#129 Mail Right Show With Special Guest Jason Sheffield From Bomb Bomb

Jason Sheffield From Bomb BombBombBomb.com were our guests and Jason Sheffield Director of Training and Education at Bomb Bomb

was our guest today. Convert more leads, shorten the sales cycle & convert more opportunities faster
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Jason shares so many great tips, stats and advice that would enhance any 2018 marketing plan. We discuss email subject lines for improved open rates, tracking open rates, good content and the do’s and don’t of video marketing.

Get Personal, Be Specific and Create a Sense of Urgency is what it takes to get your emails opened! Creating value, telling stories, share great “insider” information.

No expensive equipment, not a huge investment of time and no scripts! Be naturally you, be specific and keep it short; market updates, birthdays, listing updates, close of escrow anniversaries, etc. How to incorporate the “Jab, Jab, Jab, Hook!” method.

Great advice on equipment to use, planning out your video tours of homes, local-ism “Man on the Street” style videos and much, much more! Get over yourself and get on video and get in front of your database in a more personalized, fun way to communicate.

Jason Sheffield

Director of Training and Education



Here’s a Full Transcription of our Interview With Jason

Thomas: Welcome back my friends to the Mail Right Real Estate Agent Podcast Show. This is episode 129 and I am Thomas J. Nelson I am a residential realtor here in San Diego, California, America’s finest city. My co-host Jonathan Denwood is not with us today but you know what in his absence I have a fantastic guest. On our show today is Jason Shetfield from ‘Bom Bom’. He’s the V.P. of Content Strategy and I’m going to let Jason introduce himself and tell you a little bit, just a little tad of what ‘Bomb Bomb’ is and then we’ll get into some questions to open up that
package more. Jason, welcome to the show!

Jason: Thank you, I am excited to be here with you guys as Thomas said, my name is Jason, over here at ‘Bomb Bomb’, our goal is helping you reach human eyes digital communication. Right, we communicate a lot of different ways. A lot of times it’s removing to the person from that mode of communication, so our goal is to get you tools and processes and systems that help bring you back into the message so connecting with people in more meaningful ways which leads to more meaningful business.

Thomas: Alright well let’s get into it. Just for practical purposes, in case people are not familiar with your company…

Jason: Yea!

Thomas: Let’s tell the very basics. What is ‘Bomb Bomb’ and we are saying what we would never say on an airplane, ‘Bomb Bomb’.

Jason: It is ‘Bomb Bomb’, not ‘Bomb Bomb’, or ‘Boom Boom’. We are a tool that you can use to send a video out through e-mail, social and text. So, through our system you can send your videos out through e-mail system, whether it’s one-to-one or one-to-many. Anything that you create inside of ‘Bomb Bomb’ is shareable onto socials that you get better engagement on that side of things and through our mobile apps you can actually text your videos right in line that you get better engagement and guarantee that people can watch your videos because sometimes you know, you’re an I-phone user or an android and video formats, it is going to going to work so we simplify that process across the board.

Thomas:Awesome! So basically we’re talking about video email or video text and video social media and what I love about your product is I am a user of it is the fact that not only can I send out these nice graphically pleasing templates that house my video and allow me to brand myself but if I want to get through more spam filters I can actually use it as an attachment to my gmail in my case and then it goes out like a normal email and you don’t worry about so many of the spam filters because you’ve already theoretically been white listed to everyone you’re e-mailing. So who is your typical client who is a user of ‘Bomb Bomb?’

Jason: Yea! So I mean we work heavily in real estates, so we work a lot with real estate agents. It’s by about 60% of our users are in the real estate space and then the other forty percent is made up of people that are in mortgage, finance, sales professional and really we see across the board anyone that is looking to improve their communication because it’s not just a unique problem that real estate agents are dealing with. It’s getting in front of their people, their sphere of influence, those are leads, your past clients, your repeat or referral business. Everyone’s looking for an edge to differentiate themselves because emails are noisy space. The last that I saw there is one hundred ninety billion emails sent worldwide every single day.

