#163 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Andrew Fogliato Founder of JustSellHomes

We Discuss The Power of Facebook Connected To Still Getting Really Quality Seller Leads 2018

Andrew founded Just Sell Homes in the Summer of 2015 with the intention of helping real estate professionals get real results from their online marketing efforts. Really though. It was Just Sell homes that found me…

When Andrew was selling real estate, his mentor taught him a great deal about the business. But he was a cold-calling kinda guy. Andrew? Not so much. So he opted to give this whole online marketing thing a shot.

Turns out, Andrew was not only had a knack for it but a genuine passion. And it wasn’t long before he found myself training hundreds of agents across North America with one of the big brands.

Now, Andrew been asked thousands of questions throughout the course of my journey. But my trusty former mentor asked the one that would change my life… “Can I just hire you to do it?” And Just Sell Homes was born.

Robert: All right. So, we are live on Facebook. Welcome to the Mail-Right Show. My name is Robert Newman. I’m one of your, well, actually, today, my co-host Jonathan is gone so I’m solo for you. Why don’t you introduce yourself to our audience? Let them know who you are.

Andrew: I’m Andrew Fogliato. I’m actually based out of just North of Toronto so I’m here in Canada and I run a Digital Marketing Agency that focuses on Real Estate Agents called JustSellHomes. The majority of our business is lead generation and we’re getting more and more into helping Agents actually then convert those leads since that’s the biggest drop-off. Once you know how to generate leads online, it’s actually quite simple.

Robert: Okay. I kind of feel like Jon dropped a present in my lap because I have legitimately been wanting to talk to somebody that was like a Real Estate specialist in the Facebook Marketing space so I’m super excited to do this podcast with you today. So, I’m going to dive right into it with a couple questions if you don’t mind.

Andrew: Sounds good. Let’s do it.

Robert: Just to give you a brief history. I’ve recently done an interview with Christine and Danny Andrew Fogliato Founder of JustSellHomeswho are the founders of a service called BoldLeads and what they do is they slap a marketing page on to Facebook and then that generates a very low quality but high quantity lead. They cast a very wide net. That net then funnels those names and telephone numbers into a lead nurturing system which basically sends out emails, text messages. I’m a big fan of their system. I’m kind of curious to know, one, what do you think of that service in general and if you have no opinions, what do you think of the process and if you can, compare it to the process you set up for your clients and we’ll go from there.

Andrew: I’m somewhat familiar with BoldLeads. We have clients who either have used them in the past. What happens all the time with Agents, they’ll screenshot their competitors’ ad, send it to me to get my opinion on it and you can normally tell when it’s BoldLeads. It works. It’s one of those things that and that’s in general, Facebook ads. We mentioned lower quality leads but high volume. When you compare it to like especially organic, Google SEO style leads, they’re generally lower quality. The beauty of Facebook is its low cost per lead, especially for leveraging a listing, $1 to $5 a lead. So you get a lot of volume off them but then your follow-up process has to be really on point. So that’s where you need that really solid funnel including like text-based, texting, emailing, calling, all of that, that’s where it really makes the difference because you can get all the leads you want if you’re willing to put a few dollars behind it.

Whether using BoldLeads or Prime Seller, a company like mine or any of the other ones that you can hire, if you don’t have a good follow-up system in place, whatever we do will be irrelevant. We’ve had clients, we’ll send them 100 leads, they get 6 deals. We’ve had another client. We send 1,000 leads, they got 0 and it was all just how they followed up with them.

Robert: Okay. So, in a perfect world, like the way that I view my customers at my Marketing Agency, I’m still small so I try to think of myself as a partner. So, when I’m talking about what they should be doing, the way that I’m thinking about it is literally, what should my partner be doing for the betterment of their business? And I’m going to ask you that kind of question, which is, so you have a partner, a customer and they’re using you. Now, in a perfect world, in a perfect world, what do they do with the leads that you provide them?

