#180 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Beatty Carmichael

We have a special friend of the show back on Beatty Carmichael of the “Get Sellers Calling You” podcast and we going to be discussing the best practices for getting more listing in 2019.

We Discuss The Best Practices to Consistently Get More Listings 2019!

Jonathon: Welcome back folks to the Mail Right Show. This is episode 180. We have got a friend of the show back. We got Beatty Carmichael. He’s does a fantastic podcast, Get Sellers Calling You. And also he is the head of Master Grabber. Beatty, would you like to quickly introduce yourself to the listeners and viewers?

Beatty: Sure I would. Thank you very much. Yeah, so I’m the creator of the podcast, Get Sellers Calling You. You can also see our website getsellerscallingyou.com. And we work with real estate agents and helping them increase the sellers and sales from their personal contacts. And actually guarantee 34 sales from the list of 200 personal contacts or give their money back.

Jonathon: Oh, that’s great. Alright great. And I got my great cohost. Would you like to introduce yourself to the new listeners and viewers Robert?

Robert: Sure. My name is Robert Newman. I am the founder of Inbound Real Estate Marketing and I do a lot of reviews on real estate technology. You can find those on my website inboundrem.com.

Jonathon: I just want to thank the new listeners and viewers. We’ve had a good run lately, getting over a couple of thousand people downloading the show every month which is good news. So our agreed subject was the best practices to consistently get more listings in 2019. And am sure our listeners and viewers want to do that. So how are we going to start the conversation? Where do you want to go with this?

Beatty: Probably let’s start at the beginning of if you’re going to be starting to drive in sellers and get more listings, where do you start? And the first place is obviously a personal list. So maybe we can just start on the personal list and a few things you can do on that.

Jonathon: Yeah, that sounds great. Off you go.

Beatty: Okay, great. So first off, a personal list is that list of people that you know. And what I find with most agents is they try to prequalify list. Don’t do that. What you’re looking for is very simply make a list of everyone who knows you that if they were to see you on the street, they go, Hi Jill, or hi Beatty. And that becomes your personal list and here’s why it’s so important. Those people who know you already, they already know and like you. They are 8 to 10 times more likely to do business with you than someone who hasn’t met you yet. So if you’re trying to drive in more business from sellers or buyers that are the place to start first.

Beatty: And so make a list of one of the things that if you’re just getting started. if you think about the old time yellow pages, you know, you have like accountant, actuarial, Baker, chiropractor just goes through those types of topical indexes and think of who do I know that`s an accountant? Who do I know that’s a baker? Who do I know that’s a chiropractor? And build your list. And that’s going to be the first start in getting that direction.

Jonathon: And it’s so important. And am going to guess that so many agents that are reasonably successful but have not really concentrated on building this fundamental list. And it’s so important, isn’t it?

Beatty: It is. I was talking just a short while ago, one of our clients. He is a 30 plus year agent. Does $18 million a year in volume and he’s in this coaching program. And so the coach got all their coaching clients together, which are all very similar to this person. And they went around the group and asked in 2018, where did most of your business come from? And you want to take a guess as to where the majority of their business came from?

Jonathon: Their list?

Beatty: Their personal list. Exactly. And so that’s how top producers are getting there and sustaining their business. Then whether you’re a top producer or whether you’re just getting started, that’s the number one place that you will get the most business from if you simply work it right.

Jonathon: And in some ways it’s a little easier, isn’t it? You got your smart phone; you got your Facebook people that are following you on Facebook. Various computer people. The ability for you to generate this. This is in some ways a lot easier, isn’t it?

Beatty: It is. So you know, you got most people already had their Facebook with all their friends. So all you have to do, it’s real simple now having a list. I was talking to one client and I was asking me how many people do you have on your list? 400 people. Great. How many of those have mailing? Contact with them. And so as you’re building your list, just go through and either text them or message them through Facebook and say, Hey John, what’s your mailing address?

