#135-Mail-Right-Show We Talk to sales legend Ryan Stewman better known as “The Hardcorecloser

We Talk to sales legend Ryan Stewman better known as “The Hardcorecloser” we discuss what works if you a real estate agent looking for quality leads and what doesn’t work in 2018!

Here’s A Short Intro Bio By Ryan

yan Stewman better known as "The HardcorecloserFirst, I write my own bios. Second I have a long ass list of accomplishments that even I can’t believe. In order not to come off too “braggy” I’ll probably leave some of my accomplishments out of this as well. Just know, I’m a BAMF who is not afraid to fail or take action. I’ve never had a job with a salary. I’ve always worked hourly + commission or just straight commission. I’ve been in sales since I was 13 years old. I started out selling car washes in Plano, Texas.

I became a record setting service advisor and I still hold sales and car count records at the wash where I worked. Because of my work ethic at the car wash, I was offered a job in mortgages, by one of the regular customers.

She noticed my sales skills and offered me to become her apprentice at a mortgage company she owned. After some reluctance, I accepted. Within 30 days of working for her, I had made as much money as what used to take me 3 months at the car wash. I was hooked.

Here’s A Full Transcript Of Our Interview Ryan

Thomas: Welcome back my friends to the Mail-Right Real Estate Agent podcast show. We’re on episode 135. Myself, Thomas J. Nelson and co-host Jonathan Denwood welcome special guest Ryan Stewman. Ryan is a, gosh, he’s an entrepreneur of multiple avenues and we’re going to try to explore as many as we can today. Ryan, welcome to the show first of all. Thanks for being here.

Ryan: Yeah. Thanks for having me, Jonathan, Thomas. Sorry for the mix up there. Thanks for having me on here.

Thomas: That’s okay.

Jonathan: You don’t want to do that. He’s the good looking one. I’m the ugly English geezer.

Thomas: He’s the brains and I’m the beauty.

Ryan: He’s got the cool accent. We sound like, you know, I sound like a Southerner and he’s got the cool accent over there. I could listen to him talk all day.

Thomas: I know. I’ve had a couple people try to get me to get him to yell, “Sharon”.

Jonathan: I’m not doing that.You have to give me a lot of money to do that.

Thomas: All right. Well, Ryan, since I’ve stepped all over your introduction, why don’t you tell our listeners a little bit about yourself. Take a minute to introduce yourself.

Ryan: Well, you know, in my lifetime, I have been through some sh*t and come out the other side pretty shiny still. And you know, I was adopted at age 7. I dropped out of school in 8th grade. I’ve been homeless, broke, divorced, in prison, out of prison, back in prison, homeless, divorced, broke again. I’ve ridden pretty much every wave, up and down and the last 8 years, I have been a full-time entrepreneur. I have one of the largest Sales Training companies in the world right now. We’re one of the most popular places to go to for sales and prospecting information in the new age. I own a supplemental nutrition company called Integrity Driven Nutrition. I’m a six-time best selling author. I am an inventor. I have several apps that I have invented. I am a, and sh*t, I write for Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Inc. I’m featured in those publications pretty much on a weekly basis and my blog hardcorecloser.com gets about a million people a year that go there and read.

We have a database of about 120,000 people that have opted in and bought our products over the year. A lot of times when somebody says something like that you’re like, “Well, this guy is just all over the place”. But I’m a very focused, very driven individual and all of my companies are running six and seven figures per year. So it’s not like I’m one guy that’s trying to put all of these eight different companies I own together to make a small living every single money. I’ve got about 2 million dollars in personal Real Estate holdings right now that we buy and sell and flip Real Estate. And so, man, I’m all over the place because like you said, I’m a true entrepreneur. And so, my real calling in life though is to help entrepreneurs, not just grow their business but really just like build a better life for themselves. And really, that covers four areas, faith, family, finances, and fitness. So that’s what my main, I guess you’d say like my main calling or my main job is to help entrepreneurs really maximize those four areas of their life.

Thomas: Awesome. Jonathan, we’re going to have a tough time pulling information out of Ryan today. He’s kind of shy.

Jonathan: He’s making me feel tired by describing what he does.

Thomas: We’re going to let everyone take a breather while we let Jonathan say hi. Jonathan, tell everyone about yourself.

