#437 – The Mail-Right Show: Do You Want More Quality Leads Then You Need To Use Video 2024

#437 - The Mail-Right Show: Do You Want More Quality Leads Then You Need To Use Video 2024

If you Want More Quality Leads, Then You Need To Use Video 2024

Looking for better real estate leads in 2024? Video is the answer! Unleash the power of video marketing to capture high-quality prospects and drive growth.

Unlock the secrets to generating high-quality real estate leads in 2024 by leveraging the power of video marketing. Discover how incorporating video into your strategy can revolutionize your lead generation efforts and drive unparalleled growth for your business. Take advantage of this game-changing opportunity! Watch our show now to learn why video is essential for success in the real estate industry.


#1—What are some of the key things that agents need to know about using video effectively to get quality leads in 2024?

#2—What are some of the best video production tools that agents should look at in 2024

– a – Canva

– b – Runway

– c – Descript

– d – DaVinci Resolve or iMovie

#3— What are 2 to 3 types of videos work well in generating quality leads?

#4 – How will AI change video in the next 18 months?

Episode Full Show Notes

[00:00:09.650] – Robert Newman

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Mail-Right Show podcast. Today, minus my technical difficulties, of which there have been many, we are going to talk about video, which is funny because I couldn’t get my video working correctly today. So I’m finding it very ironic. But today’s specific focus is whether you want more quality leads than you need to use video. Something that John and I just keep banging the drum away on because, honestly, it is if there is a secret sauce It’s lead generation; I think that we’re both in the same camp where we believe that you have to use video. Now, John, having said all that, before we go any further, I’m sure people are wondering why an English bloke and an American dude why are we going to listen to these guys? Why don’t you go ahead and introduce everybody to who you are?

[00:01:06.030] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, you got a bit green, haven’t you, on me, Robin? He’s got a bit upset. He was on vacation in Hawaii last week yesterday. I was visiting Kansas City. There’s a slight difference between Hawaii and Kansas City, isn’t there, Robert?

[00:01:26.250] – Robert Newman


[00:01:26.950] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m the co-founder of Mel-In the event. Yes, yes. I’m the co-founder of mel-right. Com. We build beautiful websites on WordPress, plus we provide a CRM, a lead generation LinkedIn platform. We primarily work with Facebook. It’s a great platform at a great price. Go and have a look at it. Back over to you, Rob. Are you going to say something, Robert?

[00:02:00.560] – Robert Newman

Okay. My name is… Hold on. Let me stop moving around. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I’m sorry. My name is Robert Newman. I’m the founder of Inbound R-E-M. We are an inbound marketing company that focuses on real estate lead generation SEO, and search engine optimization to get the inbound marketing element started. So we use video a lot with our customers. Almost all of my high-performing customers, with the single exception of two out of 170 accounts, leverage video heavily. So anxious to get into this subject today and try to share some of my experiences and hear some of yours, John. Before we go further, though, I want to ask you a quick question because you opened up the text, and everybody that is new to the show, John, does all the production, and I show up as the on-radio personality. John has another incredibly successful podcast that he’s already doing all the heavy lifting for, so he lets me do just a fraction of the heavy lifting for this show. But you opened up the dialog, the text for this, and you said, Looking for better real estate leads in 2024.

[00:03:20.150] – Robert Newman

So before we get into all the things we’re going to talk about with video, I want to start the dialog by asking you the question, why or perhaps proposing, why do we think that leads generated through video are actually better?

[00:03:36.510] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, it’s a great question. I think there are two factors here, and it’ll be really interesting to get your response and insights. I think number one, and I think you’ve commented on this, and I found it myself, it’s almost like leads have already re-qualified themselves before they even spoke, speak to you on Zoom or whatever platform, or on a phone call. It’s almost like they normally if they find your message and they find you a good resource. They tend to binge on the other videos that you have produced. And then if they like the other videos, it’s almost like they think they really know you. And I’ve never met you in person. I hope to do that one day. It’d be great to see you live, actually. I don’t know if you agree with that, but I sense that you’re not much different in person than you are on this show. Most people say, and I know it’s a horrendous idea, Rob, but I’m not much different online than in real life. That’s a dreadful thought, isn’t it, Rob? So it does work out sometimes. I also know a few people who are totally false on video.

