097 Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show With Special Guest Jamie Hopkins of Team Metro

We interview Jamie Hopkins of Team Metro connected to how he and his team have used relationship building systems to develop a powerful boutique brokerage in San Diego.

Jamie Hopkins of Team Metro is a 27 year+ veteran real estate broker in San Diego. He’s a top producer in San Diego, CA that still manages to find a career / family balance in his life.

Jamie is too humble to brag on this, but he is one of the first people Brian Buffini ever coached, long before there was Buffini & Company and to this day he remains a close personal friend of and Realtor to Brian & Beverly Buffini. Formerly Providence Systems, Buffini & Company, the largest coaching company in the world for Real Estate Agents and Entrepreneurs!

Jamie co-owns Team Metro with Lee Schwartz, they started their partnership over 20 years ago and have seen growth in their team and success in their business model.

Today, Team Metro maintains that friendly family environment and feel to this day, using the fundamentals taught by Brian Buffini & Company coaching.​

Team Metro
Residential & Commercial​ ​Real Estate​
1975-C Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101