106 Of The Mail-Right Show: Why Its Important to Start Planning For Your Taxes in August!

In Episode #106 of The Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Podcast we have joining us today our returning guest from episode #091
Rachel Teresa Ivanovich, MBA, EA. Of Easy Life Management, an Enrolled Agent Tax Advisor and and one of the top Tax Advisors in San Diego County.

Rachel is serving an international clientele of small business owners and their families, including many Realtors and Brokers.

She offers consulting, bookkeeping, tax preparation-representation and workshops…

What is the difference between a CPA and an Enrolled Tax Advisor? Listen an find out, but let’s put it this way, I’m glad she is an Enrolled Tax Advisor and not just a CPA. We discuss many great Q3 topics for consideration:

Revisiting your budget.
Determine if you are On or OFF target.
Review your regular bills.
Time to re-evaluate and see if this budget is still serving your goals.
Getting your financial statements in order to calculate your budget.
Determine if your Budget is Up To Date.
October (extension) Filings, what you need to know.
Savings Plan
Quarterly Payments
Reserves: do you have them?
Year End Goals
Do you have Equity… enough to refi?
Keeping track of your mileage.
Oil change tip. Business use percentage with your vehicle.
Keep your tax preparer up to date on life changes. Life changes that should prompt a call to your Tax advisor.
S-Corp, Tax Withholding Have you paid yourself enough salary?
C-Corp, stand alone entity-salary & dividends.
Medical Bills.
Sole-Proprietors vs. Incorporating…is it time to set up an entity for January?
NET Profits that tell you when.
Business Attorney in November for January Incorporating.
Mid-Year: Retirement SEP IRAs and Profit Sharing (9/15)
Retirement contributions.
Emergency Fund = What’s recommended?
Debt Pay-down Plans
Contractors vs. employees W-9

and much, much, more!

Rachel Teresa Ivanovich, MBA, EA.

Easy Life Management

3088 Pio Pico Drive Ste 201

Carlsbad CA 92008



P 760.730.1817

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