#239 Mail-Right Show Best Lead Generation Tips & Tricks

We Discuss The Best Lead Generation Tips & Tricks From 100 Podcast Shows

We have a fantastic discussion here of what have been the test lead generation tips and tricks from 100 shows from some of the most experienced agents and trainers in the industry. If you all about getting value from the podcasts you listen to you going to love this particular show!

Jonathon: Welcome back folks to the Mail Right Show. This is episode 239. It’s going to be internal discussion between me and Robert. We’re going to be talking about seven of the biggest tips that we’ve got from the previous 100 episodes of the show. Robert decided to listen to all of the hundred shows that he’s helped me with as my cohost. And he’s written a great post on his website. And he found seven of the interviews that gave some real powerful tips about how to be a more effective real estate agent. So Robert, would you like to quickly introduce yourself to the new listeners and viewers?

Robert: Absolutely. So welcome everybody. My name is Robert Newman. I am the founder of a company called Inbound Real Estate Marketing. And we’re going to share a little bit of inbound marketing with you today is I try to provide the most value of any podcast that you’ve ever listened to. If you’d like to learn more about me, go to inboundrem.com.

Jonathon: And I’m the founder of Mail Right. We utilize the power of Facebook to get you more quality leads. And then we have a suite of tools that keep you in front of those possible leads. So when they’re ready to sell their home, they come to you. So Robert, you know, fantastic piece of work, I am really impressed. We’re going to start off with this voyage of discovery.

Robert: Okay. So today guys, we’re going to talk about this epic episode that Jonathan did without me. And so that everybody knows Mail Right, is really Jonathan’s podcast. And about 18 months ago he asked me to co-host this podcast with him talking about real estate marketing. And usually in the world that Jonathan and I live in, like if you’re going to partner with somebody like a marketer, you kind of hope that the marketer is going to propel the show a little bit.

Because they are a marketer and they’re going to market it. So I haven’t done a great job of that. I’ve been sending out emails and slowly growing our audience, but today I’m going to rock it. Today everybody, lock it down, get ready because I am earning my keep as Jonathan’s cohost. So what we’ve got for you today for number one, so everybody, if you’re driving, don’t do this. But if you’re near a piece of paper and a pen you’re going to want to get it.

So on episode 219, which is about 20 or so episodes ago, which makes it 20 weeks ago, which makes it four or five months ago. Jonathan met with a guy by the name of DJ Paris. Okay? Now, DJ Paris, and I’m giving you a few buildup guys because I want you to be as excited about this as I am. So DJ Paris is a Chicago broker who has grown his own brokerage from 0 to 650 agents in eight years, which solidly puts DJ in the top 1% of real estate brokers in the country. It’s very rare that anybody grows a team that fasts on the journey. GJ started his own podcast called keeping it real. Keeping it real is, I’ve listened to a couple of episodes. It’s a little loosey-goosey bite. There’s one thing that is really exceptional, which is they talk to nothing but 1% of real estate producers in the country.

So DJ, after meeting with hundreds of these real estate agents and brokers, these top 1%, he did get on the show with John. And because John asked, Hey DJ, what’s your favorite tip? What do you learn when you’re doing the show? And I’m paraphrasing, this isn’t exactly what Jonathan said, but it was close. And what DJ said is that I think the most powerful thing that I’ve ever heard or ever seen at wherever notice is that the top 1% of agents rarely focus on production. Like when they’re doing goals and they’re setting goals and they’re thinking about what their next day is going to look like, they’re not thinking like, oh, I’m going to sell $10 million.

What they think in most cases is they think about, I’m going to make one good connection today. And if they do that, 365 days a year and hope you all understand what a good connection is. It’s somebody that at some point can buy a piece of real estate that you’re selling. Whether that is a two-level family home or a $20 million estate. If you’re adding one person to your list that at some point is going to, it can be a qualified prospect and you make a real human legitimate connection with them. Like they will remember your name. That is what the DJ was talking about. And just doing one of these a day according to him, according to his show notes, is what makes the difference.

Jonathon: Can I just quickly say something, and I think this is at the crux of our show. It says as you assign that, we talk about technology, we talk about, Facebook websites, SEO. But all of it really, all the stuff we talk about, isn’t it Robert, is just to get you in front of a real person and to have a real conversation with that person.

Robert: Absolutely. Absolutely. And it doesn’t really, DJ’s principles and he’s probably talking, he’s a luxury broker and he’s probably really talking about other luxury brokers when he’s giving that tip. The top 1% is just massively populated by high super high luxury brokers. Because if you think about it, most of the agents that we all talk to or that we do that Jonathan I do business with, they may sell between five and $10 million in real estate. And one of my clients, Chris he sells that every time he sells a home and he sells at five or 10 you know, five to 10 times a year.