[00:05:12.000] – Jonathan Denwood

They’re totally different in person. So it doesn’t always apply. It’s a bit like acting in general. Some people, when you meet them, are notorious for being totally different in private than their public persona. But people do tend to think they know you. The second thing is that I believe it has great benefits when you combine it with posting, blog posting, and written content. I think Google, if you’re blogging about the subject that you’re also making the videos on, I think increasingly, Google gives that a lot more credibility in SEO terms than if you’re just blogging in word content. That’s a very generalistic statement. I’m sure you have more insights, but they’re the two key things that I think our agent would benefit enormously from, and also maybe the social media element as well, Rob.

[00:06:22.900] – Robert Newman

Sure. So my experience with video is, well, one, I built my own company, my own brand, using video heavily. There’s no doubt that the leads who come in and have watched some of my videos are a million times better. They can pick up my inflections, my tonality, what I’m saying, and how I look, and they either respond to that or don’t. But the fantastic thing is that when they don’t respond to it, they simply don’t call you, which in the marketing world, probably sounds bad. But in the digital world, the net that you’re casting is so I can get 500 views on a video that it took me about an hour or two to produce. And if I got one call off that video, I’d be pretty happy. But I’m really talking to 500 people, and maybe one resonated with me. And when you fall in, there’s a psychological factor, John, that goes along with kinesthetic learning. That’s just visual and auditory and engaging all five of the senses. And when you do that, there’s It’s a sense of familiarity. It’s psychological. It’s like talking to somebody at your door.


[00:07:34.210] – Robert Newman

You establish a relationship, and once the relationship is established to your point. I think that about 50% of the sale is made because they feel like they know you, they’re comfortable, and at a minimum, when they call you, they’re willing to engage in an open, honest dialog. Depending on whether or not they really need your service, whether they can really be helped by you, then obviously, you’re a tremendous way down the path of creating a client relationship.


[00:08:08.840] – Jonathan Denwood

I think you’re totally right about it because I’ve noticed if somebody has just read a blog post and they haven’t watched any videos and they book a Zoom with me, the way the conversation goes is very different to if they’ve watched a few of my videos.


[00:08:27.520] – Robert Newman

Absolutely. So that input, ladies and gentlemen, is what we’re trying to educate you on today. That’s the heart of it. This is a way to establish a better relationship, which will in turn lead to a better lead. Which leads us to number one, once again, John is the one creating the outline for the show. What are some of the key things that agents need to know about using video effectively to get quality leads in 2024? By the way, you can find all this information on the mail, hyphen-right on my Facebook page. Some of the time I post it to my own site, but absolutely positively, you can get it on the MailRight site. If you want to go through the questions yourself and then see our responses or the conversation, you can follow along there. I’m going to say that in terms of getting quality leads, the quality of the lead is going to be dependent upon the service that you provided. The quality of your answer is my opinion on, especially as an inbound marketer. When I do really compelling content, John, like reviews, which we’ve talked about ad nauseam, but I drop insider info.


[00:09:42.360] – Robert Newman

I know some of the founders. I’ve had relationships with some of the people that we’re reviewing, and I’ll mention that throughout the course of the review, which in turn adds a little bit of extra insight, a little bit of extra weight to the review. If I did a good job, let’s say, talking about all 50 technical on Ciaro Interactive and tried to summarize it, made it more easily digestible for somebody, well, that’s a high level of service because we went through a complicated software, and then tried to simplify it. If we succeeded, that person walked away going, My God, if I tried to use this thing, I’d just spend years getting to know it. Robert just helped me, at least at a very high level, understand it in 30 or 40 minutes. Wow, Wow, thank you. That’s the credibility. What advice would you give? You wrote this question. When you wrote the question, what were you thinking that agents really needed to know about in order to leverage video effectively?


[00:10:50.610] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I think you got to really do some basic SEO research when it comes to videos. That’s That’s the one problem when it comes to using video for blogs is to get enough… Youtube is obviously owned by Google, But there is a divide. If you’re going to do research on a title that’s getting reasonable traffic numbers, so YouTube picks up, you’re going to have to use a specialized tool. There’s a couple of them. You use one, and I use the different one, and my mind’s just gone blank about which one I use. They’re both not that expensive, and they can give you some guidance about, are there any search volumes around the search term? Because otherwise, it won’t probably get any views. So I would utilize one… I think it’s Tubuddy that I use, and you use another one, don’t you? So they’re both not that expensive. So I would definitely do some title research in utilizing one of these tools, because otherwise, probably your videos aren’t going to be viewed. And then I would go with that title and build a blog post on it, rather than worrying. I would just worry that it can be searched on YouTube, basically.