Jonathan: I’m the founder of Mail-Right. Mail-Right is a platform that helps Real Estate agents, brokers get more leads with an emphasis on Facebook. Back to you Thomas.

Thomas: And I’m Thomas J. Nelson. I’m a Residential Realtor and entrepreneur here in San Diego, California, where I’m never too busy to serve you or your referrals. All right. Let’s jump back to Ryan. Now, Ryan, the thing I’m going to have a challenge with is covering as much as I want to cover about you today. But let’s start with one product that you, a company that you have, Clyxo, am I saying that right?

Ryan: Yeah.

Thomas: Okay. Clyxo is an interesting platform and I wanted you to explain that a little. It has to do with social media. Will you explain to people what Clyxo is and how it helps them?

Ryan: So, you know, one of the jobs as a salesperson, which, you know, if I had to identify myself as one thing, it would be a salesperson first, entrepreneur and all that other stuff next, is finding a need and filling it, right? Providing a solution to a problem. Well, I’ve been on over 600 podcasts in my career and at the end of the podcast, everybody always says, “So, tell us how people can find you”. And I go, “Well, I’m at hardcorecloser.com. I’m @hardcorecloser on Instagram. I’m Ryan Stewman on Facebook. I’m Ryan Stewman on LinkedIn”.

There’s just so many social networks and websites and everything else to keep with. You know, you follow my podcast to do this. So I invented Clyxo as a place for a person to put all of their social media, their podcast, their fan pages, the groups that they own, manage and admin, all that stuff in one place. So, basically, what Clyxo does is allows you to log in and set up all of your different profiles in one place. So, instead of your website having Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, you know, Quora and all these different logos and your business card being covered with other pieces of advertising from a million different social media sites and stuff, Clyxo puts it all in one place under one logo and one platform and it’s a hell of an SEO thing as well.

So you can go there and you can use it not only for yourself but you can use it to SEO like the neighborhoods. For you, for example, being a Realtor, if you wanted to do clyxo/lajolla, then any time somebody would search for certain things in La Jolla, your profile would come up as well. Like homes in La Jolla you could do clyxo.com/homesinlajolla. Then you could set up a homes in La Jolla fan page on Facebook. We’ll put all that together and then you’re more likely to show up in the search result there and get Zillow, and all that good stuff as well. So takes a big, complicated, a lot of social media sites and narrows it down into one place where people can find you very easily.

Thomas: I mean, essentially, you remove all those icons and you put the Clyxo icon on its place. And when you click on Clyxo, it takes you to the platform.

Ryan: Absolutely. It takes you and then on that platform, you can pick and choose which ones you want to display, which ones you don’t want to display. So, say you want people to go to your fan page but not your personal profile, so you just leave your personal profile out of it and direct everybody to Clyxo and they figure out where they want to connect with you.

Thomas: I’m going to ask a rudimentary question because people might not be familiar with.

Ryan: Don’t use big words. I told you, 8th-grade information over here man. You’re like confusing me already.

Jonathan: I’ll say too.

Thomas: I’ll rephrase. I’m going ask you an 8th-grade question on Clyxo. So, if I see if for the first time and I don’t know what Clyxo is, is there something that’s guiding people to click on it or to know what it is if it’s on a business card?

Ryan: That’s the biggest struggle that we’re getting over right now is brand awareness so that people know what it is. So if you were to look at and you go, “What’s the C logo here?”, and you actually click on it on somebody’s website, once you see it, it makes total sense. You’re like, “Oh, this is somebody’s social media stuff all in one place”. I mean, that’s our company slogan. It’s like, “All your profiles in one place”.

Thomas: Right.

Ryan: But, yeah. So, that’s the biggest thing is bringing brand awareness through podcasts, in magazines and that stuff. It’s been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur and all those as well. And that’s the big thing though is getting people to learn what the logo means. But I think every brand kind of starts out that way. In the beginning, people didn’t know what the hell the ‘F’ in Facebook was.

Thomas: Right.

Ryan: They’re like, “What’s the F thing?”.

Thomas: Okay. Do you cater that to a specific audience or is this to all people in business?

Ryan: It’s for all people period.

Thomas: Okay.

Ryan: Not even if you’re in business. Let’s say that you’re a high schooler and you’ve got a Snapchat account, an Instagram account and some of your friends are on Snapchat, some of them on Instagram. Instead of trying to give people 20 different profiles, you’re just like, “Look me up on Clyxo and connect with me wherever”.

