5 LinkedIn Tips and Hacks For Real Estate Agents

LinkedIn is a very important part of social media marketing. So how can you stand out from the crowd as an influential leader within your industry, and still reach your intended audience? In order to maximize some of the benefits of the platform, we need to build a foundation and understand how it works, what results in better engagement, and how you can use some of the tools and options to maximize your impact. Keep in mind that we can spend hours and probably have 100 tips that could help, so we’re going to start with the five we tend to get the most questions about.

Post often and consistently, but don’t overdo it

Putting in a process in place of when and how often you post may seem like a basic step, but it’s where you should start from. There has been enough research that confirms that there is more engagement with an influencer that posts 30 times a month versus 50+ times a month. So what does this mean? The recommendation is to post enough that you can be consistent with, but not too much. If you’re able to post 3-4 times per week, but 5-7 times a week is too overwhelming, then stick with what you can commit to. In addition, limit your monthly posts to no more than 30 in order to take advantage of maximizing your engagement. Don’t forget, when you post is also extremely important on social platforms. For instance, typically on LinkedIn, it’s best to post in the mornings and late afternoons, but always be sure to look at your analytics

and experiment so you know what’s best for your audience and according to your and their timezone.

Pro Tip: Do a few things and do them well. Why set goals up for yourself that will either burn you out or disappoint you for not achieving them


Share videos and visually appealing content

Did you know that posts with images get almost 95% more views than those without? This isn’t limited to images alone, you can and should also add videos (even animated text or moving images zooming in or out are also helpful and considered “video”). Apps such as Adobe Spark Post and Canva can be very helpful for these additions and quick editing of words and images to create simple videos. If you’re not comfortable with videos yet or not able to for whatever reason, then add images in a series called a carousel that your viewers can swipe through.


Pro Tip: We typically have only 7 seconds to keep a person’s attention, so make your content and imagery/videos with a “wow factor,” so people will stop the scroll and pay attention to the story you’re telling.

We typically have only 7 seconds to keep a person’s attention


Keep people on the social media platform

Many don’t realize that when you take someone off of a specific platform from your post, you’re doing something the social media channels do not prefer. For instance, you post an image, then tell people to check out a YouTube link so people click and are no longer on LinkedIn. Why would LinkedIn like for you to take people off of their platform? It’s like a real estate agent who’s selling a home, and he/she tells a prospective buyer to go check out another real estate agent’s listing to purchase instead, thinking they’re growing their business. It just doesn’t make sense, right? So be sure to upload your content directly to LinkedIn whenever possible, and keep people on the specific platform you’re posting to as much as possible so you can increase your reach.

Pro Tip: How can you create similar content that would cause someone to click and leave the platform and check it out (as described above), to stay on your post and inside the social media channel, and interact with you?

Share others content too

Have you ever heard of the Pareto Principle? Many know it as the “80/20 Rule,” but the main point of this principle is that 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes. It’s like the saying: “80% of the work gets done by 20% of the people.” The rule is not limited to 80/20, but can be 90/10, 60/40, or the like; and it all depends on the circumstances. Have variety in your posts, and don’t only share your own content, but also share what others who are respected and have followers and exceptional engagement are doing. Find some influencers on LinkedIn (some who are in your industry, and some who are not), and properly share their articles and posts. Also, be aware of what these other top real estate agents and trainers are sharing. Then share some of what they’re doing, and also get ideas from them on what you can now produce and post on your own without copying. The algorithms know when you have a variety of content when people are engaging when you’re sharing others’ posts and articles when you’re commenting and replying to your own and others’ posts and messages…and when you are not. Putting effort into making the experience on their platform more enjoyable will increase your chances to get more reach.

Pro Tip: Ask yourself: “Is my post-self-serving, or does it bring value to my followers and prospects?” And don’t forget to tag the person whose content you’re resharing; you may be surprised at the interaction you could bring to yourself.

Who’s the superhero in your content?

Most don’t realize it, but what they share is usually all about themselves. There’s a time and place for this, but how does this make the consumer and prospects feel when they see your content? If you’re only sharing your real estate listings, then stop. What are some of the best parks in the area you can help people know about who are looking to move to the area? Where are the off-leash dog parks? What events are coming up that would benefit someone to know about? When you make your audience the hero, you actually then become their hero for helping them. Some may need to reprogram the way they’ve been doing things to better reflect this in the story they’re telling online and on social media.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget the 80/20 Rule.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that continues to grow and be used by more and more people and influencers, and it’s not “just a professional network for job searches.” This is an opportunity for you to bring some positive content into a world that needs it right now when there is so much uncertainty. Take advantage of these tips and hacks, and influence those around you by what and how you’re sharing, how often, and when. Remember to not overwhelm yourself, but do a few things and do them well. Also, be ready for new opportunities to open up for you as you intentionally interact with people and not just push information out there without engaging. If you’re not getting any likes or followers, there’s a reason. If you practice these 5 LinkedIn tips, we’re certain things will start to turn around for you. Maximize your potential on LinkedIn (and other social media channels) by putting these steps into place.

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