[00:12:37.520] – Jonathan Denwood

So that’s one of the key things. I think another area that we’ve talked about is that this doesn’t happen straight away, is that if you’re one year, two year into your career, the quicker that you can find a niche area and really and really aim your videos around that niche, the better this is going to go for you. But that isn’t easy to start off with because you tend, for understanding reasonable reasons, have to take whatever comes your way. But I think the quicker you can find a niche, the better it’s going to go also. What do you reckon, Rob?


[00:13:25.950] – Robert Newman

So I’ve always been a big fan of… One of the reasons I love Google and inbound marketing is that it takes a lot of the guesswork away. That’s what you’re talking about right now. You’re talking about doing keyword research, which is, God, the amount of times I’ve said the word keyword research, it makes me want to turn green as I already am. Anybody watching the video can see I am actually turning green. But here’s what… Lately, I’ve been really enjoying using Google without any special technical tools, software tools. And the way that I’ve been using it is people also ask is the question. So you do a broad topic such as real estate in Daytona Beach, right? And then you do that search, and then Google will throw in under that people also ask. And it’s actually the most popular questions that they semantically connect into that keyword. In other words, they think it’s the most relevant questions that people are asking when they’re researching the topic that you just entered in. It makes for a very good, very quick, very down and dirty, I can create a video answering some of these questions when you look through them.


[00:14:35.700] – Robert Newman

The way that I’ve always done marketing, the way that I tell my clients to do marketing, is stop trying to define the market. The market is already there. The easiest, cheapest way to market is actually to go to what people are already searching and get in front of them. The easiest way to do that is the way I just described. No special tools, no additional subscriptions. John and I are not for Too Buddy or VidIQ, by the way. We are just saying these are cheap tools that you could use, but you can also do it without tools. No $10, just you and your Google search bar. I think that it’s important that real estate agents know that. How you use video effectively to get quality leads in 2024 is about answering the questions that your clients actually have, which Google is already telling you what those are. You just type in the broad search that you know is relevant to your market. Waterfront, a neighborhood name, a home type that you like to represent, new homes, Spanish revivals, whatever it is. Then you answer the questions that are coming up and you do a video on them.


[00:15:43.150] – Robert Newman

Now, the optimization of video is not simple. That’s what I do for a living, and it requires many hours to properly optimize a video. One thing that me and my team cannot do, though, is answer the questions because that should be the expertise of the real estate agent, not the marketing company. That’s a common misconception. We can give you advice, can point you in the right direction like I just did, but the answer, the actual answer, needs to come from you. That’s one of the ways to leverage video effectively and get high quality leads is to make sure that you’re committed to being of service. Now, we’re going to go to break, and when we come back, we’re going to address three additional questions. What are some of the best video production tools? John is going to do all the heavy lifting on that you should look at in 2024. What are 2-3 types of videos that really work well in generating quality leads? I will probably do more of the heavy lifting on that, though. I’m sure John will want to contribute. How will AI change video in the next 18 months, which as usual is going to be just a debate between me and John.


[00:16:46.750] – Robert Newman

So stay tuned. We’re looking forward to coming back to you at the break and hopefully giving you some insight and some ideas about how you’re going to use video effectively in 2024 to generate some leads. We’ll be right back. Three Three, two, one. Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the MailRight podcast. You’ve got Jonathan Dinwood and Robert Newman guiding you through the subject of getting more quality leads using video in 2024. Before we went to break, we were talking about… I did a rundown of some of the subjects. We’re going to let John take it away. John, I am curious to know what you have to say about the best video production tools that people should look at or agents, real estate agents, to look at in 2024.


