095 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Kim Snider Founder & CEO Reverse Your Funnel

Kim Snider Founder & CEO Reverse Your FunnelKim Snider has started 14 (ad)ventures, ranging from restaurants to a training video site for polo players. How is that for niche? Some have been very, very successful. Others … not so much. She has made and lost millions. But that is a story for another day. Or you can read about it in her book, How To Be The Family CFO. Kim has trained thousands to take control of their own financial future, in her Snider Investment Method workshops.

And, she had the top rated financial radio show in Dallas-Fort Worth for nine years.   But, in spite of all of that, Kim says her biggest career achievement was in 2009, at the height of the financial crisis, when she was asked to keynote the National Speakers Association convention. She was able to give perspective to a very scared audience.

She made them laugh. She made them cheer. She made them think. And in the end, she reassured them the world was not coming to an end.   In 2011, Kim retired to South Carolina, with her husband and dogs, built a polo farm and planned to live happily ever after … That was after Company #9 … Retirement? Obviously not for everyone 🙂 Kim’s “why” is to learn things people think only experts can learn, make it her own in some systematic way and then teach it back to others who need that information to improve their business or life.