#118 Mail Right Show: We Interview An Successful Broker & Author Josh Forster

We invited Realtor, Author and Philanthropist Josh Forster of Fort Collins, Colorado on the show today and here’s what we discussed…

Josh is a full time Northern Colorado real estate agent specializing in exceptional customer service for all his Fort Collins clients. Better than 95% of the people Josh helps are repeat clients and referrals from previous clients.

And while we chat a bit about Real Estate, the main focus of today’s interview is on Goals and more specifically; you BIG WHY.
You see, Josh is a fellow author & blogger and he just released his his book entitled:

Discovering Why: A guide to Meaning and Purpose in Everyday Life

⇒ It requires you to become more. Connecting with who you were meant to be; who you created to be. It’s not a thing, it’s a reason.
⇒ Big Why people didn’t become successful and then pursue their Big Why, they went after their Big Why to become successful. More importantly they didn’t wait for success to give back; they gave back even before experiencing big success.
⇒ People are starving for something greater than themselves; their Big Why.
⇒ Your Big Why motivates you to be your best. Your Big Why connects you to your core and core values.
⇒ Key Pointe-Happiness proceeds success.
⇒ Your Big Why, has you living for something bigger than you; but then you become bigger than you were for it.
⇒ Playing life small doesn’t serve the world.The global body is less when people do not live up to their full potential.
⇒ Goal setting is creating a new reality in your mind and then observing your current reality external to you. When the new reality doesn’t match the current one, it creates that discomfort that motivates you to fix it.
⇒ Your Big Why can go unrealized when living distracted; living without that connection to your goals.
⇒ Figuring out Your Big Why:
⇒ Your Big Why: the “how” is irrelevant; don’t worry about “how?”
⇒ What is important to you? Why is it important to you?
⇒ Channel your anger to help those that can’t help themselves.
⇒ What are your (natural) Talents?
⇒ What do you love to do?
⇒ What’s my eulogy?
⇒ Who are my mentors; who do I admire?
⇒ Your Big Why is not meant to dump more on your busy life; it’s meant to refine (prioritize) your life and make it better.
⇒ To achieve Your Big Why, you need to grow in two areas of your life: your knowledge and your associations.
⇒ Share Your Big Why with others; you’ll be surprised who else shares your passion.
⇒ Brainstorming/mind dumping
⇒ 10 Day Goals
⇒ motivating statements
⇒ visual and audio reminders

Josh Forster
Elevations Real Estate, LLC
Call/Text: 970.690.4646
106 E Oak St, Fort Collins, CO 80524




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