Andrew: So, obviously, at least just call them because over 40 percent of online leads are just never contacted. Realtor.com did a study of all the leads they generated, 40 percent were just never contacted at all. So, first one is just contact them. But in a perfect world, so the way we’re redesigning a lot of our campaigns of late is with the idea that what if our client couldn’t make outgoing calls from their phone? How would we change what we’re doing? So, our ideal, ideal scenario is actually, they use something like Google Calendar up to date with the schedule and we run lead gen campaigns, get people to opt-in and then on the thank you page, give them an incentive to actually book or call using something like Calendly. We’re getting the lead to book or call. But it only works if our clients keep their calendar up to date. Because we did it with one.

They didn’t keep their calendar up to date and they started getting phone calls booked during the time they were supposed to be at showings. So, ideal would be that. If we’re going the more traditional route, which is we’re just sending them leads, how could they respond? It’s like speed will matter, obviously and then a series of texts and emails to get them to respond. But when they’re responding to them, it’s about using just short engaging questions to get them to actually just start to like talk. A lot of Agents go too quick for the kill. They go really hard. They’re like, “Let’s meet in person.

” Things like that. When really at the beginning, your goal should just get them to answer. So, I don’t know if you heard of a guy name Dean Jackson. He’s had a great script he’s used that I’ve kind adopted for some clients and it works well is that first message, like if they inquire about a house or about buying houses in general, just send a quick message that says, “Hey. Are you looking to buy this for yourself or as an investment?” And that’s the entire message. It just gets people to respond and engage with you. And then, once they respond and engage, now you can start having a conversation about their needs and then personalize it a little bit more.

Robert: Okay. And sorry, what was the name of the person that you mentioned?

Andrew: Dean Jackson.

Robert: Dean Jackson. Never heard of him.

Andrew: Yeah. He’s one of the most brilliant, so, he’s done Real Estate Marketing now for like 30 years.

Robert: Okay.

Andrew: Probably one of like the most brilliant Marketers, in general, once it’s Real Estate Marketers I’ve ever met.

Robert: Okay. Is he there in Canada or is he here in the States?
Andrew: So, he’s in Winter Haven, Florida now.

Robert: Okay.

Andrew: So, he originally was from Canada. Was an Agent here. I don’t know if you’ve heard of By Referral Only with Joe Stumpf, did stuff with, he was one of the partners in that for a while. And then, now on his own, runs a company called Go Go Agent. And then, he also does email mastery, just workshops and he has a really good podcast as well and he’s just one of those guys that just from the Email Marketing side, definitely worth listening to.

Robert: Okay. All right. I love the recommendation. I’m going to check him out.

Andrew: Try to get him on the show.

Robert: As I already explained, I am not the master behind the, I show up and display my brilliant.

Andrew: I’ll tell Jonathan to get him on.

Robert: Yeah. Tell Jonathan to get him on. He sounds like he would the guy. So, I wrote down a whole bunch of questions. So, one of those questions is, do you have a particular tool that you use in order, so, you’re saying, “Hey, best to use a follow-up system.” And you’ve mentioned casually that you do email and text messages. That seems to be what I’ve picked up from the conversation. Are you using an automated tool in order to generate the emails and the text messages?

Andrew: So, one of the things that’s more unique about our Agency versus a lot of others is we work within what an Agent might have already. So, depending on what they have, we might use CRMs that already exist. If we’re starting from scratch, we’ll usually go with Follow Up Boss because it actually has a cool system where it will text and email. But then the client responds, the automation stops. So, now, it’s the Agent who follows up and I think that that’s a mistake that a lot of Agents make is they let the automation keep going at that point when the personal touch is what will actually make the difference. So, we like to automate until they respond and then turn it to the human side. And like for our own business we use Infusionsoft but I think that’s a little heavier than most Agents actually need. The power of Infusionsoft is next level.

Robert: Okay. All right. Let me just paraphrase back what I heard. So, if you’re going to use an easy Agent recommended tool, you’re going to probably throw somebody into Follow Up Boss. If you’re, as an Agency, you’re taking on a campaign and you guys are managing it yourself, you’re going to go with the tool that has more versatility and is a little bit more complex which would be Infusionsoft. Is that what I heard?

