#165 Mail-Right Show We Discuss the Power of Facebook Advertisement Platform

#165 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Mojca Zove: We Discuss the Power of Facebook Advertisement Platform

Mojca Zove (previously Mars) is the owner of Super Spicy Media and a Facebook Ads Expert that helps +7-figure companies generate leads and increase profits with Facebook Ads.

She’s the author of The Facebook Ads Manual, a book that helped hundreds of people launch their first successful Facebook Advertising campaign. She recently launched her online video course The Science of Facebook Ads.

She’s an international speaker. She appeared on MicroConf, Double Your Freelancing Conference, Seanwes Conf, BaconBiz and others.

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Jonathan: Welcome back folks to the Mail-Right Show. It’s episode 165. I haven’t got my co-host with me in this episode. He’s away on a business trip. But I’ve also got a fantastic special guest. She’s a real friend of the show and that’s Mojca Zove and I probably destroyed her Christian name which I do with regularity, don’t I dear, but you seem to cope with it well. Would you like to quickly introduce yourself to the listeners and viewers first and we will delve into our great subject.

Mojca: Yeah, absolutely. So, I own a Boutique Facebook ads agency called Super Spicy Media and I actually started with Facebook ads after I got fired from my previous job which was, I was a copywriter at an advertising agency and since the people at the advertising agency weren’t really interested in Facebook ads and I really pushed for it, they basically fired me and I ended up going my own and I’ve grown my agency from scratch pretty much. But now, I consult to seven-plus figure companies on how to use Facebook ads. I implement Facebook advertising strategies for them, I design the visuals, I write the copy for them and I also have a book, I have a video course and that’s how I pretty much got started and how I came to where I am today.

Jonathan: Oh, that’s great. So, we discussed before the show our audience are mostly Real Estate Agents, but I wanted you to come on this particular show because you’re a real expert on Facebook advertisement. How do you feel that Real Estate Agents, what are they missing out by not really understanding about the power of Facebook advertising and how they could use it to really help their business Mojca?

Mojca: So, one thing is location targeting. I know a couple of good Real Estate Agents that implement fantastic Facebook advertising strategies and they work really well. But there are a lot of Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Agencies that just want to play around with Facebook ads a little bit, but they don’t know exactly how to implement and who to target. So, the number one thing that they’re getting wrong most of the time is location targeting and they’re targeting these big audiences of half a million people that are basically not their target audience. So, the first thing that they need to do is pretty much define who their target audience actually is, how old are they, where did they live, what’s their income, are they currently in the market for buying a new house, new home and that’s where you get started. So, first is just defining your target audience and then basically doing location targeting. The whole of the United States is definitely not a good target audience. It’s too big. But just narrowing that down with interest and behaviors is a good way to get started.

Jonathan: Yeah. I totally agree. But on the other hand, you don’t want the audience to be too small because then, Facebook, am I correct, you’re the expert, I have people help me with my company with this. On the other hand, if the audience is too small, it’s basically Facebook’s technology can’t really help you, I’m looking for the right word here, optimize the advert. So, would you agree that you need a balance between too small and too large, really?
Mojca: Yes, absolutely. So, if you have a target pool of 1,000 people, it’s definitely too small. But if you’re launching a campaign and your potential audience is let’s say, 10 million people or even 5 million people strong, that is definitely too broad so we need to narrow that down. You have to look for that sweet spot and you can find that sweet spot through experimentation and A/B testing and trying new things basically.

Jonathan: Yeah. Obviously, if you’re in a large city, a large urban area, let’s say, for example, Dallas, finding the right balance isn’t probably going to be a problem. Your problem’s probably going to be cost per lead really. But let’s say you’re in an average medium, large to small city that say, got a population of 250,000 with maybe suburbs, with some surrounding suburbs. So, you might be looking at a total population of half a million in total. How do you deal with that scenario?

Mojca: So, I would start by doing some inquiries in terms of who your current audience is and just asking a little bit about their interests and where they come from and those locations that you get through those interviews are the locations that you can target as you move forward. I would also, if you’re a Real Estate Agent listening to this or looking at this, you might also be interested in looking into Lookalike audiences because that’s a good way to get started. So Lookalike audiences is basically creating a brand new audience based off of your existing audience such as your website visitors or your existing leads or your customers. So, what you can do is you can upload that list of people to Facebook, create a Lookalike audience out of it and that Lookalike audience is going to be a lot bigger than if, for example, if you live in a smaller city or suburbs or something like that.