Thomas: Okay. And then, just to clear it up too. It’s not like a Hoosuite where you’re using it to post on all these. It’s a collective to centralize people on all your social media presence.

Ryan: Yeah. It’s what we call a social media bookmark.

Thomas: Okay.

Ryan: So it’s all your social media sites in one place. Absolutely.

Jonathan: I was just thinking Thomas. Fancy being a parent of a teenager now Thomas. They’re on Snapchat.

Thomas: Yeah. I don’t even go there.

Ryan: Sending nudes. Without a doubt, sending nudes, right?

Thomas: Yeah. We drove our kids off Facebook years ago.

Ryan: But you know, actually, it’s funny you say that because I just read a statistic yesterday that Facebook lost 1.4 million users in the last quarter below the ages of 23.

Thomas: Yeah.

Ryan: Because those people are just saying, “Hey, you what, our parents are there. Grandparents are there. They’re all arguing politics and pissing each other off about school shootings”.

Jonathan: There are all Russians.

Ryan: Yeah. Exactly. They’re out and they’re going to Instagram. My prediction and I’ve said this before, my prediction is that next year, in 2019, Instagram will be the most popular, it may the most populated but it will be the social media site that the majority of Americans spend their time on as opposed to Facebook because nobody’s arguing politics and telling people things that they have no idea about on Instagram yet because probably maybe they haven’t figured out how to. I don’t know. But when you go to Instagram, it’s a lot more docile and calm and what Facebook was originally intended to be. You go on Facebook right now and man it’s a war zone. It’s tough man. People are fighting with each other and yelling at each other and telling each other, “Meet me in dark alleys”, and all of that stuff. It’s like bro, “It’s social media, like calm down”.

Jonathan: They never say that to me. You must be mixing with the wrong.

Ryan: You know, I’m not a small guy man. I do cross fit and have worked out 5 days a week since the age of 19. I’m 5′ 10″, 205 pounds and people still come at me. But my mentor is David Goggins. He and I are friends and he’s my mentor and he’s the most dangerous person on the planet and there’s people that call him the N-word on his posts all the time. He’s literally the guy that was on the Osama Bin Laden extraction team. This guy can kill you with his bare hands and people talk sh*t to him so it’s hopeless. Even Tony Robbins has a bodyguard that follows him around everywhere he goes. People are weird these days.

Thomas: Yeah. No. No doubt. I mean, I find that my use of social media has gone down a bit just because I don’t like being in the atmosphere of all that. It’s kind of like going on a news diet. I’m on the social media diet.

Ryan: Yeah.

Thomas: Well, let’s shift gears for a minute because there’s another business you have that I’m super interested in. Can you explain what Hardcore Closer is?

Ryan: Yeah. So that’s our Sales Training company. It’s kind of funny how that started. You know, people call me the Hardcore Closer. And you know, I know one thing about life, if somebody gives you a cool nickname, go with it because the next one may not be so cool and it might stick, right? And so, we were actually drinking beer inside of Title company one afternoon waiting on a deal to fund. At the time, I was working for a car dealership. I was running their social media and selling cars. I was at the car dealership. And I got ran out of the Mortgage business basically. I had a federal gun charge and when the Dodd-Frank Act took place, the NMLS licensing went from state to federal and the feds wouldn’t give me a license. And so, I was one of the top, like one of the top producing loan officers on the planet.

I did 183 loans all by myself. No tea, no brokerage, no nothing in 2009. 2010, Dood-Frank Act was passed and I wasn’t able to get a federal license. So one of the things that I thought I’d do was go sell cars, right? I did mortgages and go sell cars. It kind of seemed two totally different, it was a terrible idea. But anyway, I went and sold a bunch of cars and I was at a Title company waiting on one of my Real Estate deals to fund because I would still funnel some of my leads to some to somebody else. We’re having a couple beers and this lady shows up and she has this card and it says, “Closer”. And you know Closers in a Title company just means somebody who signs paper with you. Well, I had been selling cars and I was known as the Closer in the car dealership. So like, let’s say that you were buying a car and Jonathan couldn’t get you to sign on the paper. They’d send me over there and I’d get you to sign on the paper, right?

Thomas: Because you’re the gun owner.

Ryan: Exactly.