Andrew: Yes. So, we have a platinum offering. That’s where we push people to Infusionsoft. Most people we push to Follow Up Boss. We’ve tried a lot of other ones but what we like about Follow Up Boss too is it integrates well because that’s another big thing that people have to take into account is, do the other tools they’re using integrate into it? So, can you integrate your MLS into it? Can you integrate whatever you’re doing for like your website forums? Or am I have to go in and kick off these campaigns?

Robert: Okay. So, in terms of the tools that you’ve looked at, have you taken a lot at Realogy and LionDesk. There’s actually too many to list if we’re honest about it, like HubSpot. I could go on and on and on and on and on in terms of automated tools. Have you taken a look at handful before you decided on Infusionsoft and Follow Up Boss?

Andrew: Yeah. We haven’t used every single one out there but, like I was mentioning earlier, we fit into our client’s business a lot of the time. What they’re already doing, we just kind of set gas on it and try and get it to go even bigger. We’ve worked with a lot of different ones and that’s why we eventually settled on Follow Up Boss for a lot of Agents is from like the integration side, it’s been a lot better. As an example, we had a couple clients using Top Producer and what we found is trying to integrate and get lead ads on Facebook to flow right into it, it might work for a week then break and then, you’re then going back and forth to support the different companies and they’re each blaming the other and it becomes a giant pain in the butt. And then, you get it working again and it breaks again. Whereas Follow Up Boss, we’ve never had that issue. So, like they have, from an integration standpoint been consistently the best.

Robert: Okay. All right. Thank you for that by the way. That was exactly the kind of super specific piece of information that I was looking for. Part of what I often times do that makes my blog so successful is I drill really deep into the specifics because to my way of thinking, Realtors have a lot of people trying to give them general advice, but when you start saying specifics like what tool should you really use, very few people want to actually weigh in and drop an opinion.

Andrew: That’s because they’ve never used them.

Robert: Right. Thank you. This is true. I feel the same way about it because when I do a review, I use all these tools. I’m the process of doing CRMs right now and if I see one more Real Estate CRM, I swear to God, I’m going to. Forgive me audience. I curse like this.

Andrew: I’m from Canada. You were just speaking French. That’s all.

Robert: Brilliant. Okay. Also, we’re at $1 a lead, you know what? I’m going to do something a little bit different here if you don’t mind. Do you have any problem if I talk about the pricing of your services? Is that something you’re willing to speak about online?

Andrew: Go for it. It’s all open on my site. I’ll talk about whatever.

Robert: I’ve got your site open on the other page here. So, your prices seem to range between $400 a month for your fee and $2,500 a month. Is that correct?

Andrew: Yeah. So, the $425 one, which is the Bronze package, we barely really offer. That was more like to appease a couple people. We wanted to like kind of test this out. But to be honest, we discourage people from getting that one. Most people start on the Silver. I think out of all of our clients we only have two on the Bronze. It’s not something we focus on or push at all.

Robert: Okay.

Andrew: So, Silver is by far the most popular. Right now, the Platinum that’s on there, the $2,500 a month, we’re not currently selling it. We’re revamping it to include a few different things and change a bit about it. We’re going through a pilot with three or four Agents. That’s in the middle of being set up and we’re going to relaunch the full new Platinum in probably January.

Robert: Okay. So, this is the fee to hire you plus you need a monthly spend. So, typically speaking, if I’m looking at the lowest tier plan, it’s looking like you’re going to have a conversation with somebody that says that they need $1.200, $1,500 a month kind of at the low end. Is that about right?

Andrew: Yeah. We’d recommend minimum investment once you add our fee and ad spend to be about $1,250 a month.

Robert: Okay. So, if we can, one of my favorite topics to talk to Marketers about, one of the ways that I operate my own Agency is I like to talk a lot about ROI because it really doesn’t matter what you spend if you’re getting ROI. The problem with Real Estate Marketing is, I’m sure you’ve run across yourself, is that out of every 100 offers, 90 will take your money and not give you a result inside the Real Estate space, the space I’ve lived in by the way for 11 years so I say that from experience. It’s my number one objection is I’ve used and you know, people list off 10 companies and usually, 8 or 9 of them, they got nothing and I mean nothing back from whatever they spent. If you can, run a quick case study by me. Give me an Agent or a Broker that used you, what did they spend and what did they make? If you don’t mind sharing.