Or if you’re missing an email address, what’s your email address? And just go through and systematically start to build it. But what you want is you want their name a phone number or a mailing address and an email address because if you’re going to touch your list properly, you’re going to touch it with some phone calls periodically and just be personal. You’re going to send them something in the mail. You’ll probably should put them on some sort of an email system, so you just need multiple ways just to kind of touch them so that you’ve now we’re able to communicate with them.

Jonathon: Yeah. You just touched upon what I was going to ask you. The follow up question, you know, after you got your list, what you do with it? But you’ve already touched that. But I think another good question is have you got any advice of how you might follow through, the follow through that you just described really a habit? Because I think a lot of agents get into training mythologies with all the goodwill, but after a few weeks the new habits breakdown. They don’t follow through. So have you got any tips, insights about how you make this kind of mythologies of regular follow through on your personal list really effective?

Beatty: Yeah, I do because I’ve actually just come through that personally with something we’ve done in our business, so excuse me. We put together on our end are basically a list of clients that we want to be following up with. And how do you do it? So what I had to do for me, and this is the simple way that I would suggest it, is hopefully you have a to do list that you make every morning or the night before. So you know the target of what you have to do for that day. And what stays a permanent item on my to do list that I keep putting at the top is to touch. So as long as you keep it in front of you, then you’re going to be more likely to do it. The other thing is when you’re touching, you know, a lot of times agents asked me, well, what do you do when you touch?

Beatty: Well, the first thing you do is you just stay a friend. If you know their birthday or an anniversary date or if you know their children’s birth date or anything like that. Then that gives you a reason to just pick up the phone and call. You may miss them, but leave a voicemail message or write a handwritten note. Hey, you know, understand it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday to you. Sorry I missed you, but I was just thinking about you. When you do a personal touch, it goes a long ways. So when you do this reminder for you.

Then also in your calendar on anything that special with any of these contacts, put a reminder in your calendar, always prompt you on that day. These contacts have birthdays or anniversaries or maybe someone that bought a home from you or sells their home and it’s kind of a transaction anniversary. Make the list so that it prompts you and then the most important thing is you got to be diligent to do it that day. Because if you kick it down the road a day, you’ll kick it down the next day and before long you’re not touching anyone.

Jonathon: Right. Robert, have you got a question?

Robert: Nope, just nodding and agreeing. No question.

Beatty: So let me share one other thing on that too, if I may. So not all touches are the same. And so when you’re marketing to your personal list are really two things that you’re doing. Number one is your staying personal with them as a friend. Because people do business with people they like. But the other that’s really important is that you have to let them know, not only that you’re a real estate agent, but that you’re an agent who is selling homes.

And so here’s the kind of the scenario I like to suggest. Most people out there know many real estate agents. Okay? So you’re competing against other real estate agents that your friends know. So if you were to put two agents, if I’m thinking about selling my house or buying. And I have two agents that I know, if I know one is cost time and only know that the other one is an agent, but I don’t know how active they are. Which of those agents am I going to most likely choose?

Jonathon: I would have thought you’re going to choose the one that shows that they are very active in the market.

Beatty: Yeah, exactly. So how do you show that you’re active in the market? It’s real simple. You always show off your sales to your list. So the first thing on your list with that mailing address, you ought to be sending them. Just send postcards every time you make a sale, okay? Unless you’re making more than 15 or 20 sales a year and then you maybe cap at a certain level. If you don’t have many sales right now because you’re kind of a newer agent, then every time you make a sale, you show it off. Every time you get a listing, you send out a new listing. You send out an open house, you said send out a under contract and then you send out a just sold. So you can get multiple touches showing off your successes from just a few sales. But what that does psychologically in your friends, mine says this person’s really active. And it keeps you top of mind as that agent who’s actually out there doing stuff.