Now it took them 20 years to build that momentum and doing exactly what DJ said. And he had years that he didn’t sell anything. So it’s not easy, but the numbers don’t. Why super brokers like the people in the 1% almost 80% of them deal in luxury. So like in terms of personal sales numbers. So that’s tip number one. And you’re absolutely right though, John, just to tag in on what you said, it is just about making contacts. It’s just doing it digitally.

Jonathon: What a lot of people forget. They always think that somehow we can produce the sale. We can produce the actual commission check. No, we can’t. All we can do is our products are different, but it’s the same thing. We can only try and help you get in front of people. And then it’s up to you to build that relationship, isn’t it?

Robert: Yes, absolutely. I one hundred percent agree. So that’s number one. But you know what you’re bringing up something excellent. And it kind of moves us into another guy that made our list. And he was just on the show. For those of you who’ve been listening recently, if you’re a new listener or somebody who’s just joined us, we had one of the best shows that we’ve ever done. And in my opinion, I’m not talking to John. I’m just talking to Robert Newman. We had our best show ever in episode number 236. We interviewed a guy by the name of Mike Hellickson and he was just so incredibly ready to do the show so incredibly on top of his game. The way that he advertised himself, and I’ve clarified a little bit with some additional research. He says, I’m the number one coach for real estate teams in the country, and he sure did sound like it.

You looked like it. He sounded like it. His, his presentation was spot on. He has a website called club wealth. Okay. And his numbers are real. He has been a top 1% ever since he was 18 years old. He’s been in high school. He’s just one of those guys that we all either love to love or love to hate. But either way he’s just one of those people that have been a rocket since the moment he started real estate. There are not many of them, but Mike is definitely one of them.

I verified his information and I verified his numbers. But here’s the thing, he started his coaching business in 2015. And to talk to him, you’d think he’d been doing it for 30 years, but he did it. He retired. He traveled the world for a while with his family, and then he got back into it in 2015. And he gave us. You should listen to the episode folks. It’s episode 236. It was amazing. John sitting here nodding. He’s looking like we both love the show.

Jonathon: Oh, he was polished. He knew his stuff and he is a fantastic presenter. And some of the tips I’ve been preaching to some of my clients and it’s been working. You know how you replied to that for don’t leave a voice message. Don’t leave a voice message like war and peace. Don’t leave him then and then I’ll bring in, if you do leave a message up in telling them what he told us, it’s actually be working, Robert.

Robert: Yeah, it worked. It worked for me too. This is why that one tip that you’re talking about made my list. Now remember, for those of you who are listening, this is the list of the seven single pieces of advice out of a hundred shows at a time. That’s almost a hundred hours of content. I’m taking the seven little things that people have said to us that I felt were most impactful, and this is one of them. And John just said he tested it. I tested it too, was staggeringly good results. So for those of you, this is an amazingly simple tip, but it’s going to change your business. So fricking get a pen. And write it down.

Do not forget, bookmark this episode. So episode number 236 Michael Hellickson. The tip is how to get an 80 to 85% response rate off your text messages to new product prospects. All right, and that is you ready? Everybody is this blank question Mark. And the name of the prospect is the third one. So is this Kathy, is this Dawn, and is this Bill? Is this Bob? I so far in my test, John, I haven’t had anybody not respond. So right now for me and my tests with my clients that I shared it with, we’re running a hundred percent response rate. He’s saying 80 to 85%. We’ve had every single person response so far. What was your result?

Jonathon: The same and on the voice when I told them to ask, who is this? Don’t leave a message to say who is it? Most of them call back, Robert.

Robert: So that’s the second tip is to drop a voicemail and say who is this? And then hang up. Okay. And then you’ll get a callback. So Mike gave us two epically good, basically call to response things that you would use inside of like a sales process. So it was incredible. It was incredible. How are we doing on time?

Jonathon: Its mind-blowing isn`t?

Robert: Yeah, no, it is. It is because when we get the response, just like we opened up the.

Jonathon: I don’t think it’s going to be complicated and it’s going to be multi-level. It’s the most simplistic things. And how you use them that get the real results isn’t it?

