How Google Local Services Ads Can Help Real Estate Agents Get Quality Leads


Google Local Services Ads is a specialized advertising program that allows real estate agents to reach potential buyers and renters in the area they want. It is an affordable way for small businesses to get their name out there, something that was not possible before Google gave customers this opportunity.

The platform allows real estate agents to create ads that target potential clients based on certain keywords, locations, the price range of the house or apartment listed, and even features like “pet-friendly” and “pools.” The size of the ad itself can be chosen as well as how often it is supposed to appear on Google searches. Real estate agents can also choose which device (desktop, laptop, etc.) they want their ad to appear on.

How Google Local Services Ads Can Help Real Estate Agents Get Quality Leads

#1 – Google Local Services Ads for Realtors – What Are They?

Google Local Services Ads (LSA) is an online advertising platform that Google has been offering to real estate agents for the past couple of years. This article will discuss what exactly LSA’s are, why they are so important for real estate agents, and why every agent should be using them in their business. This article will also discuss the importance of reputation management in real estate and how you can use LSA’s to help build your brand.

What Are Google Local Services Ads? Google Local Services Ads (LSA) are a way for Google to connect its AdWords users with businesses that offer services that are closely related to the keywords being searched for by consumers. This is an important distinction from other forms of online advertising because this platform targets businesses that have a direct impact on consumers’ lives, as opposed to something like banner ads or Facebook adverts which only target visitors based on their viewing habits or demographic information. As of right now, there are two types of LSA – “Placement Related” and “Shopping Related.” Placement-related ads show up when someone searches for a service category or location-specific terms such as a service provider name or company name.

Shopping-related ads show up when someone is searching for products or services that they would like to buy immediately, rather than services that they need at some point in the future. Why are LSA’s important? There are many reasons why LSA’s are important for real estate agents, but the key reason is that they allow you to reach out to potential clients while they are actively looking for a service that you can provide them with. This means that if you can rank well and stay on top of all the relevant keywords, then you will have a high probability of getting quality leads from your advertising campaign.

#2 – Say Goodbye, Zillow; Hello Google Local Services Ads for Realtors

Getting quality leads has never been easier! When Google allowed real estate companies to advertise on Local Services in 2010 it was revolutionary because it allowed for agents to compete with larger online portals such as Zillow or where the user experience was lackluster at best and oftentimes misleading. Nowadays, large online portals still exist, but there is no greater way for an agent to get their name out there than through paid search marketing campaigns using Google AdWords especially since local SEO has become so vital over the past few years (and will continue to be in the future).

#3 – LSA Are High Quality and Offer High Conversion Rates Relative to Other Types of Advertising

How can real estate agents use LSA? There are many ways that real estate companies can use LSA’s, but there are two main ways I see them being used. The first way is for local SEO purposes and the second way is for lead generation purposes. Local SEO: If you want to rank well on your local SERP, then having a Google Places account is key because it allows you to show up on the map results when someone searches with their GPS-enabled phone or computer, – this will be their first impression of you.

The only problem with Google Places is that the listings are often not as comprehensive as they should be and will often times even have incorrect information on them – this is where LSA comes in. Lead Generation: Even if someone is searching online for a service, they may not know who to call or what to do next. By using LSA (and some other PPC platforms/advertising) real estate agents can drive traffic directly to their site where they can offer a free quote or show clients how much it costs to work with them. If you want to learn more about Google Local Services Ads and how your agency can start utilizing this platform, then I highly recommend checking out our recent video, see below, on the subject, which can be viewed here:

#4 – The Clear Benefits of Using LSA Compared to FaceBook Adverts

– LSA advertises your property to people who are currently searching for homes and are not necessarily in your area, whereas a Facebook advert can only be viewed by users who have actively searched for the content you have posted.

– The cost of an LSA advert is usually much lower than a Facebook advert because it does not require viewers to click through to another page before viewing your advertisement.

– Since the demographics on LSA are so specific, you will find that the audience matches exactly with your ideal customer – leading to better conversion rates.


#5 – How to Prompt LSA Results?

We have been getting more and more questions about how to get yourself showing up in the Local Search Results if you are a real estate professional. The two most effective ways are having a system of getting great testimonials from your clients or people in your local area that have known you and have done business with you. The second best way is producing what we call quality and informative “Real Estate Agents Content.” This is an effort to provide useful information about local search engine optimization to real estate agents and other local business owners.



We feel LSA’s offer some of the most exciting opportunities for an independent local real estate agent to be able to level up their digital presence so it can effectively match the big boys like Zillow and Red-Fin. However, you really need a holistic approach to your digital online marketing to get the most out of this exciting platform. We at Mail-Right are dedicated to helping agents get the most from the real opportunities that Google LSA offers. If you want to know more about how the Mail-Right system can help you all you have to do is book a free consultation and demo here:

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