#131 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest AJ Wilcox of B2Linked.com

On Mail-Right Episode #131 we are joined by AJ Wilcox, a self proclaimed LinkedIn.com Ads Evangelist and founder of B2Linked, an online ad agency that specializes in LinkedIn.com ads for businesses looking to make B2B connections.

B2Linked.com is a Certified LinkedIn.com Ads Partner, which lends credibility to their services, directly from LinkedIn.com.

We discuss the many uses, mistakes people make and tools available on LinkedIn.com
Why advertise on LinkedIn.com, don’t you just want to concentrate on Facebook these days?
How to create a robust profile.
Do LinkedIn.com ads work for all businesses?
How to connect with people properly on LinkedIn.com?
What can a Residential Realtor do to maximize results on LinkedIn.com

AJ Wilcox is a LinkedIn Ads pro who founded B2Linked.com, a LinkedIn Ads-specific agency, in 2014. As official LinkedIn partners, they manage among the world’s most sophisticated advertising accounts worldwide. He’s a ginger & triathlete. He & his wife live in Utah, with their 4 kids, and his company car is a wicked-fast gokart.

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