Five Best Real Estate Marketing Videos and Tips for 2022

When it comes to real estate, videos, and social media, there is perhaps a no better nor powerful way to grow your business. It’s a proven and effective way to generate leads, build SEO (Search Engine Optimization), connect with your audience, and get your branding out there above your competition. Knowing this is the case, then why aren’t more Realtors® doing it? There are several reasons why that we’ll discuss as we highlight five of the best real estate video marketing videos and tips that you can practically put to use immediately!


#1 – Community Videos

Community Videos

You need to become the digital mayor so to speak of your community! Share about events, important people (not politics), and consistently share about what’s going on in your area. Be the expert in your community. What’s the lifestyle like where you live? Why do people live there or move there?

For instance, if it’s an outdoor recreation mecca, and there are mountains and people ski, snowboard and hike, or lakes and rivers that people fish, kayak, and paddleboard on, then show people these things so you can show them that you are the authority. Are there dog parks and off-leash dog parks, trails, mountain biking, shopping, concerts, and entertainment, or sports games that you can let people know about? You being the source of this information increases your exposure because you’re being micro-focused, and this is good for your area and will increase your SEO. You will also be able to repurpose this content on your other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for instance, as well as your website


#2 – High-Quality Video Tours

High-Quality Video Tours

People are fascinated by homes and real estate. In fact, most of us just love homes, other local houses in the neighborhood, homes we’d like to buy or wish we can buy, luxury homes, ranches, and the like. This is why it’s vitally important that you learn to utilize your video home tours and create content that’s not just a selling tool, but also to show off the area, as well as the different kinds of homes in the area, so you become the resource. Doing this will build your brand and show consumers that you’re the local leader in real estate where you live. Take Note: We do not mean using photo slideshows since these will not produce the same results that an actual video will. Consider yourself a mini-HGTV that the public likes because of what you’re showing them on your social media as the digital mayor.

Remember that you get what you pay for when it comes to videos, and the higher quality content will generally get you better reach. We’ll get into this more in another video, but some basic examples you want to consider are if your footage is shaky vs. using a selfie-stick, or even better, a gimbal, so it’s clean and smooth. Again, this makes a difference in the quality, and people will notice and even engage more with your posts when you spend the extra time to do it right. This doesn’t mean you always need to have a professional do your videos, but make sure at the very least that you’re having a professional do a video of your listings.

You can also highlight different styles and eras of homes, or kitchens, bathrooms, backyards, curb appeal, and other things that stand out to people, and it also gives them ideas and satisfies their desires. Did you know that you also have a pretty impressive video camera in your pocket or purse? Utilize that and make sure you’re recording at 1080p minimum, but many now have the capability of recording in 4k quality too which is amazing! At this point, it’s common knowledge that video outperforms static images (photos) on almost every channel out there, so use this to your advantage! Pro Tip: If you’re running low on your own listings, don’t forget that you can share about other agents’ listings, especially the agents in your office, just be sure to get permission first! Some of the most reached posts are homes that are reshared by others.

#3 – Educational Videos

What questions do buyers, sellers, and prospective clients always ask you? You know what we’re talking about here. Make a list of all of these questions and find a niche that you can specialize in. “Nichify” is the area you live in, whether it’s a country area, metropolis, or urban area because this will help you connect to that audience in your city, town, or region. When you educate people and answer questions they’re asking, this proves you are the experienced one that can walk them through one of the biggest financial transactions most people will ever make in their life!

#4 – Micro-content Videos

Micro-content Videos

What if you created a 5-minute video that answers 10 questions that you posted on YouTube, and then repurposed the content and made ten 30-60 second videos that do the same thing and answer the same questions? Then you have 11 videos from 1 video. This is often called “batching” because you’re able to spend time focusing on one dedicated session to get these 11 videos done because it’s fresh in mind, and those creative juices are flowing, so take advantage and be strategic with this. This will also save you time and allow you to be more impactful, effective, and efficient.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of pulling out your phone and capturing a quick video (min-edits we call them) of the location you are in if you’re on a mountain bike ride or a hike or just out and about for instance. Capture nature, mountains, rainbows, lakes, shopping centers, venues, and local businesses as some ideas. It doesn’t take much and try not to overcomplicate the process. Try to get what you can in 60 seconds or fewer clips, that you can then repurpose and trim down to 15 seconds. We like to use “KISSS” with our social media and videos (Keep It Simple, Short not Shallow).

#5 – Personalized Digital Outreach Videos

(AKA Email Drip Videos)

Smartphone With New E-Mail Message Notification Lying On Computer Keyboard

Not only can you post these videos you’re producing on different social media platforms, but you can then also post them to your website as a blog. Then you can include them in the monthly emails that you send out to your clients and prospects (which you then drive traffic back to your blog). So utilize programs like BomBom, Zoom, Mailer-Lite, or our own Mail-Right program that we’d love to get you familiar with and give you a tour of. With these outreach videos, you can create a personalized presentation about a prospect’s home or someone in your database, and you can send them an email (or text) about their home, its value, and other useful information about their property that would help them.

Then you can let them know if they have any questions, they can contact you. This positions yourself in a way that is not “sales” and shows that you are proactive and the resource for real estate for them. Sure you can send a photo, but a video can tell a story in a text or email in such a way that you can express emotions and connect at a much deeper level. You’re also showing these prospective clients that you go to extra lengths to market your business that will carry over into selling their home for instance. When you use programs like Mailer-Lite, it can also show you who opens it and for how long, and other features that can be helpful to your marketing efforts. If your brokerage offers a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and it’s been proven effective, take the time to learn it so you can use it to implement and integrate the above-mentioned features and tips.

We hope this has inspired you to take the next steps on your video marketing journey so you can experience new growth with your business and relationships in your community. All five of these real estate video marketing tips you’re able to implement immediately, and as you consistently apply them into your marketing plan, you’ll see your pipeline grow, your following increase, your rankings on search engines rise, and the satisfaction of seeing the fruit of your labor. Do any of the five tips resonate? Need help with any of them, or have questions we can help with? Any of the tips you just tend to struggle with? Simply let us know in the comments.

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