[00:17:30.540] – Jonathan Denwood

Yeah, thanks, Rob. I’m going to start with a very generalistic tool, and it’s Canva. I think if you’re looking for the best value for buck tool in 2024, I think paying for the premium version of Canva, you’re going to get the biggest return on the investment. It really helps with thumbnails, and it’s got a basic video video editor as part of the platform. It’s limited, but for basic video editing on your smartphone, on your tablet, or on your desktop, it does a pretty good job And they’ve got some green screen tools that are quite sophisticated as part of the pro version of Canva, and it’s about $100, $10, $120 a year. So for what it provides with all the other functionality as well, I think it’s a real value for money tool. The next one is the AI tool, the next couple of tools, and it’s Runway. I think for what Runway can do in helping you edit video, and especially these two, the other one I’m going to talk is Descript. And there are differences, but they also both can help you edit video really quick and produce video for different social media platforms.


[00:19:14.070] – Jonathan Denwood

So you got one video and you can quickly adapt it in different ratios, so it fits other platforms like TikTok, like Facebook, whatever, and it can save an enormous amount of time because producing a video and then manually trying to get the different image ratios for these different platforms can be a real time sucker. And the last one, last bit of advice is that I would suggest that you try and keep away from Adobe. Now, Adobe do have a couple of free products, but they will suck you in to their paid subscriptions, and it can rapidly become very expensive. And it’s not a company. I do utilize still one or two of their products. I’ve tried successfully to use special offers from them to keep the subscription amount that I give them to the minimum possible. But I think in general, a lot of people get sucked into Adobe. So there is a really good free tool that works on PC and Mac. That’s a very advanced video editing tool. It’s Da Vinci Resolve. It is a beast. It’s not something that if you just want to do quick edits, but I do use it occasionally myself, and I only use about 10 to 20% of its functionality, but it’s rock solid and it’s fully free.


[00:21:13.530] – Jonathan Denwood

They do have a paid version But unless you’re into video production as a profession, I don’t really think you need to use it. If you’re on the Mac, I have a phone, tablet, you could look at using iMovie, which works really well. I’m not a fantastic impressed with its interface. I find it a bit clunky, always have done. But there are some of the main tools that I would suggest that somebody should look at in 2024. What do you reckon, Rob?


[00:21:56.160] – Robert Newman

My team uses some of those tools. I I do not declare myself to be anything of an expert. The last time I was using… I use Screencastomatic, and before that, I used a really complicated tool that you had to buy for a small fortune. I was never very good at using them. It’s the greatest happiness in my life to be able to hire better video editing people, no matter what tools they use, John. I don’t know if they’re using simple tools. I’ve got two people on staff, and they both went to school for video editing production in other countries, but nonetheless, they did take university for these skills. And there’s no doubt that whether they’re using AI or they’re using a combination, they’re doing a great job. That’s just a very fancy way of saying, I think that video editing is really important. It’s going to be very important. All these tools are important to talk about. Your level of usage on a video editing tool needs to reflect your budget because one way or the other, you need to do video. That’s probably the one salient piece of advice I’ve got about these tools in general, which is if you can only afford a $10 tool, listen, use it.


[00:23:14.810] – Robert Newman

Use the tool until you can do something better. Use Fiverr. Use a $20 guy until you can get something better. Because I just talked to a client of mine today who, two years into using us, he hasn’t done video. He’s probably heard it from me 10 times, and he’s heard it from my team I don’t know how many times. Every time I talk to him, he keeps telling me it’s video production, it’s this, it’s that. I’ve told him forever, get on, use your phone, just go off and shoot. Something is better than nothing. So two years, you’re into this deep investment with me as a marketing partner, and we don’t have the results that we need to have because we have no personal representation of this person on their website. Please just use something. That’s my only comment. And in terms of what you said, John, you absolutely know better than me. So whatever you suggest, I think, is what people should go for. What are 2-3 types of videos that work really well in generating quality leads? This I’ve got some input on. Do you want me to kick this off or do you want to go?


[00:24:24.190] – Jonathan Denwood

You go into it, well.


[00:24:25.840] – Robert Newman

Okay. Actually, the lead generation versus traffic generation videos is one of my favorite things to talk about because I see all these like… I’ll see a realtor online, and John, they’ll have 500,000 views on videos. Then I have somebody check the MLS and they’ve got zero sales. Five hundred thousand views, no sales. I’ve got clients that have a couple of thousand views on videos and have generated sales. Maybe not tens of hundreds, but a few for sure. And so what’s the difference? I have discovered that it very much relates to what you decide to talk about. If you’re going to do the 10 best reasons to live in Reno, Nevada, it’s really not going to generate you elite. If you’re going to discuss the HOA fees for a particular building, let’s say, owned by some casino management company in Reno, and you happen to know for sure that there’s property maintenance issues with the building and they’re charging $500 a person per month, I’m using very extreme examples, John, but let’s just pretend that that’s what’s going on. You happen to do a video, that video might get you 40 views, like that very deeply specific video on a building and all the problems.


