064: Should An Agent Have A Branded Website In 2016?”

When I suggested to my co-host Jayson Bates that we talk about all the options that real estate agents have for building a great online website presence he wasn’t excited.

“Jonathan I don’t really think that an agent really needs a website in 2016!”

I was greatly shocked and then I thought this is going to be a great discussion for the show.

In the first half of the show we have a great discussion on why Jayson thinks that an agent really doesn’t need a website in 2016 and I give Jayson a list of reason why I personally I feel it is even more important for an estate agent to have a good quality flexible website..

However I do agree with him on one key point: if you think that you can just get a website up quickly and only show the most recent properties on sale in your local area You are mistaken. You are not going to get any real traffic to this type of website and you are going to have work hard on content and keeping your website up-to-date.

You’ve got to understand to get any real results from your website your going to have to keep it updated with great valuable, local content. If you don’t, you might as well not have a website because when possible new clients look you up online and you will be damaging yourself with to dated and inadequate marketing. That is pretty terrible.

The obviously question these possible new clients are going to ask is this: if this agent cannot effectively market themselves online how are they going to market my home online?

In the second part of the show I go into quite some detail on what the choices are that agents have connected to getting a quality website developed for them. We look at a number of solutions at very different price points.

This is one of the key problems: there is now so much choice at very different price levels, from $99 per year to an investment of $5000 plus! I’m an online marketer and front end developer and I’ve got to tell you all the choices made me slightly confused so I can understand the total confusion that a lot of real estate agents might feel.Choosing the right solution for their particular situation and local market is daunting and the key point here is that no one solution out there meets all agent’s requirements.

Website Providers
1 – Placerster: $120


2 – WebsiteBox: $99


3 – iHomeFinder


3 – Style Agent


4 – iHouseWeb $59.98/ $89.98


5 – Real Estate Webmasters

Price on Request



Agent Evolution $299 + 99.99 per month includes IDX plugin


2 – AgentFire: $1400 Then Monthly charge of?



IDX Plugin For WordPress

Diverse Solutions $29.99


IDX Broker $29.99


iHomeFinder $35




MLS (Multiple listing service)

534 MLS’s across the country





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