Andrew: So, if you look at the bottom of the page, also, there’s one for an individual listing campaign where people can actually just send us a listing one at a time. That’s a service more for people to test us. We don’t really make a lot of money on that or really any, or don’t make any. My team, obviously, that’s more just to pay for them to do it. So, we had one client, for example, he spent $1,100 through that program. He’s made $21,000. And then, we’ve had others like for instance, so my third client ever, her name is Heather, she’s up in Barrie, Ontario. When we started working with her and we’re the only real marketing she does. She’s doing about 30 deals and year and she was on a team.

Now, she started her own team, doing about 55 as a full-time Agent on her team as well and we’re the only marketing she does. And there’s a lot of other ones like that. As I was mentioning before, there was one client, we did some listing campaigns for him, first 100 leads, he got 6 deals out of. Now, of those 6 deals, 3 were one guy so it’s not quite converting 6 people on 100 leads but a lot of that. When we can calculate it, it’s about on average 5 to 8 times ROI. Normally, the big range is that Agents are terrible at following up with the leads, which is why we’re revamping our Platinum package to take that out.

We’re trying to take as much out of the Agent’s hands as possible from a conversion standpoint because I can send 100 leads to one Agent and 100 leads to another and one will get 4, 5 or 6 deals, the other will get 0 and there’s no difference besides how they’re following up. So it’s hard to measure specific. Our goal is a minimum of 5 times return in the first year. Our aim is really to get actually about 10 or higher but we’re aiming for at least 5 to make up for that fact that there’s a lot of Agents who are just absolutely terrible at converting leads.

And then, one of the things we do is we know online leads aren’t for everyone so there’s no long-term commitment. You give us 30 days notice when you want out and we’ll drop it out because we know it’s not going to work. If we have someone come in, their business has been 98 percent referral for 30 years, the odds of them chasing online leads and having success is really small. So, what we’ll often do is we’ll test them with a couple campaign, see how they like but we’re not going to make them commit for a year if we don’t think it’s going to be a good fit.

Robert: Okay. So, let’s talk about something you just said for a second ad I know this but I want our audience to know it so I would like to hear from another voice. So, you’re talking about an online lead versus somebody who has done referral marketing for 30 years is what you just said and they’re not going to chase an online lead. Would you do me a favor and explain to our audience what the difference is between is, like, how would you pursue a referral versus how would you pursue an online lead? Because a lot of our clients, they don’t know. The people who listen to this show, they don’t know.

Andrew: So, the biggest issue, especially if you work by referral is how warm those are and how high the conversion rate is. I know a woman who converts 60 percent of all the referrals she gets, no problem and she kills it. But a lot of the times, she comes so highly recommended, she basically just picks up the phone and says, “Hey, the is Marianne. What time do you want to meet so we can list your house?” That’s the extent of her prospecting and it works.

Now, when you go to the online lead route, the average Agent is in the 1 to 2 percent conversion rate, which means if you’re making 100 phone calls, you’re getting 1 or 2 and that’s appointments and then it’s up to you how you can book the appointment. And even the good Agents are at 5 or 6 percent and that takes a year or 2 to get to. So even at 5 or 6 percent, which is a good one, that means 95 calls you’re making out of 100 leads are not going anywhere. And that’s where the online lead side is so much different is there’s a lot of work that ultimately leads nowhere but you’re just searching for those few in there that make it worth it.

Robert: Right. Okay. So, for our audience, I just wanted to get Andrew’s weigh in here but guys, being a Digital Marketer in today’s age is the same as saying that you’re going to be an inside salesperson for at least 50 percent of your career. What that means is you’ve got your desk, a phone, a computer and if you’re going to do something where you’re getting 100 contacts, you’re going to have to have a system in place where you can call many if not all of those contacts to get the best possible result from your high volume lead generation. Would you agree with that Andrew?