Jonathon: Yeah. I and Robert have being touching the subject there about being super local and we’re going to be talking about it in February. But it’s all kind of linked, isn’t it? Beatty impulsive besides we’ve been talking about doing videos about the local market specializing in a particular type of customer or particular Geo area in your local region. And then what you’re talking about is reinforcing that with success messages of success. But also would you agree with me that you should be also fulfilling that with content that proves your competence in your interested in that market?

Beatty: Yes, very much so because I just finished doing a video with one of our clients on something very similar. And so as you’re doing these videos that show that you’re an expert in the market. The other thing I would encourage that you do is that you share some of your expertise on how to either buy a house at the lowest rate so you get the greatest value. Or if you’re selling a house, things you can do to increase the sales price and the value. Because then as people watched your video, they’re not just seeing your expertise on the market in general, but they’re seeing your expertise in the transaction. Things that you do that you recommend your clients to do that will get them the best value when they’re buying a home. Like one of my when we bought the home that I’m in now. It’s on a private drive.

Beatty: There are a couple of other homes and the private drive was kind of in bad condition. So we’re able to negotiate down the sales price even further by taking that into account. And when you net it all out, it really helped us financially to then have money to do other things that we needed to. So talk about your expertise in the negotiation to get that sales price down and some things you can do. But also on the flip side, for those people who may be, may have a home and would think about selling, give them some tips that you find are most effective in getting the most money for that home. When they actually do put it on the market. Now they’re seeing you as an expert in the market place, but they’re also seeing you an expert and being able to help the transaction in their favor.

Jonathon: Yeah. I also think how busy you are you going to get in the habit of doing a video walk through of a new house that you’re trying to sell for a client. And also do a after sell walk through after you sold the house and talk about the actual process of selling the house. And people just love seeing houses and the stories around the buying and selling of houses. They just love it don’t they?

Beatty: They do. And if you had a chance when you’re doing those walkthrough videos, let me encourage you to maybe do a walkthrough video before it goes on the market. What I’ll call it kind of the current lived in state. And you might even do this with your client. Walk through video. I recommend you make these updates here and here and maybe paint this room. And then after you sold the house, or when it’s on the market, you can do a second walk through and now you have a comparison. Now what happens is people get to see your expertise and taken a home that looks lived in and making it look brand new.

Or if you don’t have that luxury but you deal walk through after the fact, then point out those things that you guided the homeowner on. That the homeowner then took your advice because now what this is telling the viewer is you’re the expert. They took your advice and because of that, they sell their home for top dollar. And that’s what they’re looking for. Ultimately with a realtor, can you get the most money for my home? And that’s how you can use those walkthrough videos to do that.

Jonathon: Oh, it’s great stuff. We’re going to go for a break folks. But when we come back, we’re going to be discussing more of this great content. With Beatty Carmichael. And I’m sure it’s going to be fantastic and give you some great ideas to start your 2019 really great. We will be back in a few moments’ folks.

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Jonathon: We’re coming back. I’m feeling a little bit chirpier than the past couple of weeks. As you know, listeners, I’ve been struggling with a bad cough. But I feel more my cheerful self. Aren`t I Robert?

Robert: Yeah, you’re stretching your stuff today. I’m enjoying it.

Jonathon: He is enjoying it. Oh dear. Alright, I must be into trouble. Beatty, so you know, we talked a bit about videos. We’ve talked about this initial list, that people know you in the community. And you keep that list tight to you. We’ve talked about the power of video. Now we’re going to move the conversation. What’s the next topic that you would like to introduce to the listeners and viewers?

Beatty: I like to talk about where I think real low hanging through that a lot of realtors totally miss it. They do it all the time, but they don’t know how to turn it into generating more listings as well and that’s the open house. So have y’all had any conversations on open houses before?

Jonathon: Constantly. It’s been a constant discussion I have had with agents that are not beginners. Say they’re in their second to fourth year. They are looking to really move their business on to the next level. The people, the top producers that they see in their offices and they get very dismissive of open houses. Because they are introduced to very negative attitudes by their fellow agents. The more experienced agents that open houses are just time wasters. And I totally disagree with that attitude completely. What do you presumed that you agree with me because that’s why you brought it up.