Jonathan: Yeah. Especially if, am I correct? I’m just going to make this statement and then I want to put a couple other questions about Lookalike audience to you. I’m just going to say to the audience. This isn’t actually that, it sounds a bit techy here but it’s actually not that difficult. You’ve just got to do it a few times. First of all, when you import that list, am I correct in saying that the email, you can either use phone number or email, but you can’t mix both. You can either choose the email address or the phone number. And secondly, they’ve got to match up with either a phone number or the email that the individual utilized to sign up for their Facebook account. Am I right about those two things?

Mojca: Kind of. So, right now, the more information you have on your email list of people that you already have, so that’s email and a phone number and country where they live in and email and last name. The more information you have, the better your list is going to be. The more information you have, the better can Facebook basically match those people on your email list to actual Facebook profiles. For example, you have an email that’s maybe a work email, but then, you have a phone number, you have a first and last name, you have a country, Facebook is going to have a much easier job of matching that first name, last name to an actual profile than if you wouldn’t have a correct phone number, for example, if you know what I’m saying. So, the more information you have, the better it is. Now, when you create those lists of people on Facebook, you can do all of it. So, you can do first name, last name, country, you can do phone number, email, all of that all together. So, it’s not this or that, but you can upload everything and Facebook is going to create a custom audience based on that information.

Jonathan: So the more info you can give them on these people, the more that Facebook is going to, you’re going to have more of that list being imported into your Lookalike list basically.

Mojca: Absolutely. And with Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Agencies, they collect a lot of information, so you definitely have phone numbers and country of residence and so on. So, absolutely. The more you have, the better it is.

Jonathan: That’s cleared that one up. Then you import the list and then it gives the option, but this is a changing scenario because obviously, Facebook is changing this all the time. At one stage, they didn’t offer you, when you could select a Lookalike audience, they didn’t give you a lot of options around what that Lookalike audience was going to be. Am I correct that really, for their technology to work, that you really need a list of 1,000 plus?

Mojca: Oh, no. Oh, no. You need at least 100 people. The more people you have on your list, the better it is because you have a larger sample of people that Facebook can analyze. But if you have even 100 email leads and if you upload that to Facebook and create a Lookalike audience out of that, it’s going to work. So, you need at least 100 people, but with 100 people, you can definitely make it work.

Jonathan: Oh, thanks for clearing that up because I was listening to other people and they saying the list, but I will go with you because I know that you know what you’re talking about. So, I’ll go with your statements. So, that’s great. So, with a small list, it will still work. The bigger the list, it’s better, but it will still work with 100 persons as well. Thanks for that. So, on to the other thing. Can you zero in to this Lookalike audience? Can you select a specific city, a specific area? What are some of the things or do you just get a broad selection and you’ve just got to let Facebook work it out basically?

Mojca: So, you can do countries, that’s for sure and you can do broader areas such as European Economic Area, for example, and you can do countries as well. But in terms of location, you have limited possibilities. For example, if you do location targeting the traditional way, you can basically drop a pin and Facebook is going to create an audience within a radius of that pin. But with Lookalike audiences, it’s a little bit more limiting because Facebook does want to create a Lookalike audience of people that are actually going to be interested in what you have to sell and what you have to offer. If people were able to really pinpoint the location down, Facebook wouldn’t be actually successful at doing that. So, it’s a bit broader, but everything is for your purpose basically to achieve your goal. But what you can is if you create a Lookalike audience from the whole of the United States, once you start creating a campaign, you can still narrow that audience down to a specific city and you can basically solve that.

Jonathan: Yeah. So, don’t get intimidated. The reason why I bring that up is I knew the answer anyway, but I wanted you to confirm because you’re the expert. Because a lot of people stop at that because they get intimidated. They don’t realize that as soon as they import it in Facebook, they can narrow it down a bit more.

Mojca: Oh, yeah.

Jonathan: And also, it’s really about the quality of your list really, isn’t it, that you’ve imported in, isn’t it?

Mojca: Yeah, it’s true. So, when I work with clients, we mostly create Lookalike audiences out of existing customers because that’s the qualified list and definitely our email subscribers. It’s a much bigger pool of people that we have, but not all of them are qualified to become our paying customers. But if we upload a list of paying customers to Facebook and then create a Lookalike audience out of that list, that Lookalike audience is definitely going to be far more qualified than a Lookalike audience created out of just general email subscribers.

Jonathan: Right. We’re going to go for our break. We’ll be back in a few moments folks. We’re going to delving some more into custom lists, Facebook advertising, anything to do with that. We’ll be back in a few moments folks.