Jonathan: I could Thomas to sign anything.

Ryan: And so, me and friend there drinking beer, we just start cracking jokes. We’re like, “These are the real hardcore closers of the sales world. These ladies who come in here and get you to sign on these deals”. And I thought, “Man, that would be a cool name for a blog”. And I went on Bluehost and I registered it and didn’t really think nothing about it until about 6 months later I started making videos for Loan Officers to help them get their brand and everything out. That was one of my first like coaching, consulting type deals was helping Loan Officers make videos. And I used that website, Hardcore Closer as a placeholder for those videos. Well, you know, luckily for me, people started watching those videos and they associated me with Hardcore Closer. So after a couple of months, I’d go out around town or I’d be on trips somewhere and people would be like, “Hey, it’s the Hardcore Closer guy”.

And I’m like, “I kind of like the way that that sounds. I’m just going to reach up and grab that and put it in my pocket”. Well, flash forward 8 years since that happened and like I said, there’s over a million people who read that blog every month. That company did 3 million dollars in itself last year in Sales Training. We teach entrepreneurs how to build businesses. We teach people how to run Facebook Ads. We teach, what I call, the new digital door to door, right? When I got started in the Mortgage business, you made cold calls and you went and knocked on doors and you showed up with sheets and donuts and all that stuff that still people do today, which is obsolete is all but it worked back then. You know, I started in 2003. So now, I teach people how to prospect on Facebook, how to run Facebook Ads, how to create Sales funnels and all that good stuff. Oddly, now I get a lot of traffic but it wasn’t really a smart idea in the beginning because Google does not like the word ‘Hardcore’. You know, the whole sex and Pornhub thing kind of killed the SEO on that.

Thomas: Oh, I didn’t think of that.

Jonathan: They think you’re a different kind of hardcore, don’t they?

Ryan: Yeah. And I drop F-bombs on there when I write and videos and stuff. So, me and Google, we had a weird relationship for a few years, right? They hated me. I missed them. But now, we’ve got clients on every single continent, in most countries around the world as well inside those continents. And like I said, over a million viewers last year. I think it’s 1.3 million unique visits to the website last year alone.

I think we’re at 5 million dollars in products that have been sold through that website since we started it and we have tens of thousands of people that we have helped over the years improve their sales game and go from old-school sales tactics into this new school stuff. A matter of fact, I’m going to take credit for this. I was the first guy to show up with tattoos and a hoody and say, “Hey, listen. You don’t have wear and suit and tie and go to church on Sunday to be a bad*ss in sales”. And now, you see a lot of the other Sales Trainers have really dumbed it down. Now they don’t wear suits and ties and they cuss and everything else. But those same guys that do that now were telling me back then, “You’re messing it man.

You’re going to mess it up for the rest of us. You’re going to give us all a bad name. You don’t look like you’re supposed to. You need to put a suit on. You need to go and get your life together”. And I’m like, “Listen, I’ve been in sales my entire life since I was 13 years old was when I made my first sale and I have yet to meet salespeople that were top producers, that were overly religious or that were always wearing a suit”. Like the top producing sales guy, me, usually, hell, I’d come into the office in flippers”, because guess what? If they fired me, the company was going to go under because I’m the one carrying the weight of the world and that really is the Sales community, right? I mean, sh*t, none of us that are in sales were born with a silver spoon up our *ss and went to an Ivy League school or we’d be a CEO, not a salesperson. And so, you know, I wanted to cater to the actually salespeople without having to put on this, “I’m perfect. Look at me”, facade. And you know, Zig Ziglar was my neighbor before he passed away.

Thomas: Really?

Ryan: And he and I have had candid conversations over the years and great guy. I wanted to be kind of the opposite of him. He had already filled that niche and he still fills it from beyond the grave today.

Thomas: Right.

Ryan: And I saw a huge, like with Clyxo, I saw a huge void in the marketplace that I could fill and that’s what I’ve done. And now we have the largest sales growth on Facebook. Sales Talk and Sales Pros has over 72,000 actives members. Last week alone, there was 147,000 engagement in the group. I built that website that has a huge following. I’ve got over 350,000 followers through Facebook and Instagram. So, I mean, obviously, I’ve made some sort of difference in the marketplace doing things my way, which is really their way.