Andrew: Yeah. We are working on ways to get it away from that because there are strategies you can do. So, for instance, one of the ones we’re working on and has had some success partially depends on the Agent and how they can let us set up the offer. As an example, there’s this Marketer, brilliant guy, he’ll spend 100 grand a day on Facebook ads. His name’s Nicholas and I learned the general idea of the principal from him which is what we call the Godfather Offer. So, we’ll have an initial lead magnet. A popular one we’ve used is A Guide on How to Prepare Your Home for Sale. So, someone downloads this guide on how to prepare their home for sale and then we take them to the Thank You page. But the Thank You page is where 90 percent of Marketers screw up because all they do is say Thank You. But this is an opportunity to take it further. You’ve only generated this lead that has, on average, a 1 to 2 percent conversion rate.

Let’s take this opportunity to further market to them. So what we do and the reason it’s called the Godfather Offer is you’re trying to make them an offer they can’t refuse and identify those looking to move soon. So we might say something and this is where it varies a lot based on the Agent and what they’re willing to offer. They’ll be like, “If you book or call with us in the next 72 hours, we’ll send cleaners to your house, we’ll send someone to clean out your gutter, we’ll send someone to clean the windows, we’ll offer full staging.” And then, some will leave an offer like, “$1,500 cash back on clothes if you book that call with us in the next 72 hours.” Anyone who’s now on the fence about hiring them but is thinking about moving soon, takes up that offer. So you might only get a 1 percent conversion on that page, but the ones who do convert, that’s like a referral quality lead that comes through. So it’s low volume but you’re getting pretty high ROI on it. So, it’s that Godfather Offer on that second page straight to booking a call with the Agent.

Robert: Okay and you trial marketed this and had some success with it?

Andrew: Yeah. So, again, the numbers are really low, in terms of like volume because you might get 100 leads come through on the initial, like say the guide to prepare your home for sale and then out of those 100 leads maybe one will opt-in, but that one, which you’re still marketing to the other 99 leads that came through, that one is going to be really strong. So you’re not talking huge volume, but those ones that do come through in that group, that’s about as good a lead as you can get online.

Robert: Okay. All right. I agree with you by the way. I just want to hear what your opinions are. As you know, as a Marketer, the things that we do that actually make ourselves money and our clients’ money is actually case studies, testing, testing, testing, that’s how I’ve done it.

Andrew: Yeah. Exactly.

Robert: It’s our job to use all those fancy pieces of language that our clients don’t understand like testing and blah, blah, blah, anyway, all that stuff. Well, Jon is going to kill me because I completely forgot the break. We’re not going to have a break today guys. Whoo. All right.

Andrew: Yeah. Just going forward.

Robert: Wow.

Andrew: No, that was on my end.

Robert: We’re going to take the 30-minute break though, which we’re a couple minutes ahead of so we’ll be right back. And then, after the break guys, if you’re okay with it Andrew, I’d like to maybe give our audience maybe 5 or 10 minutes with bonus content.

Andrew: Sounds good.

Robert: Okay.

Andrew: Yeah.

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Robert: Okay. Welcome back to the Mail-Right Show. I am here with my amazing guest, Andrew Fogliato. Did I say that right?

Andrew: Fogliato.

Robert: Fo – fo, okay. I’m not going to.

Andrew: Fogliato. Yeah. Don’t worry. My wife got it wrong for 2 years.

Robert: I’m here with Andrew. He owns a Marketing Agency in Canada that specializes in Facebook Marketing. We’ve been having a lovely conversation about how he generates leads for his clients on Facebook. Now, that is the stuff that talks about you as an Agency. For the bonus content, for those handful of people that waited through, what I’d like to take to you about is obviously, you’ve got like a little offer that somebody can come to your website for and it’s for 250 bucks. You can basically have a professional marketing team market a listing and that’s something that you offer. But let’s pretend that somebody is an individual Agent, they don’t want to hire an Agency, they’re scared for whatever reason, but they do want to try Facebook Marketing. What would you recommend?

Andrew: Sorry, can you repeat that? It just cut out for that half second that last sentence you said.