Robert: It really is. It really is. Which is why we have a marketing podcast is that sometimes like amazing results, hide behind simple actions. They’re not all complicated. Not every single thing that we recommend that somebody does is a yearlong worth of SEO. You know, sometimes it’s literally just you do a sentence or you drop the right three-word voicemail. And all of a sudden you change somebody’s, because like we said, it’s about having conversations. So if we just hope you have 50% more conversations, it would stand to reason your results are going to be 50% better. So these are two amazing tips and we should have just changed your career if you use them. So do not procrastinate. Do us a favor. If you have leads, use these tips today. Get off the podcast and use these tips.

Jonathon: The other thing he said, which I had heard before, I think it’s proven as well, is you said ring once and then ring again twice. And then leave that message and then you will start to get results.

Robert: How are we on time?

Jonathon: We are around 14 minutes actually. I think we go for our break now and we’ll come back. We go through some all these. It’s been an amazing show and thanks for doing this article. You brought back, it’s all kind of merged for me. I kind of lost track of the past few weeks but you are bringing some great content Robert. We will be back in a few moments’ folks.

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Jonathon: This has been fair, but I really do it. You know, it’s been a really great episode. This last week was pretty good on the week before that. But you’ve kind of focused me because I’ve lost track of some of the great guests that we’ve had. So it is really opportune that you’ve done this actually. So on onto the next one Robert.

Robert: Okay, so the next one, which plays exactly into what John was just talking about. So we’re sitting here talking about making phone calls and statistics. And we had a guest on the show and he is polished as Michael and he got lost I feel. And I feel like he is my personal, not like Mike. Michael is like really one of the best shows we’ve done because of the way he presented himself. He’s just entertaining. So not only did he have great information, he had this amazing way of doing the information. He made John and I feel great about the show. He was just amazing all the way around.

Now, this other guy was not quite like that, but I felt his information was 10 times more valuable than anybody else that we’ve ever had on the show because he spoke my language as a marketer. His name was Mitch and the episode was 211. He’s the number one broker in Brevard County. So there’s 500 real estate offices in Brevard, and this guy is number one. So if you’re in Florida, you already know who this guy is. If you’re somewhere in that part of Florida, I have no doubt you already know who Mitch is. Now, Mitch is a marketer. He tracks his numbers and his statistics and he came onto the show and he gave us amazing information based on thousands and thousands of calls to real estate prospects. Why we didn’t have that episode go viral? I will never know because we gave you the secrets, he gave them to you for free.

Every single other real estate agent and broker, he saved you 10 years of your own time and hundreds of thousands of dollars. So in case you missed it, I’m going to build up to his number one tip, but I’m going to give you some of the little breadcrumbs that lead us there. So everybody, once again, grab that pen, grab that piece of paper, let’s go. So you’ll get a response 35% of the time if you text. So we’re sitting here talking about a tip right now that Michael has given us that’s changed those numbers. So Michael gave us something where we’re probably getting a tip, a response 85% of the time. Mitch is not some genius marketer. He’s really not what he is. He’s a genius marketing mathematician. And so when we say it’s going to be 35% that’s because Mitch just has his salespeople texting, whatever.

So he’s giving us the average of what happens if you’re a broker and you just hand leads out to 10 salespeople and he does not recommend that you do that. You know what? Does he recommend that you do? Hand them over to a call center because no sales person will ever work a lead the way it’s supposed to be worked. Which leads me into tip number two, and this blew my mind cause I actually, I didn’t remember this John. I only remembered it when I went back and read the show notes. So if you call a lead within five minutes, you’ll get ahold of the prospect 21% of the time. Nobody’s all that surprised by that. Call the lead five minutes get a hold of the prospect 21% of the time. Now here’s what blew my mind. Is everybody ready? Call a lead. 24 hours later, you’ll get a hold of a prospect.

20% of the time, this is a guy that’s done tens of thousands of test calls. And what he’s saying is that the rumor, the legend, the thing that we all hear about, which is speed to response, is that it doesn’t make that much of a difference. And according to Mitch also in the same show notes, in his experience, he says usually when he’s talking to a lead on average they’ve registered with seven different lead platforms. Seven folks, seven that’s what Mitch said. Seven. So we’re not going to get you somebody that is not got competition for their business. So the speed to lead it’s still a good idea if you can do it, but if you can’t do it, if you just can’t, if it’s not possible for you, it’s actually not the game-changer.

Jonathon: Well what you got to do is, I want to see if you agree with this. What you got to do is not use it as an excuse for not following through. Because I’ve heard a lot of agents either they got some leads through Mail Right. And because they didn’t do it straight away, they just left them in the system and then left them a couple of days and I think I was not worth offering contacting these people. What a defensive attitude, Robert?