Jonathan: Yeah. That’s great. We’re going to have to go for our break. When we come back, we’re going to learn some more. We’ll be back in a few moments folks.

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Jonathan: I’m coming back. I’m just having a little laugh to myself because I’m wondering what Thomas would give me as my tagline. It’s unrepeatable on the podcast.

Thomas: I’d be kind to you Jonathan. You mentioned you lived by Zig Ziglar Ryan. What part of the country are you in?

Ryan: My office is in Dallas. When I lived next to Zig, he lived in a neighborhood called. And I’ll be honest. I’ve always been honest throughout my whole time. I was living with my in-laws trying to save money to build this business when I lived next to Zig so I wasn’t that successful at the time. Fortunately, the very first mentor that I ever hired was from his organization, a gentleman named Brian and that’s how I actually got to meet him and I found out that literally he lived one street over from me and he went to this church called Prestonwood. So I showed up at the church and aligned myself to do everything I could to be able to meet the guy before he passed away because he was in his mid-70s by the time that I finally got to meet him. But when I was about 14 years old, somebody gave me some Zig Ziglar cassettes for the new people. Those are these little plastic things that had tape that you use to listen to music on and it changed my life. It was like a light bulb went off and it was like, “Oh, this is my destiny. This is what I’m supposed to be like this guy”. And here I am 30 years later. I’m doing my best to carry on that legacy but in my own way.

Thomas: Nice. Well, he’s certainly a great mentor of mine too so we have that common thread. I want to switch gears here. We did a deep dive on who you are because I want people to understand the credibility you bring. And one of the questions and topics of the show today was about lead generation, which is such a hot topic in Real Estate. Where do you stand with teaching people how to generate leads and what’s your approach to that?

Ryan: Well, you know, the average person that teaches Real Estate agents on how to generates leads says, you know, promote yourself, put your picture out there, let everybody know your name. And while that is effective, the truth is nobody wants a Real Estate agent. No disrespect but never in the history of the world did someone roll over in the middle of the night and looked at their wife or husband and said, “You know what? We should give Thomas 6 percent of the equity of our million dollar home. We should just pay him $60,000 to sell our home. That’s exactly what we need in our life right now”. But what they do say is, they say, “We’re getting a divorce and we need to sell our house”.

What they do say is, “I’m pregnant and we need more bedrooms”. What they do say is, “I’m getting relocated for my job”. So what people really want is their problem solved. They want a house and there is a need. There is a finite. There’s like maybe 25 reasons someone would pack all their sh*t in boxes, scream at each other for 2 weeks, move those boxes somewhere else, lose half the sh*t in those boxes, scream at each other for another 2 weeks. Moving is one of the most miserable things to do on the planet, right?

I mean, it is. Even if you get your dream house, you’re like, “Got our dream house. Oh, sh*t. We’ve got to move”. And so, what I teach is, I teach some focus on the neighborhoods and the houses. So, back in the day and it still works effectively today. You can mail out postcards in neighborhoods and farm neighborhoods and stuff like that. What I teach is geo farming. So you can drop a pen on Google or Facebook or on an area and you farm that area real hard. And if you want to add postcards and mail to that, you’re driving them to the Facebook page and it’s a community page about the neighborhood, not the Real Estate agent.

See, we live in a time where you need to hide the salesperson. I mean, you think about it, salespeople are like pit bulls. Pitbulls are the most loyal, loving, awesome dogs on the entire planet. But the media would have you think that they’re the most vicious, mean, cruel animals that are just stone cold killers. But pit bulls are great dogs. Well, salespeople are the same way. If you look at the media, we’ve got Gordon Gekko. We’ve got Jordan Belfort, which Jordan Belfort’s awesome. He’s a friend of mine but he did what he did, right? I’ve done what I’ve done. He’s did what he did and they make him look like he’s a monster that stole a bunch of money from people. And they’ve got Gordon Gekko and they’ve got the boiler room guys and they’ve got all these stories about how salespeople rip people off. And any time a salesperson locally here rips somebody off, the news puts them on there and says, “Be careful of this scam”, and everything else. Do you know guys what the best true sales movie of all time is? Guess.

Thomas: Oh man. Well, I’m a Glengarry Glen Ross fan.
Ryan: And again, those guys were scamming people, right? That’s what they were doing. That’s what they always give us. The best sales movie ever made is Tommy Boy. Think about this for a second.