[00:25:42.200] – Robert Newman

But it’s also really likely to get you a call and somebody asking you questions because you’ve now painted yourself as an expert in both property maintenance and price for the HOA. When somebody can’t find a good answer online, which oftentimes they can’t because The only people that are worse than real estate people are property management companies and construction companies. If you can’t get an answer, you call the realtor because you assume they know, and maybe you can convert the call into something viable for your business, an income opportunity. So specific questions and answers about properties, real estate types, or neighborhoods. And then here’s the thing that shocked me the most. It’s always shocked me the most. It’s so crazy. But one of the videos that I know generates a lot of leads across the board in almost any neighborhood, any place in US, is actually neighborhood driving tours. That is so simple. You get in a car, you’ve got your phone on the dashboard, aimed at you, you make sure the road’s not too bouncy, you make sure your sound is okay. And then other than that, you just drive and you take somebody in on a tour of that neighborhood as if they were in your car, as if they were a real estate client.


[00:27:03.060] – Robert Newman

You give whatever the spiel is that you give when you’re doing that naturally on the buyer’s agent side, you do a neighborhood driving tour. Then on the seller side, because that’s It’s a hot topic. Today, John, there’s two additional video types. New construction, just like the guy that was on the podcast two episodes ago, he couldn’t have been more right about that. It’s a hot, hot category. If you just take a to a place that a developer staked and said, We’re going to build 10 homes here. They’re going to be beautiful five years from now. But you do a video and he puts a billboard up, very likely you’ll get a lot of leads off that from people because just new development is so hot. Then on the seller side, it’s home improvement tips. People go through a series of, What should I repair before I saw my home in? Is the Google search you would do. What should I repair when When I sell my home in Vanhies, it would be for me, and John, for you, it would be Reno, Nevada. That list of things that you get asked is what you do videos on.


[00:28:09.690] – Robert Newman

It can’t be more simple for you guys. You just go, you see what the things are. If you know a little bit about plumbing, if you have a contractor that you work with for kitchens, you would do a YouTube video with them, and the two of you would answer a lot of questions about renovating your kitchen before you sold the home, and you’d make some estimates about how much that’s going to improve the value of the home, and guess what that does? Well, number one, it gets a contractor some leads maybe for the work, so that’s all you need to do to incentivize them to do the video. And then number two, maybe it gets you some leads to list a home. Those are the easy ones. Oliver, on you, John.


[00:28:50.420] – Jonathan Denwood

No, I think they’re all great ideas, Robin. They’re just down to earth ideas. And it’s just amazing when you get people say, Well, what should I talk about? ‘ And if you just spend a bit of time thinking about it, it’s obvious. I wouldn’t say obvious because obviously it’s based on you and your team’s experience. But I’ve utilized video to build up my business. One of my channels, it hasn’t got a load of subscriptions. It’s got some of the videos, it’s got a fair few views, but I’ve made over a thousand videos. But like I say, where it does help is what we were saying in the first half, when these people, they tend to binge, and then when they’re talking to me, and long as they’ve got the budget, they normally sign up. So it’s so important, isn’t it? I really think so many agents, they just need to just do that first video And like we’ve said in other videos, you’ve got a fantastic camera normally in your pocket. The main thing you got to sort out, folks, is the sound quality, because it’s not intuitive. But people, when they’re watching video, the one thing that they will not tolerate is bad audio.


[00:30:22.220] – Jonathan Denwood

That’s the one thing they won’t tolerate. So you got to get that sorted out. And as long as you get that, as long as it’s not bouncing up and down like a yo-yo, you make somebody motion sick. If they’re finding the content useful, they will torate poor video quality, but they won’t torate poor audio, but you really, really got to get on with it in 2024, haven’t you, Rob?