Ninety billion it’s very very noisy space and yet you’re over here it continues to be the highest for digital marketing. For years people been saying e-mail is dead, you’ve got to move to social, got to move to these other platforms, these other other systems but time and again email is the place that you’re going to get the best return on your investment and the reason why is a direct channel of communication. Besides texting, you have someone’s phone number that’s kind of the new world and there’s new things kind of coming there’s but when you talk about social you don’t own that ability to communicate with people directly but a lot of times your exposure on social can be in the low single digit percentage of potential of everybody that’s in your sphere of influence and yet an email you know, you see it open rates where you’re getting 20/30%. A lot times people think, ‘was that good, did I get a good open rate?’

If you’re getting a good 20% on an email, you’re crushing it because that’s much more exposure then you get digitally than any other channel and it’s effectively free to be sending emails. You’re not paying Facebook or Instagram or any other social media money to get that exposure. These are e-mail addresses that you have that you can market to directly so that’s kind of that unique space to begin thinking about email and our customer base is really people that are looking to find that ability to differentiate themselves, stand above the noise that’s in the inbox and get engagements, because that’s the key. You know everyone wants to measure open rates and whatnot but no one is replying to you, you’ve got a bigger problem. You can have a 30% open rate but if you’re not creating conversations, there’s a problem and that’s where video comes in because you’re able to start that conversation, see your face, hear from you.

They are that much more likely to respond which then ultimately is more business for you.

Thomas:So with the end, we were talking about this a little off line. With the video being added you don’t really have a way of
measuring open rate as far as comparing it to a non-video email but “BombBomb’ does supply open rate. We have basically a dashboard that shows us not only who opened it but actually who watched it versus who only opened it.

Jason: Right, right. Yes so you know, we can’t we can’t correlate and say ‘hey, put a video in your e-mail, you’re going to get an increase in open rates’, because what drives an open is your subject lines…

Thomas: Good point.

Jason: And that’s up to each person to create and put into play. So you know, there is a there is kind of proven that having video in the subject line can help increase open rates because people might be looking for that video but that only is going to work and all the times with your spare of influence. You put a video there every single time, people are going to catch on to get it becomes noise so you have to apply you know the basic principles of good subject line writing to your marketing. Again that’s one-to-one or one-to-many, because you’re looking to stand out in that inbox. So you know, couple practical things to think about when you’re writing subject lines as it used to be personal and these are be specific and it has to create a sense of urgency.

Those are the three driving factors when someone comes into their inbox and they’ve got you know twenty un-open emails or sometimes it seems you know, ten thousand unopen emails and on my mail app is so overwhelming. How do I stand out? Those are the three things: specific, creating a sense of urgency and personal – use their names. There’s ways you can automate that, you don’t have to type in everyone’s names but when you do those three things, that’s going to increase someone’s open and then they’re going to see that video you’re smiling face there to be more likely to engage with you.

Thomas:And that’s great advice. So now let me ask you a question because this was actually my excuse, my apprehension if you will. To video e-mail originally is you know, as my co-host says ‘I’ve got a face for radio’. I didn’t I don’t like the way I look on camera. You know as a specially the older I get,
the heavier set I get. You get self-conscious right but I had to get over that.

Jason: Absolutely.

Thomas:How do you get people past that? You know, I’m being very candid with you about what kept me from doing it originally. Now I just do it because you know, because i figure they’re going to meet me eventually and they’re going to see what I look like so you know, what’s your advice though?

Jason: So there’s a couple key things. One is to understand that you’re not alone. There’s not a single persons that gets on camera for the first time and thinks, ‘my gosh I love the way I
look and sound!’ Right like even to this point I’ve been with ‘Bomb Bomb’ for over five years, I’ve been in the communications space in a lot of different methods and mediums and even now I still can’t go back and watch all of my videos because I think ‘my god, is that what I really sound like?’ That’s kind of annoying or I talk out of the side of my mouth instead of… all these little these I mean…

The reality is a little bit of it is some of that self reflection of understanding you know what, people still choose to do business with me, people still like me. I’m the one that’s rearing this barrier and therefore you know I got to do a little bit of that work first or to get over it get over myself and that’s hard but you get there through practice. So one of the things I encourage people with is, so want to rethink about the video, is like this magic bullet that we put in our chamber and we think, ‘OK I’m going to wait for the right opportunity at the right time and then I’m going to send them a video and it’s going to work’, and the problem is you have not done any practice on shooting at that bullet.

