80 Mail-Right Show Jonathan Denwood decided to interview co host Thomas J. Nelson Realtor

Thomas J Nelson Photo (1)In Episode #80, Jonathan Denwood decided to interview co-host Thomas J. Nelson Realtor on the market plan and challenges for his 2017 and discuss what other agents may consider doing to “up their game” this year. Thomas is also a new client of Mail-Right and offers his feedback on the Mail-Right suite of services.

We had some fun doing this one, Thomas was broadcasting live from his home office during a full remodel of his kitchen so you may here construction noise on this broadcast-which for humor’s sake we just left in!

Thomas J. Nelson is an investor in CA real estate, a property manager in The Bay Area since the 1980’s and a professional Realtor in both Northern & Southern California since 1999. As a professionally coached agent, he offers not only his experience of the last 18 years, but shares all he learns as a coached professional.

Thomas shares some of the great changes he’s experienced in his marketing and business since actually putting into practice some of the advice shared here on the Podcast by our guests over the past 5 months. Our guests have shared a lot of valuable information that actually does work when put into action! Enjoy the interview and forgive the construction interruptions.