[00:30:52.150] – Robert Newman

You really do. You really do. And I got to say that just a quick thing for everybody. When you really get some wind in your sales, there’s places in a strategy for videos that are going to gain you a large audience, and then there’s places in your strategy for videos that are going to get you conversion. When I just start working with people, John, I always focus on the lower traffic conversion videos. They also happen to be a lot easier to rank for whatever that’s worth. You may not get 10,000 views. They may not be super sexy, but you’ll definitely we get some response, which is much more important to me as a marketing company that has to earn its supper. Let’s move on to this last and maybe either very short or very long subject, which is, how do we think AI is going to impact video in the next 18 months? Do you want me to start? I can.


[00:31:59.430] – Jonathan Denwood

Well, I like to start quick because I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit. I think we’ve already seen it’s major things in some ways. I think being able to edit small clips and help you get it all sorted for different platforms and different resolution requirements is really useful. I think there’s quite a few people saying that you’ll be able to have a virtual version of you that will be… And you’ll be able to make videos without having to go in front of the camera. And that sounds really attractive, doesn’t it? I’ve changed my thought about that. I think if you’re going to go down, I think you’re kidding yourself. I think you’re just going to have to grasp the nettle and get yourself in front of the camera, or you’re going to have to get a young person to work with you and be the front person of your broken your micro, your boutique brokerage, or be the front person and be your video assistant. I think this idea that our Not official AR person can be your personality, can be you. I might be totally wrong, and it’ll be interesting to see what your thoughts are.


[00:33:41.520] – Jonathan Denwood

I really think that’s going to be a red herring, really, Rob. What do you reckon?


[00:33:47.530] – Robert Newman

Well, as usual, I’m going to do an analogy. Ladies and gentlemen, for a brief amount of time, there was a guy by the name of Tyler Zay, who was fronting doing video for a service called Easy Agent Pro. He was a floutist, and he put himself online, and he was super earnest, and I followed him. He didn’t actually know more than me, but he was really, really earnest. I liked that a lot about the guy. I connected with him. I didn’t connect with his knowledge. As a matter of fact, I hammered a little bit at his knowledge. But I did not connect. I did not hammer away at his earnest and his seeming desire to help agents. He really seemed to have his in the right place. He got 9,000 followers, a significant amount more than InboundR EM has, a significant amount more than Real Geeks has, a significant amount more than almost everybody has. He did that four years ago. Then he switched everything over to a brand ambassador. And honestly, as far as I can tell, their channel growth pretty much stopped. The brand ambassador is fine, but he’s cookie cutter. He doesn’t have passion.


[00:34:59.720] – Robert Newman

He’s the I’ll put it. I don’t know the guy. If he watches this, I don’t want him to be upset at me because he seems to be doing the best he possibly can. But I’m just going to say I don’t follow them anymore, and I don’t watch their videos I don’t care anymore. I agree with what you said. It’s going to have to be either somebody who’s a great brand ambassador, but I am going to differ from you in one section. I watched this Sora video that just was launched for Toys R Us. It was extraordinarily good. If you just look at it from a creative standpoint only. They did a fairly good job, not perfect, but a fairly good job at representing the founder’s child inside the video, the founder of Toys R Us. His child was done with an AI representation based upon some photos and some things that you can feed into Sora, who then created an animated image that it’s obvious that it’s not a real-life human being, but it’s still pretty compelling. Here’s what I have to say for agents, and this is what I’m excited about as a marketer.


[00:36:11.130] – Robert Newman

I think the day is not that far away, John, where we’re going to We’re going to be able to take an agent, upload a whole bunch of images and maybe a sample video, and then AI is going to be able to create a fairly seamless avatar, and they’re going to be able to tell the avatar what to say. I I still agree with you. Me and my team are never going to know an area as good as that agent, so an avatar is only going to go so far. However, if we did an avatar with a really compelling written bio that we then turned into a person talking, I see some viable applications for certain parts of the marketing process that’s going to take the load and make it much lighter for agents. Not saying it’s relieving it because it’s not. But I am going to say, are there some things you can do really well and all within probably the next year, which is what the premise of this comment is? Absolutely, 100% yes. I am not excited about the written word for AI. I am not excited about the stuff I’ve seen so far, but I am very excited for generative video.