Thomas: Oh yeah.

Ryan: Think about this for a second. He was a situational leader. His father was a natural born salesman. He wasn’t. Situational leader, gets a mentor that tells him the truth whether he wants to hear it or not. He keeps repeating whatever it is that he’s doing until he finally has that epiphany, “Helen, tell me why I suck as a salesperson?”. It took is mentor knocking the sh*t out of him with a 2 x 4 for him to figure it all out, which sometimes as a mentor you have to do your clients. And then, finally goes in. He saves the factory. He shuts down the bad guy. He gets the girl and he saves the whole entire town. He lives happily ever after. But yet, that’s billed as a stupid comedy. It’s never billed as the greatest sales movie of all time. But that’s exactly what it is.

Thomas: Wow. That’s an awesome observation.

Jonathan: I’ve based my whole life on that film.

Thomas: Fat guy in a little coat.

Ryan: I wonder if she goes out with one of the Yankees. But so, anyway, the thing is the media has conditioned the public to be scared of salespeople. So what I teach my salespeople to do is hide. Hide the salesperson until it’s necessary for the salesperson to come out. When you go shopping at Nordstrom, there’s salespeople that work there that will sell you clothes. But while you’re looking, they don’t bother you, right?

Thomas: Right.

Ryan: It’s when you pick up something and you’re ready to walk to the register that they say, “Is there anything else that I can get you or would you like to try that on?”. Then they become a salesperson. Up onto that point, you don’t walk in the door and they’re like, “Hey. Come over here to the jeans rack”. But that’s what most salespeople try to do today. But the public’s been conditioned to say, “No. I’m just shopping. I don’t need help right now”.

Thomas: Yeah. No. That’s a great point. I mean, I agree with you because instead of driving them to a vanity page, why not drive them to a community page that’s going to be more engaging and keep them there. That’s a great tip. You know, the other thing I wanted to ask you is about conversion. Because it’s one thing to get the leads but people are struggling to convert them. A lot of people say, “Well, these leads are garbage”, and some of them are. But some of them could be converted but I think the conversion skills are lacking. What do you help people with in that regard?

Ryan: Well, here’s the thing. You need to follow-up with somebody 18 times in today’s day and age.

Thomas: Wow.

Ryan: I mean, every year it’s going to be more and more. This time next year it might be 24 because we are subjected to 4,000 advertisements every single day. And so, even if they wanted to buy your sh*t, they might have just forgot.

Thomas: Right.

Ryan: And they might have gotten distracted by something else. I have a podcast, the Hardcore Closer podcast and that was what our topic today was, was 5 reasons your prospects are avoiding you. And one of the main things is, your pitch sucks.

Thomas: Yeah.

Ryan: And a lot of people say these leads are trash but if someone gave you their name, email address and phone number, that’s a closable lead. I’ll never forget. I had got out of federal prison in 2008 and I needed a job. And I begged the largest mortgage broker in the state of Texas to give me a job. I mean, it was a 3-hour interview. I would not let that dude tell me no. I needed that job. It was the closest I could get to a job and I needed it. You know what I’m saying. I’ve been locked up for 15 months. I needed that job. And I got the job. I went in there. They trained us for a week. Day 1, they turned us loose on the leads and we were in cubicles. I ended up in the corner office pretty quick but I was in the cubicle to begin with. And the dude next to me, his name is Patrick Kirk. I’ll never forget. I called him Captain Kirk. We sat down and we got leads. And the first thing that he said was, “Man, these leads suck”. And the first thing I said was, “We got leads”. And there’s a reason why he went on to quit a month later and I went on to be top producer in that company and do all the loans that I did. So a lot of it has to do with how you look at things. If you think the leads are trash, then the leads are going to be trash.

Thomas: Right.

Ryan: If you believe the leads are good, you’ll treat the leads like they’re good and you’ll turn them into something good. But here’s the thing. Most salespeople screw up their pitch. The biggest breakthrough that we’ve had in the history of mankind is mapping the human genome, DNA. And the guys that won the Nobel Peace Prize, like I guess probably been 10 years ago, that won the Nobel Peace Prize, they came out and they said, “Tell us how you did this”. And it took them 3 minutes to explain the most important breakthrough in human history. But yet, most Real Estate agents and Loan Officers can’t explain what a damn interest rate is in less than 50 paragraphs and a 30-minute lecture on the bond market.