So now the opportunity comes up and you take a shot and you miss it, why because he didn’t do any of the work in the beginning and so we you know are on board with our customers, helping people get comfortable on camera, we start at the basic and say send one to your friends, send one to people that you’re comfortable with. Just begin the process because once you start practicing you start to kind of get over yourself, you start to kind of learn those little things. Those little ticks, those things that you do, you think you get better and then as you get better that confidence increase. But I can guarantee like all things we know in business, that if you don’t practice, you don’t put a little bit of time into it it’s not just naturally going to happen.

Now the beautiful thing is, social things like stories on Instagram are going live like we are on Facebook now is helping people get a little bit more comfortable by being on camera. Because when you’re going to do a story, you pull your phone up it is really is Internet moment and you see people interact and you think ‘Ok, this isn’t that bad’. That is the same way of using video to interact with your spare of influence by sending a message, I’m engaging with them on social. So you got to do the practice and then as you do that practice I promise the conference will come but here’s the key and here’s the motivator. Right because the only reason you ever practice anything just because you’ve got a goal in mind and you have some motivation and to me this is one of the key motivators because right now and the most recent stats we’ve seen only 5% of real estate agents are actively using video in their business, five percent. So the opportunity is you’ve got ninety five percent of the marketplace not doing something that is proven to influence your business and make an impact on your business. So now is the time, because your consumers are not measuring you against anyone else.

Thomas: That’s a good point.

Jason: Real estate agent – they don’t know that you suck. Ok, so there’s no measurement in there right now but the tides are turning. You’re starting to see you know 2018. A lot of people are in this space are saying ‘this is the year of videos, this is the year of video’. In that we know marketing will become the norm so you have the opportunity now to jump in and get ahead of the curve or in two or three years it is going to be the norm and then you will be compared. Instead of it being a differentiator, it’s expectation. So my encouragement is, let that be the motivator. Be the person that’s going to differentiate yourself and your business. Do the hard work now, practice get ahead and then again you stay ahead of that curve as it’s gets adopted into marketplace.

Thomas: Does ‘Bomb Bomb’ offer any training for people that are new to putting themselves on video?

Jason:We sure do! We do a lot. In fact that was actually kind of my previous role here cause I was the director of training and education. So you know I have a team we built we have a training academy that people can go through.We do a lot of webinars we go live on Facebook. You go jump over and like our Facebook page you know we do a show every other week where we’re talking
to video professionals who are implementing this in their business so you see it happening on the ground. That’s our goals, you know we can look like the professionals on video but that doesn’t matter because it’s our jobs. What matters is how agents and other professionals are using video and our goal is to highlight them and give you all the tools that you need to be successful like they’re successful. So we’ve got a lot of resources, our blog is a great place to go as well. So we really try to help people overcome those barriers and those feelings.

Thomas: Awesome! Tell you what, we’re going to take a quick break so we can listen to our wonderful sponsor and then we’ll be coming back and
talking more about the use of video in your marketing with Jason Sheffield from Bom Bom. We’ll be right back.

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Thomas:All right we’re coming back to the Mail Right Real Estate Agent Podcast Shell. I am your host Thomas J. Nelson my cohost Jonathan Denwood is off this week and we’re having an engaging conversation with ‘Bom Bom’s’ very own Jason Sheffield, who is sharing with us a lot of video strategies, that apparently in the real estate world only about 5% of us are using. So now is the time to get on board before it becomes the common place. One of the things I want to ask you Jason is what what are you seeing realtors do that is brilliant?Let’s just call it, you know, what’s standing out to you like how – what are the different applications you’re seeing and has anyone done anything that surprised you that you didn’t think that they would use it for?

Jason:Good, good question! So you know typically when you think about video and real estate you think about the listing. You think about the product and so that’s been going on for a long time. Ways to do video to highlight the product, ways to highlight the home and get the house sold and that’s really been the key way that realators has been thinking about video over the last ten years or so. So videos is nothing new and has been told they need to be using videos but this shift has been the from selling a products to selling the individual.

That – why someone is going to buy a home or sell a home is more about who you are than the product itself and that shift is a really important one to make sure that you fully understand and I imagine your listeners get that. You haven’t heard, you know, you’ve heard this before, you are the brand. So it was really amazing how we start to see people really leverage video is their leveraging video to tell the story of who they are. Right, because ultimately that’s what this is about, it’s storytelling and marketing.