Beatty: Actually, I agree with those other agents. Open houses are absolute time-wasters unless you do it right. Okay, so you got to look at why are you doing the open house and so here is what happens. Those more tenured agents, top per hire producers, they don’t want to go sit in a house for two or three hours on a Saturday or Sunday and waste their time and fiddle on their phone trying to sell house. Because you don’t sell houses that much, that way people find the house on the Internet and then they strategically come. But the great thing, and this is what most agents lose sight of what the open house, the open house is a way to generate new seller leads. And if you do it right, it’s going to take a little bit of effort. But here’s. Before I go there, let me just ask a question to you guys. If you could spend four hours to pick up a new listing, is it worth it?

Jonathon: Yes.

Beatty: Yeah, absolutely. So spend four hours. You spend two hours before the open house door knocking the neighborhood as many houses as you can. You have a flyer about the open house is going to have your information on an even if this is an open house that someone else’s listing, but you’re doing the open house on. And you go and introduce yourself. Hey, I’m Beatty Carmichael and with such and such realty company. And I don’t know if you know it or not, but we had this house that we’re doing an open house right around the corner for me and I’d love to invite you, especially if you guys are thinking about selling is important to see what houses in the neighborhood are going for, how they’re fixed up.

And it’ll give you a lot of ideas. Maybe some things you can do with your house as well. If you know someone that is thinking about moving into a neighborhood, you know a lot of times about a third of the buyers are invited by friends that want their friends in the neighborhood. Please call some of your friends, but here’s a flyer and hopefully I’ll see you.

Jonathon: Okay, can I just say something? I think it’s fantastic. I’m struggling here, but I’m some celebrating in what you’ve just said, but you can use Facebook to also promote the open house. Like five, six days before the open house. It should be an event you’re inferior when you are a real estate agent. You’re in the entertainment business, the local entertainment business in the way. So you want a good open house. You know, you want some nipples; you want no alcohol, but a nice coffee. You want either it wants to be a friendly vibe. And you want to get people’s details when they come to the open house; it needs to be an event. Would you agree with that?

Beatty: Yeah. It needs to be any event. I look at it as more than just an event. It is a prospecting tool defined to find sellers initially. So you want to promote it everywhere you can because when you’re promoting it on Facebook, what happens is you’re showing everyone on Facebook that you’re an active agent. That’s important. When you promote it to all your friends, you’re letting them know, I am selling homes. I go out and I do open houses. That’s going to help sell your home because that’s what homeowner thanks. Okay, but the real key is when you go meet the neighbors, because if you think about circle farming concept with the around every home that goes on the market and sells within a few months, within 50 homes, there’s usually another home that goes on the market. But you don’t know who they are. But if you go and knock on the doors, okay, you leave a flyer for those that aren’t there; you leave a flyer for those that are there.

Beatty: Then what you’re doing is you’re basically saying, and this is what I was talking about, if you’re thinking about selling, you need to see what your competition is doing. You need to save what people are looking at, what prices are in this neighborhood and how people are fixing up their homes. So I’m giving that homeowner reasons to come look at the house. Because in their mind they’re thinking about going on the market in a few months. So now when I get a neighbor to come through the house, in almost all cases, that person is thinking about selling and now I’m able to build a relationship, get their information, and now I can follow up. And here’s my first comment. Once someone has met you and they know you and they put a name and a face and a personality and they like you, they are eight to 10 times more likely to do business with you than someone who’s never met you. So simply by doing two hours of door knocking and then bring in whoever that is into the open house. Now you got an opportunity to build that relationship and then pick up that listing.

Jonathon: I am amazed at the amount of open houses that I go to that the agent hasn’t even gotten any handouts. They haven’t even got reports buyer about themselves. About how many houses they sold the year before. What type of clients they like to work with? They have nothing. They don’t even make sure they got handouts.