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Jonathan: We’ve been having a fascinating conversation with Mojca. So, the other factor about this custom list business is that, let’s get back to my example, Dallas, a very large metropolitan city. I think the population is between 3 and 5 million. There’ll be a lot of competition to purchase space on Facebook, won’t there? So a custom audience, can it have an effect on the cost of the advert and the cost of purchasing a quality lead basically?

Mojca: Definitely. So, the more advertisers you have advertising to that specific area, the costier your ad might be. But if you are good at Facebook Advertising and if you know where to start and if you have some sort of strategy, you have a really good chance of your costs being quite low. It’s definitely still a lot lower than any other advertising channels, so it speak. But I wouldn’t have that discourage you from advertising because there are a lot of advertisers who are not doing a good enough of a job, even if they’re targeting Dallas. But if you’re the one that has a strategy, that’s doing a good job, your ad might be cheaper than other advertisers targeting the same area.

Jonathan: Yeah. I think that’s a great point you’re making here because obviously they’re there to make money and they’re doing quite a good of that, but they want the people that they advertise to, to be relevant to the audience.

Mojca: Yeah.

Jonathan: They want signs of engagement, that the actual adverts to the target audience are relevant and they’re getting engagement and those that can show that, they will give a reduced rate compared to other people. 

Mojca: Yes. 
Jonathan: So it’s not just an auction that the highest buyer will get. Is that correct, isn’t it

Mojca: It’s absolutely correct. So, the more relevant your ad is and you can see the relevancy score yourself in Facebook analytics and the more relevant your ad is, the cheaper it’s going to be for you to advertise to those people because naturally what Facebook wants to do is, Facebook wants its users to stay on Facebook for a longer period of time and the consequence of that is they want to show the right ads to the right people. Because if they see the right ads, if they see the ads that are relevant to them, if they engage with those ads, they’re going to stay on Facebook for a longer period of time and that’s Facebook’s goal. So, you made a great point. The more relevant your ad is, the more engaging it is, the cheaper it’s going to be for you to advertise to those people and to that location in particular.

Jonathan: What are some of the factors that you’ve found with the high-end? You’ve done a lot of Facebook advertising for people, haven’t you? 

Mojca: Yeah.

Jonathan: Obviously, video has increasingly become popular, but also, if you’re going to utilize image, is the image still very important in the success of the advert? Also, what’s the balance between long-form copy in the advert and shorter copy in the advert? Is it too many variables or are you finding long-form copy more effective?

Mojca: That is a great question because I have done so many experiments with long-form copy versus short-form copy and I’ve been doing those experiments ever since I started just seeing people using very long-form copy on Facebook ads and whenever I check the engagement rate, it was quite high. What if I start using that for my clients? What will happen? So, what we did multiple times is we had like three to five different visuals and then we had one short-form copy and one long-form copy. And whatever we did, whatever we promoted, long-form copy always performed better than short-form copy. And like I said, I’ve literally done hundreds of experiments like that, but long-form copy always outperformed the short-form one. So, what I would really encourage all the listeners to do is do the same thing.

So, even if you have one image or two images, when you’re launching your next campaign, create two sets of copy, one being a very short one, let’s say up to three sentences, that’s it, maybe five and the second on being a very long one. So, multiple paragraphs, just break it down. Don’t just write one long paragraph, but break that down into multiple paragraphs and run that ad copy. It can be very salesy. So, with my clients, whenever we promote their services or whenever we promote their products, our copy is very salesy. It’s sales page like. It’s a long, long-form, but it works really, really well. Make sure to include a strong call to action at the bottom.

Literally, say to them what you want your users, your audience to do and I assure you that is going to perform a lot better than a short-form one. But in terms of visuals, so your question before we started talking about the copy, what I would really recommend, especially to Real Estate Agents, is just to start using video. You don’t need a lot. All you need to do that successfully is your mobile phone which has a camera. And what I would do is when you’re promoting a new house or a new home or a new apartment, just go there, take a short video, walk through the apartment, walk through the house and then advertise that. It’s going to be a lot more engaging than a traditional image or a traditional design with, I don’t know, let’s a house or something like that on the image because people will literally watch that video and kind of feel themselves be right there in that apartment, in that house. So that’s one thing that I definitely recommend trying.

Jonathan: And also, I’m going to expand on that because I think you’re totally correct on that. Placing that video, is it real sign to Facebook that it’s a possibility that’s an advert that’s going to get some real engagement so the actual cost in the auction is going down by just the fact that you’ve got a video?