Robert: I think that Mitch`s approach roundabout answers your question. I think that every single person that’s in the business of being a salesperson needs to be a business of being in a marketer. And a marketer knows two things. Number one, it’s not relevant. We need to treat every lead the same. So John, if you have a system in place and you’re going to try to reach every lead, it doesn’t matter what the lead looks like, you should call every single lead with whatever your system is. So if that’s calling within a day, call them within a day, call them within 30 minutes. Never prequalified, never look at the lead and go, it’s this, it’s that. Call them with the same presentation, the same enthusiasm, the same energy that you call all of your leads with. And then get them on the phone each and every single time so that you know what to do with it.

There are a few other statistics, I just want to get through this because he did such an amazing job. And I forgot how good he was. So Mitch also said that there’s one thing that you can do and this is his tip. This is Mitch`s tip. Okay, everybody ready? Don’t text, don’t email, call every day and your results would be 85% better. He actually said that besides our show. Now here’s another statistic that makes that make sense. If you call a lead once every other day for eight days, you’ll reach your prospect 70% of the time. This is not a guy being creative. This is just the guy calling. So if you just simply call the lead, if you make a couple of hours inside your home to be an inside salesperson for all your leads.

So here’s how I interpret those guys. Here’s how to make that actionable. If you want to use Mitch`s tactics, and God, I suggest that you do. Being on the phone with somebody is so much more powerful than text. You have a much better chance of answering objections and rebuttals. If you’re a true sales person text is probably your worst enemy. I hate texts. I hate texts. I want to talk to people. I do not want to text with them. So because how easy is it to blow somebody off by text and then never respond.

Jonathon: The only purpose of texting is you got to get them on the phone. And even if you don’t get them on the phone for that conversation, like what you’ve just said, it’s not going to pan. The texting is the only purpose of the text and is to get them on the phone in it.

Robert: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So that’s the secret. Guys don’t call, don’t text. And here’s the actionable thing. Stay in your house. Schedule a couple of hours every day. Right now it should be easy. So for all of you listening, use COVID as an excuse to change your habits. Get on the phone. Every single sales person that we talk to, every person that’s listening to this show that can hear my voice. You do not have anything to do. You should be on the phone, hammering outcalls, three to four hours a day to set up your pipeline for when covert is done.

That’s what I would be doing. That’s what I am doing with some of my own clients on my own prospects. When I’m not doing the show, when I’m not doing new blogs, I’m actually on the phone with people. And you’d be surprised by how effective it is. So if you can, don’t email, they’ll text call every day and you’ll get 85% better results. And if you mix it with another tip that I’m going to give you right now from another one of our guests, you’re going to have staggeringly good results. Go ahead, John. It looks like you want to say something.

Jonathon: No, keep going.

Robert: All right, so that leads us into a guy that we were so lucky to get on the show, and this is John’s amazing late work. He does 99% of capturing the guests for the show. That’s why it’s his fricking show. I am just the cohost, but the guests that he got this time was a rock star inside the real estate business. Steven Nelly, who by the way for years, ran the there is a word for it, I don’t remember, but he was basically a really big muckety muck for Realogy. And then he moved over to be the chief marketing officer for Bomb-Bomb. And he’s a technologist.

He was an amazing guest. He’s been basically doing and living and breathing real estate marketing now for 20 plus years. He as an incredible resource. And what he did is he got on the show and he shared with us a single tip that was so good that what I did is part of mine. The name of this blog post for those of you who are listening, and now this is my shameless plug, but I’ve done a lot of work, John.

So I hope you love this. This is called real estate podcast legends. That’s the name of this article, and it’s actually seven real estate podcast legends that give us the best money secrets. So it was so good. I actually filmed a tutorial for this one. So not only am I going to tell you about the tip, but if you go to YouTube, there’s an actual tutorial that will show you how to do it. So what Steven did was he shared his tip was something that one single salesperson used to make an eleven million dollars in sales over 90 days. 11 million. You heard us right. Million with an M. So the way that this guy did this, so he took his warm list. That’s the only thing that you need as circle of influence, a warm list. John talks about this all the time, having a contact list, working at nurturing it.

If you’ve got more than a hundred names on the list, you can use this tactic. And honestly, if you have 30, you can use it also, you just won’t have the same basis that this guy is. So that the agent’s name was Jimmy Burgess and the tip was this. He goes to Google earth and he looks up a neighborhood and he uses Google earth to get this cool aerial shot, mini scopes down and he’s using, he’s filming his computer screen with the tool called Bomb-Bomb. That’s what Stephen the chief marketing officer is for. So he films the screen, and then he sends the email by Bomb-Bomb, which is a video email service.