Beatty: You know why?

Robert: Go ahead and reply, but I’m going to jump in right after you though Beatty.

Beatty: Okay, a great little book called Rhinoceros Success. And it talks about cows and rhinos. And cows follow the crowd. They don’t have any idea why they’re doing it. Rhinos follow their beat to their own drum. And what happens with most realtors is they simply do what they see everyone else doing. And they never think about it that says why do you do it that way and how can I work smarter and not harder? And that’s why they do it. My sister in law, she’s not watching this video. She is a new agent and she’s doing everything that other people tell her to do following the crowd. But she’s not doing anything that really makes it more effective, more efficient and drive in more business because agents aren’t marketers. That’s a big reason.

Robert: Yeah. So there are a few things that I’m going to add to that. Number one I’ve been in sales 30 years. And here’s one thing that’s true of anything real estate. In any sales office, sales environment. Most of the time, the person that you can’t talk to, the person that you don’t see the person that would be most impactful. Top producers, like every time I’ve always been the top producer, we’re somewhere close to it in every office. I don’t have any interest in training new guys unless I’m going to be paid for it. And the company never wants to pay for it. So I’m never around. I’ve never actually physically there to do it nor do I sit next to them and half the time I’m out the door selling my own business and doing my own thing. And the same thing is 10 times as true in real estate. Because a lot of top notch real estate professionals, they don’t even go to the office. They don’t sit on the sales floor, they’re not at the open houses, and you can’t see what they’re doing to address what Beatty said about cows. In terms of open houses because we keep talking about them.

Robert: And there’s a lot of conversation. So I totally agree with what Beatty said about knocking on the door. And what I also suggest is that you make a micro business plan when it comes to the way that you approach an open house. And what I mean by that is take spreadsheet, take a list, and then simply go down and say, these are the things that I am going to do for every open house that I ever approached. One of those things, by the way, I do love every idea that Beatty had. But another idea is to do open house signup sheet. If worked right, an open house can add 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50, medium to low warm contacts to your list. This is something that Beatty keeps talking about over and over again. So you want to walk in mentally prepared.

Robert: It’s worth it to create a strategy to create a good value exchange for somebody’s signing your open house list. And what could that be? There could be pens; it could be any number of small giveaways. Something that you’ve spent ten cents to a dollar on. In order to get them to sign something or give you their information. It can be exclusive information about the house. It could simply be an attitude of assumption, which is what I like to tell my clients to use. Which is simple, you walk through the door; you walk up to them and simply hand them the sheet and hand them the pen. Nine times out of 10, most people will understand what you’re doing. And understand that you’ve taken your time to set the environment up for them.

And they won’t question the fact that they actually have to write down their name, email address, and telephone number. Thus you get every single name and number of the person that walks into the door and the open house. So I agree with what both of you said that open houses are valuable. I think they’re wildly valuable and I think somebody with a little bit of an initiative can’t just, won’t just get one or two leads; they’ll get a whole bunch of them that they can then add into their CRM.

Jonathon: We are going to end the podcast part of the show. Hopefully Beatty will stay on for an extra 10 minutes because I’ve got something controversial to say in the bonus content. I just want to see if Beatty agrees with. Beatty what’s the best way for people get in contact with you or learn more about you and your company services?

Beatty: Best way is to go to our website at getsellerscallingyou.com. That’s where all my training, everything I know about marketing is there. To learn more about the service that we provide and how we guarantee sales for people. Or you can go to agentdominator.com and check us out there.

Jonathon: And he said some great stuff and it was a great podcast folks. Robert, how can people find out more about you and what your team is up to?

Robert: They can go to inboundrem.com and there’s tons of content there, so.

Jonathon: There certainly is. We’ll see you next week folks. Hopefully we will have an expert or we will be discussing a subject that might make you start thinking a bit differently. And make sure in 2019 you really dominate your local market. We’ll see you next week folks. Bye


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