[00:37:27.450] – Robert Newman

I think it’s going to be a game changer inside the real estate space. I also think we’re going to be able to tell compelling visual stories, and what the agents are going to be able to do is either get creative themselves or hire a creative agency like ours or yours and get them to do an excellent AI video in conjunction with SEO, which is what I’m known for, it could be a real game changer. Not like you proliferate a site with all AI, John, but you do a couple of exciting intro videos using AI, so they’re connective marketing pieces that would normally have cost you 50, 60 grand.

[00:38:12.490] – Jonathan Denwood

I totally agree. I totally understand where you’re coming from, and I think, yeah, I totally agree with what you said there. I was making a broad subject, but I think in the right usage, and For people that just cannot, just cannot motivate themselves, and it’s just something they just cannot do, having a tool, having some tools that can help out is great. I’m also more upbeat with the other aspects of AI than you are, Rob, because it’s helped me personally to be much more productive. But on the other hand, I do see why you sometimes can be a bit more negative than me, because I think in some ways, AI has been totally blown out of all proportion. And I’m excluding general AI, which, if it does become a fact in the next couple of years or five years, will change society completely. I’m talking about these large language models, but there is substance even in that. But it’s very similar to the early days of the Internet. The internet has totally changed all our lives. But in those early days, in the early 2000s, it was blown all out of proportion.

[00:39:50.190] – Jonathan Denwood

It became a massive bubble, and there was a significant correction. And that’s what I foresee in the AI bubble. Because it’s an economic bubble in the amount of mind space that it’s taking up. To me, it’s got many echoes, which I lived through, and you did, of the bubble of the Internet. Would you agree with that, Rob?

[00:40:19.240] – Robert Newman

I do agree with you. I do agree with it. I agree with every single thing that you said, bubble and all. This is one point at which I think that sometimes you get a little pessimistic. Sometimes I think you and I are optimists and pessimists in different areas, which I find interesting. In this case, I agree with the letter and everything you just closed out saying. I agree with you; 100% of the bubble is being blown out of proportion. However, large language models is a bloody game changer in the information age. We haven’t seen it applied even to a fraction of how it could be used. I think it’s a significant part of the next wave of information technology in general. But guys who are agents and gals that are out there listening to the show, if you think the AI is going to change your business overnight, no. It might change some of your processes or improve it. And those things, sure, if you even have processes, which 80% of you don’t.

[00:41:25.580] – Jonathan Denwood

Most don’t do they? They don’t process it at all, so do right.

[00:41:31.070] – Robert Newman

So in a very, very rare use case, it’s going to matter. The place it’s going to matter is clever entrepreneurs. Just to end up, in some ways, this fixation the real estate industry has with CRMs, the amount of time agents spend researching what CRM they should…

[00:41:52.030] – Jonathan Denwood

I understand it in some ways, but it’s a fixation because most, as you say, most, I 80% plus, have no processes anyway, do they, Rob?

[00:42:05.150] – Robert Newman

True. I’ll tell you something I saw in the Ylopo Facebook group the other day. It was so clever. It was so near to my experience. There was an agent that He realized, Okay, I’m 13 years into my career. Here’s the six things I would do differently if I had to do it all over again. And he mentioned CRMs. He said I’d start with a single CRM. I’d learn how to use it well, and I’d never change. And I agree with that. I agree with that. Whatever the tool is that you’re using, it’s only as good as your ability to use it. If you got used to using Goldmine, which is this ancient CRM from a million years ago, then use that. Why would you switch? You know how to use it. The learning curve for these new tools is what stops 99% of all agents from using them. That’s a pretty good place to stop unless you have anything else you’d like to add, John. No. Okay. I’ve been Robert Newman. If you’d like to learn more about me, go to inboundrem. Com, look at my About or Services pages, or just go to my blog and see all the incredible things that we’re offering as free information to try to help all of you create more value through SEO, create more value through leads, and create more value through local.

[00:43:21.620] – Robert Newman

I appreciate you listening today. John, how would you like people to reach out or research you?

[00:43:28.650] – Jonathan Denwood

I’ll just go to the mail-right. Com website, have a look at what we have to offer. I think you’re going to be impressed, and maybe book a quick chat with me or Adam. It’s mostly me who takes the initial call, and we love to chat with you.

[00:43:44.910] – Robert Newman

Beautiful. All right, sign us off.


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