Robert: Okay. So, if somebody was attempting to do their own Facebook Marketing without the help of an Agency, what would you recommend?

Andrew: So, I’m going to just pull up a link. I’ll send it to you and you can share it out. So, the listing template that we do, we actually just give it out for free.

Robert: Okay.

Andrew: So, listing ad template. So, here we go. I’ll send it in the chat. You can put it out to the audience if you want. But basically, we give away the template. We’re very happy to do that. But what we do, is we will say, actually, I should make sure that’s the right link. But what we do is for listings, for example, which is the easiest win you can get anyone because listings, it’s so easy to get leads. So what we do is we use a Facebook Lead ad which eliminates the need for a landing page because what we find is most people’s websites don’t convert well on listing pages especially. So, we have a Facebook Lead ad. So, they click on the ad, pops up a form pre-filled in with their contact information. It’s basically forced registration on the Facebook side and you go to their website. And then, the ad itself, the way structure it, we use a single image, not a video.

Robert: Okay.

Andrew: And the main reason we do that is we get more leads. So when we use an image instead of a video, we average $1 to $5 a lead. The variance in there is just how nice the listing is normally. So, $1 to $5 a lead. If we use a video instead, we’re at about $4 to $8 a lead. So it’s not that it’s huge but that can be a big swing in the amount of leads you’re getting on an individual listing.

Robert: Doing videos instead of images.

Andrew: Right.

Robert: Okay.

Andrew: But the branding side of the video is great. Some clients, what we’ll do with a listing is we’ll do a 1 mile radius around the listing itself with a video ad which is more to like show the other potential neighbor thinking of selling a look at the great quality videos they do marketing a home and then we do a wider ad to get buyers with an image. And then, we just put enough information to entice someone. So, we’ll put like, what are the top selling features of the home and then to get more information, see more photos, click on the ad, name, email, phone number and they come through and become a lead. So, it’s the lowest quality lead you’re going to get that way, but the volume makes up for it.

Robert: Okay. All right. And in our opinion, I feel like I’ve heard you say that you feel like doing the volume is the best idea for an Agent. Is that right?

Andrew: Yeah. I like to get volume because then we can use other tools that we have to then narrow. So like Email Marketing is a very underrated thing that Agents don’t do enough or do it well. If you build a big list up by getting the volume of the leads, you can let your email do them. So like the guy I mentioned earlier, Dean Jackson, he’s got some great ideas around Email Marketing which, I mean, I basically swiped and deployed a lot of his ideas in our Email Marketing. One of them is called the Super Signature. So I’m sure like you deal with enough Agents, you see all the time the “Oh, by the way, I’m never to busy for your referral” signature. We replaced that with the Dean Jackson Super Signature. So, it’s like your name but the email says, “When you’re ready, here’s a few ways we can help you.” And then, it might be number one, click here to get a home eval. Number two, we might already have a buyer for your home, just reply to this email describing your home and we’ll let you know if it matches someone we already have. And then, number three might be something like and this, again, Agent, one of the examples seen is would be, “We go and see homes every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. If you’d like to join our tour, click here.”

But it’s essentially making it as easy as possible because that “Oh, by the way, I’m never too busy for your referral”, the problem with that, there’s no instructions on how to send that referral, what kind of referral they want or anything like that. It’s just this standard statement. But that, “Here’s the few ways I can help you.” And then, direct instructions on what to do, it’s not in your face, it’s always there, but then people know exactly what they can do to help you as much as possible. So, having that appended to the end of every email and then just emailing as much as you can. We recommend at least a weekly email. There are some Agents I know who do daily, like Monday to Friday and kill it. But it’s all about, I would say once a week an email and in that email, all I would send is a list of the properties that came on the market in the last week, but you add the Agent’s insight to it and be like, the Agent gets on video and be like, “Of these 30 marks that came last week, here’s the 3 of them that I think are the best deals and why.” Because any Agent can send out a list of homes. They want the insight as to which ones are the good ones.

Robert: Any opinions on sending those emails with like a BombBomb video or just a link to a YouTube video. Do you think there’s a difference?

