a healthy, growing business goes where the customers are: online! The most effective way to do this? Video marketing! The caveat is very few really know how to tell a (good) story, or it’s unaffordable.

Your business is fantastic, so let’s let the world (or your target audience) know! As an outdoor enthusiast, family man, and community and small business-focused marketing warrior, Adam brings over 2 decades of solid experience in sales, marketing, + social media (including 10 years at a Fortune 100 company). Some of the services his company, Explores Marketing, provides are Video production (including FAA Certified drone videography and photography), brand awareness, websites, logos, graphics, social media campaigns, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), online marketing integration, lead generation, reputation management, original content and copy, consultations and speaking engagements to name a few. Adam is the head of the video and social media marketing at Mail-Right and is based in Bend, Oregon, with his lovely wife and four children.