And nobody wants to hear that because they don’t want a Real Estate agent. They don’t want a mortgage. They want a house because there’s something going on in their life that means they need a house or they need to switch or refinance, whatever the case it is. And so, when you start following up with people, if you lead with value first, value, just simply their interest first, you’ll find yourself converting at a lot higher rate. One of the other things that I say, especially if you get somebody on the phone, my favorite saying.

I made this up years ago and have been saying it ever since is, “He who speaks the least makes the most”. And what most salespeople do is they get on the phone and they think they’ll talk themselves into a sale. When really what happens is you’re more likely to talk yourself out of a sale than into a sale because it takes two things to close a sale, only two things. You can be the biggest idiot, 8th-grade education over here, millions of dollars in the bank account, right? You can be the biggest idiot on the planet and still be a power closer if you have these two things. Number 1 is empathy. And the only way that you can have empathy, not sympathy, not, “I feel sorry for you”, but, “I understand your situation sir”.

Thomas: Right.

Ryan: And the only way that a person can understand that you have empathy for them is if they have told you their problem so that you understand. And if you’re busy talking and they never get to tell you their problem, you don’t have any empathy for them. They know you don’t understand. You don’t get it. They won’t do business with you. So the first thing you need is empathy. The only way to get empathy is by asking questions and actually giving a damn about what the prospect’s saying to you and listening and not interrupting. “He who speaks the least makes the most”. The second thing you need is confidence. After they have the understanding that you have empathy for them and their situation, you have to confidently give them the diagnosis, the solution to their problem. I mean, think about it. When you go to the doctor, he doesn’t go and, “Here, let me tell you about Cancer. It’s awesome. It’s chemotherapy. You go three times a week. You’re going to be on a dialysis machine. And in 7 months, you’re probably going to die”. That’s not the pitch that he gives you. You go into the doctor and he says, “Where does it hurt?”, and, “What’s the problem?”, and, “When did this all start?”. Even if you go into the doctor and you’re like, “My elbow hurts”, he doesn’t start feeling on your knee. He goes directly to the elbow and he says, “Okay. Well, tell me about this. Well, tell me about this. Tell me about this”, until you finally go, “Ahh sh*t. That’s it doc”. And he goes, “Okay. Well, here’s the problem. You’ve got tendinitis. Here’s what I’d like to prescribe for you”.

Jonathan: The thing is you’ve never been to UK National Health hospital, have you? This is the thing.

Ryan: I guess that socialized medicine might be a little different than highly American hospital industry that we have here. And if you do tell the doctor your elbow’s hurting and he starts feeling on your knee, like watch that guy. His hand might be rising on your thigh before you know it. But here’s the thing, most Sales Managers come from the old school and they taught you to talk your way into a sale. When really these days, especially since social media has made so many people narcissists, the easiest way to make a sale is just listen to somebody. And if you get the true problem out of somebody and the true problem, chances are they won’t shop around on you because people don’t want everybody in the world to know their problem in the first damn place.

Thomas: Right.

Jonathan: That’s so true. I think we’re going to have to wrap this up for the podcast part of the show Thomas but we’re going to have our bonus content, aren’t we Thomas?

Thomas: Yes. We’ll get a couple more questions on the video portion of the show folks. But for those of you listening on the podcast, we’re going to wrap it up here. And Ryan, I’m going to ask that cliche question that Clyxo solves. How can people get a hold of you?

Ryan: The best way to find me is go to clyxo.com/closer. That’s clyxo, c – l – y – x – o.com/closer and you can pick a spot and find me.

Thomas: Awesome. All right Jonathan. How can people get a hold of you?

Jonathan: Oh, it’s really easy folks. Go to the Mail-Right website, mail-right.com. There’s a load of our interviews, content, going to be a lot more during 2018. Or go to the Facebook page. They’re the two main ways, Thomas. How can people get a hold of you Thomas?

Thomas: Well, all my social media is coraled on my website at thomasjnelsonrealtor.com and I’m with Big Block Realty here in San Diego, California where I’m never too busy for you or your referrals. And we’re going to thank you for joining us on the podcast again this week folks. We’ll be back next week with another fantastic guest. But if you haven’t gotten enough of Ryan, come join us on the video and we’re going to continue the conversation there. See you next week. Bye-bye.


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