Andrew: There is a difference. I think BombBomb, if you’re willing to invest in it, is a better way to send it. You get more analytics. They have some things tested. It works really well. If you’re budget conscious, you could easily just YouTube video and then embed the photo of the screenshot into the email and have them click on that and go to YouTube. So for the budget conscious, it’s kind of like a hack around using something like BombBomb. Personally, I think BombBomb’s great and if you’re willing to invest in it and embrace, then it can be worth it.

Robert: Okay. All right. For those listeners, I’m going to summarize up that last tip. One, cast a very wide net. Two, send out some emails. Three, make sure that you take a few minutes to study what might separate your emails from somebody else. I love everything that Andrew has said. I agree with it. I love the signature. I love the actionable stuff. I’m going to add one thing, which is if you’re going to develop what’s called a landing page, in other words, if you decide to direct your users someplace, I’m going to steal a page off of one of our previous guests and say social proof, social proof, social proof, which is people on video talking about you as an Agent and their experience buying a home. That’s the only addition or swerve that I would make to everything that we just talked about.

Andrew: What we like to do with that, if an Agent has video testimonials, retarget website traffic and all the leads with a Facebook ad with videos of their clients talking about them. And then, retarget the video views of that video with a book or call. So, anyone who watches the full customer testimonial, they get retargeted with an ad to book or call the Agent.

Robert: Now, let me ask you a question. The clients that you’ve had that have had that content, how does that campaign work versus other Facebook campaigns?

Andrew: It works pretty well now. It works well from a cost per leads standpoint. We can get calls booked sometimes for under $15 a call. The problem is it’s really low volume so your frequency’s going to be high, you don’t want it running all the time. Even just for my own business, I do that but I have to either turn the ad off every few weeks and so I can wait for a new group to come in or I have to set my retargeting buckets which I think is a little too confusing for most Agents to only show to people who are new to my content in last 21 days. Because if I have it go too much past that, people get annoyed with the amount of time that they’re seeing this book or call ad. So, if you know how to control the frequency that it’s being seen by people, otherwise, if you don’t, just turn it off every now and then.

Robert: Okay. All right.

Andrew: Not to have it going indefinitely.

Robert: Got you. Got you. Well, we are at the end of the or we’re winding down to the end of the extra 10 minutes and I think that we did a fairly decent job of giving some bonus content. So, if somebody wanted to reach you, how would be your preferred way for somebody to get in touch with you or your Agency?

Andrew: Either you go to JustSellHomes.com, which is our website and we also run a Facebook group called the Wheel House, so Wheel House is two words. We share tips and tricks and engage with people and every time we have questions I’ll actually jump on and do a two, three, four video answer and then there’s a big library of all the answers we’ve ever given to questions that people as. So, it’s no holds bar type of thing. We’ll literally answer anything. I am very happy to give away everything we do. I want the clients who don’t have the time do it. I don’t care about withholding what we do.

Robert: I am a big fan, which by the way is basically Inbound Marketing 101, which is exactly, it’s what I’m evangelical about. The name of my company is Inbound Real Estate Marketing so that’s how evangelical I am about it so I love all of that. And I’m assuming that the Wheel House, this group, it’s free to enter, free to join?

Andrew: Yeah.

Robert: You’re not charging anything for it?

Andrew: Right. It will always remain free. We are in the midst of planning a paid group that will be separate from it but there’ll be reasons of like we’re giving away a lot of stuff on a regular basis. We’ll be giving them ad copy, images and entire campaigns for them to take and deploy. We’ll be doing a lot of other things. So there will eventually be a paid group but the Wheel House will always be free.

Robert: Okay. And if anybody should be so inclined that doesn’t already know me and I think most of you do but my name is Robert Newman. I have a little website called InboundREM which answers most if not all of your deep burning marketing questions. What I do really well and I’m unique in is that I deep, deep, deep dive into reviewing technology platforms and give you the advice that you need platform by platform. So, thanks for joining me, Andrew. I’m going to ask that you stay on board for one more second as I take us offline.

Andrew: Sounds good. Thanks for having me


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