Mojca: Oh, yeah. Videos tend to outperform images in every single way. Whenever we, again, we did hundreds of experiments and video outperformed every single time. It’s the content that Facebook also wants to promote a little bit more because they do want to compete with YouTube and they do want to become a video platform and they’re doing everything in their power in order to become that. So now, just recently, they introduced this feature called Watchlist. It’s similar to YouTube. So whenever you see a video that you want to watch but you don’t have the time to watch right there and then, you just click Save to Watchlist and you have a Watchlist full of videos that you can watch. They have a separate video page nowadays where you can browse through different videos on Facebook and choose what you want to watch in that moment. So, Facebook is promoting that content a lot more. It is cheaper to use a video in your ads than to use an image.

Jonathan: Just a quick scenario. Let’s say you’re a Real Estate and you’ve got a property for sale that’s really in your target niche. Either that niche is controlled by are or by the type of person that’s selling the property. So you’re representing them. So you do a quick video and then you say set up a landing page and you have a lead magnet that, let’s say, gives you the 10 Tips for Preparing Your House if you’re thinking of selling. Is that a good set up? So, you’ve got that quick video, you’ve got some text and then you’ve got that landing page with that lead magnet. Is that something you would recommend still to people?

Mojca: Yeah. That’s a great point. So lead magnets will work very, very well on Facebook, especially when using an objective called Lead Ads and that a special objective where Facebook doesn’t need to visit. You don’t even need a landing page to collect a lead. But all they need to do is they click sign up in their Newsfeed and kind of confirm their email, that’s already automatically collected by Facebook through the email they signed with on Facebook. So they just make a couple of clicks and you automatically collect lead even if you don’t have a landing page. So you don’t need a landing page to do that. And I would definitely recommend using that approach themselves because it’s really easy to set up and it’s really, really effective. You can get leads like up to $4, if it’s a good campaign or even less than that if it’s really, really, if you used really good targeting and good ad copy and so on. So, absolutely I would recommend that approach.

Jonathan: Well, actually, if you’re up to staying with us for another 10 minutes, I’d like to delve into that specific area after we finish the podcast part of the show, which listeners and viewers, you’ll be able to see it on the Mail-Right website, the whole interview. But for now, because you’re offering, you’ve got a great offer for the listeners and viewers and also, I want to give you the opportunity because you’ve got some great new courses around. Everything we’ve just discussed that you’re offering and I highly recommend that you take one of Mojca’s courses because she really knows her stuff. So, did you want to give us some info about what your, latest course and what you’re offing to the Mail-Right listeners?

Mojca: Yeah, absolutely. So recently, I launched a course called The Science of Facebook Ads because everything that we talked about today is basically Science. All the targeting aspect and location targeting and audiences and custom audiences is all just pretty much Scientific things that we are talking about and everything that we talked today is included in the course as well. So everything to setting up a lead ad to setting up Lookalike audiences and how to effectively do that, how to effectively design your ad, how to edit the videos for your ad and so on. And I’m offering all of the listeners 50 percent off for my email course and you can find my, not email course, video course. And you can find that video course on thescienceoffacebookads.com. The coupon code is Mail-Right and I’m going to actually send you, after we do this, I’m going to send you the specific links to that discount as well so you can include them in the show notes. So, if you want to check that out too after the podcast, that would be great.

Jonathan: That’s a great offer and I highly recommend it to my listeners and viewers. That’s very generous of you. I really appreciate you doing that. So, if people want to find out more about you, in general, what’s the best ways of doing that basically?

Mojca: Absolutely. What I would encourage every single listener to do if they had any questions, if they’re in need of advice, if they don’t know if they set custom audiences up right or Lookalike audiences, they can email me at mojca, so that’s M – O – J – C – A@superspicemedia.com or they can visit superspicemedia.com and read any of my articles that I have there or reach out to me on Twitter @mojcamars, so that’s M – O – J – C – A – M – A – R – S. I’m replying to each and every email that comes into my inbox. Sometimes it takes me a few days to reply, but I definitely get back to every single person.

Jonathan: Thanks for that Mojca. You’ve been a champ with my terrible pronunciation of your Christian name. You’re used to it now.

Mojca: I’m having a lot of fun listening to that actually. 

Jonathan: So, we’re going to wrap up the podcast part of the show, but we’re going to continue the discussion afterward for about 10 minutes. We’ll be back next week. Hopefully, we’re going to be talking to an experienced Real Estate Agent about what’s been successful for them on their online marketing campaigns and hopefully, my co-host Robert will be back and we’ll be having a great discussion. And we’ll see you next week folks. Thanks a lot. Bye.


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