So actually most of the emails really do get open. So they open this email to see this cool aerial shot. See this guy talking about the neighborhood, talking about some other homes that have shown. And the way he’s approached was very gentle from what Steven said. He was just like I just wanted to be of service. Just want to let you know, you know, I’m still in touch with you know that I’m still in tune with what’s happening with your neighborhood. Here are the videos. But anyway, I created a tutorial so that all of you can see exactly what I thought that he did.

Jonathon: He got fantastic results and it is not that difficult to do.

Robert: Nope. Yet another tip, another real estate marketing tip, where honestly any one of these tips by themselves should be able to change your business. Any single one of them I’m giving, it’s insane. You think about it. So tip number six and then we’re going to close out with another one of my favorites. But it might very well be my personal favorite because I’m a content marketer. It’s hard to say, but we had one guy on the list twice, which I already told you, John. And that was a DJ. And DJ actually, no, I’m sorry. We’ve got two more my bad.

So another tip was just listening to the DJ show, keeping it real. And I’m going to breeze right past that because we’re closing in on the, we’re, we’re running through our time. But the last two number one of them now I’ve researched this guy that, and he was another guy that was just kind of his personality, didn’t really shine on the podcast, but when I reviewed him when I really researched him, John, like John Geffen is probably one of the key instrumental parts to benchmarks growth.

So there’s a brokerage out South called benchmark that’s grown from like a hundred to 1200 agents. And the guy that’s director of broker relations is a guy by the name of John Geffen. Once I really researched him, I really strongly believe that John has been instrumental in the brokerages growth. And the reason I say that is he’s one of the best, you know, you have different skillsets when you’re sales managers and things like that. The rarest of all the rare skillsets is an organized marketing type manager who also will produce for you massive sales manuals, brochures and marketing stuff. So when you walk in as a salesperson, you have training manuals to read, you have content, they hand out to your prospects. You’ve got all this stuff that prepares you as a salesperson to make your job incredibly easy and powerful.

John is that guy. He’s one in a million because this dude has written so much stuff. And guess what? He gives it away for free. You heard me right. He also gives it away for free without a registration gateway. No email address, no contact information. So when I give you this following URL and tell you what excited me so much, go get it today? He has a website called do you have a minute book? And if you have an extra 10 or 15 bucks, please buy this guy’s book, please. He is giving you so much value. So do you have a minute, boot.com and on that website you will find the best single piece of content I’ve ever seen created for the real estate marketing industry. And that is a like a thing called the 450 ideas to sell your home faster.

And guys, it’s not just some little list that bullet-pointed, it is literally like it is a worksheet is a workbook that is 50 to 100 pages long that you can send out to any single one of your clients. And it goes through room by room, backyard .and it has 15 or 20 ideas with the vendors to go get this stuff for those ideas. And then a list in a sheet Mark the ideas that you used off. So it’s literally a, here’s where you go, here’s what you do. And by the way, check it off while you’re doing it. It’s an incredible piece of content. I asked him if I could license it and he didn’t really say yes, but he’s left it up on his website for free, which means that I don’t have to take it from him. You can go take it from them. And that is an incredible opportunity.

Jonathon: Yeah. Can we leave your final most powerful one to bonus content? And they have to go to the Mail Right website and look at it. Are you okay with that? Or shall we just glare over the fence? What do you want to do?

Robert: Whatever you want.

Jonathon: Just go for the bonus. And if you want to find out the final most powerful, the one that really clicked the most with Robert, you’re going to have to go and watch the video, the whole thing. Or fast forward to the last five, 10 minutes, which you’ll be able to see on the Mail Right website. So let`s close up this podcast. So Robert, what’s the best way for people to find out more about you and what you’re up to?

Robert: So guys, I’m super proud of this piece of work. John and I both put a lot of work to basically get this content as we both have. This is a hundred hours of our time. And I’m not going to close with how to reach me. I’m going to ask everybody to Google seven real estate podcast legends giveaway their money moneymaking secrets. Just Google it because it will be there, I promise you. And go look at that blog post. You’ll figure out how to get ahold of me if you want to.

Jonathon: And I’m going to wrap it up myself. So just go to find out the final most impressive of the seven insights about how to make you a more effective real estate agent. Go to the Mail Right website. We’ll be back next week. We’ve got a fantastic guest next week. Got some more guests coming up? Just join us, learn more, become a more effective real estate agent. We will see you next week, folks. Bye.



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