Facebook: 8 ways to rake in the real estate leads

Social media has become a handy and low-cost marketing tool. It is on these platforms that a company can find the largest congregation of consumers. The said consumers are always ready to give feedback and offer useful suggestions.

Facebook was one of the earliest entrants into the world of social media. The entrepreneurs who are only just starting out use Facebook to get the ball rolling. There has been myriad of success stories from people who have used Facebook as a marketing tool.

It does not require specialized academic training or any other kind of expertise. Facebook is easy to navigate provides real specific marketing options. When it comes to real estate business, Facebook can be a very important tool in lead generation.

Lead generation on Facebook requires almost the same steps that all social media marketing does. As a real estate agent, one should be willing to work on the inbound marketing channel rather than the traditional ways. This will transform into positive results.

1 -Generate awareness

Generate awareness

This is the very first step of a long journey. To begin one should create a page for their business. On the page should be up to date information. It is also advisable that one use their company logo as the profile picture on the page. This page should have a professional outlook, as it will provide the first impression of the company. Think of this as getting that nice carpeting and reception desk for the front office. Your Facebook page will be the front office. Ensure to use the Facebook’s Power Editor, which is a highly targetted ad. This will make sure that the lead is taken to a sign-up page on your real estate website. This increases much traffic.

2 -Create a community

Once again, ensure the use of the highly targeted ad in Facebook, which focuses on the page likes. Facebook’s Power Editor will ensure leads, who may be interested in like your page without having to ask them to.

Remember, people buy things from people they trust. As such, the page should have a warm, inviting vibe. However, the posts should focus more on relevance rather than mere engagement. Giving personal real estate related stories is okay. These will make the new page visitors who do not know you experience a human connection to you. By doing this, you humanize the page. However, posts should focus more on the value rather than achieving likes and shares. Let the page posts, lead to the website. This is in a bid to build relationships. If the people on the page do not buy houses, they are bound to know people who do and your page will roll off their tongues

3 – Spot and anticipate

One excellent way to gain information from Facebook is by conducting polls. It has become popular among politicians to ask their followers about important matters. For example, In the American politics, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were involved in Social Media polls where Trump indicated a lead by a double margin. Eventually, he emerged as the winner. This is a perfect example of how one can identify needs and market gaps. You can conduct polls on your page about which real estate market gaps exist. You can also ask questions, which require audience participation. Stay true to your word and address the problems. There is not a perfect source of information than directly from the horse’s mouth.

4 – Offer solutions

The best way to stay relevant whether on Facebook or in the real world, is to give solutions to problems. You could create a day in the week where you address issues raised by your audience pertaining the real estate industry. The problems could range from difficulty finding a house that matches the imagination or inability to get the right price for their house. By letting the audience air out their issues, you ensure traffic to the page. This is also an excellent opportunity to display your prowess in real estate related matters. This ensures that there is more than selling yourself. Ensure that that testimonials and listings are only posted once in about four days. Let the focus be more on relevance.

5 – Follow through

Ensure that you actively participate in the Facebook page more often. Ensuring that in a day, there are about four posts in your page, ensuring that posts ran on a 24-hour basis. The content should be of high value and significance. Ensure that the postings are different each time with a mixture of both content and photo posts. Ensure to have different and wide ideas regarding the real estate industry thus each post is unique and different from previous posts.

6 – Target the right people

It is always right to garner people to like and follow your Business Facebook page. However, it is always wise to reach the right demographic that are relevant to your website. This is achieved through choosing the right Facebook targeted ads that will reach the target audience. Also choose the attributes of the ads wisely, so that they appear relevant to leads. For instance, use ads that show proof by showing all listings of property. This strategy land huge leads.

7 – Be interesting

The page should be a fountain of useful information. A client should find your page useful. It imperative that the posts remain interesting and valuable to the readers. There is a prescribed 80-20 rule. This maintains that a page should have 80% percent valuable posts. These are posts about industry news, latest real estate trends, upcoming promotions, polls a such. The other 20% can be self-promotion. Post as often as five times in twenty-four hours at equal intervals so that you do not fall off the timeline completely.

It has been found that a page that incorporates memes and other funny anecdotes may experience a higher traffic than a page that is all business all the time. Real estate centric memes and jokes might come in handy in this instance.

8 – Campaigns

Facebook has the option of promoted posts and campaigns. It is estimated that only 16% of people will see relevant posts for the pages they like. Thus, one should use the real estate space on the Facebook page to be able to have a highly targeted call to action campaigns which redirect leads to sign up form into your website.

Social media marketing and particularly lead generation on Facebook can prove daunting in the beginning. However, once a page gains a following that is well engaged, it can only get more successful from there. It is important that one define their objectives before they embark on this journey. This will best inform the kind of material they will have on the page. If well executed, Facebook lead generation can move the company to that next level. There is a world of opportunity online.

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