You have to understand the way you motivate someone is you’re tapping into that worldview that they understand and you tell them a story that aligns with that worldview and that’s the job. That’s what you’re trying to do right? You’ve got to understand your buyers and your sellers. What’s their worldview, how are they perceiving this and then when you tap into that and align with that then they are going to choose to work with you 9 times out of 10. But what’s key about that is video is an amazing medium to tell a story. So we’re starting to see agents push in to and do some really unique things, they are what I would call micro storytelling within their local area. So when you think about video, far too often we try to measure against like the YouTubes of the world, like the millions of views of my role nature.

Thomas: Right.

Jason: That doesn’t matter and that’s one of things I want agents to hear across the board. Do not measure your views, likes. It is important and you’ve got to do those things that you’re content. Your content has to be hyper local because the only people that matter that are engaging with it are the people that live in areas that you work in. Who cares if someone in Florida sees your video if you are working in San Diego? How do you take this and apply it to just that area that you’re in? So the incringement is how do you become, you know, others talk about the idea of the digital mayor. How do you own your area? Video and micro storytelling through video is the way to get that done. So we’re seeing agents do that and some really brilliant ways.

Sometimes it’s like 30 for 30 the ESPN idea, their documentary say it you know over the course of the next 30 days I’m going to go interview 30 people in my area and create miniature content. I’m going to the coffee shops, the restaurants, the bars the schools the local government. I’m just going to go talk to the people that make this area come to life and I want to share that with my sphere of influence , key ways to instantly differentiate yourself.

You can you can do that through e-mail you get social but by creating that engaging content on a hyper local level, is going to be absolutely how you win because no one’s doing it. No one is taking the time. Google your neighborhood, see what’s out there. How many people put together YouTube videos talking about why Pleasant Valley is the best kept secret of your area. That’s a neighborhood I live in. As a real estate agent, I would do that in a heartbeat because as a homeowner I love our neighborhood and I think I don’t want anyone else knowing about it but it’s our property values and as an environ agent where do you want to work?

Go tell that story. It’s not very hard, highlight some key things so that some of the brilliance that we’re seeing of how people are really doing that. Second part of question is, wasn’t there days when we thought that ‘oh my god, I didn’t think you would do that. There’s one, we call it the forty thousand dollars video.

The customer’s name is Tom and Tom was door knocking at a very expensive neighborhood, which is kind of hard to do in the first place. So he went knocking on the door and had a brief conversation with someone and somehow you got an e-mail out of that person. He sent them a video where he got all up in the camera up his nose, broke every rule of how you should send a video out and because he sent that follow up with the horrible video the person loved it. Because it was just Tom. Tom Tom wasn’t trying to be special or fancy, he was just being him.

He ended up getting a listing and his commission on that was 40k. That video that he should have never sent out because it’s unprofessional and I love it because ultimately that’s what this is about. You got to be you, you’ve got to be personal, you got to bring through your authenticity and sometimes the videos aren’t great and sometimes are not perfect but the reality is, consumers don’t care they want a real person work with, someone they know I can trust. As always you’re doing that in your videos you’re going to win.

Thomas:Well I go back to the advice you gave about the rehearsal part. I work with accountability partners in my

business where we maybe practice scripts I could see where you would want to utilize someone like that to send those videos to you like you were saying and get those feedback but but also maybe a client you trust and maybe a friend to get some variety of opinions. But once you got it down, I think what you’re getting at too, is that it’s got to be naturally used. So you don’t want to over think it over produce it and we’re not talking a lot of expensive equipment here?Jason: No.

Thomas:I mean I do everything with my IPhone and a camera stand with an IPhone adapter on it and a remote. So I can do you know – the remote clicks on the video camera I can talk to it, click it off and bam you know and most PC’s come with editing software so it’s…

Jason:You know and I think that’s one of the things who are people kind of get hung up on. They think that you’ve got to do all this extra work or you’ve got to you’ve got to have the right technology. Frankly, the phones we carry in our pockets have a exponentially better camera on them than you could buy five years ago. You’d be spending thousands of dollars to get the type of quality that we have. I mean my new iPhones hits 4k, better quality than anything else and you can create it just by holding that it’s in your pocket it’s with you at all the time. So that’s the only thing, we try to you know, to limit that. We talk a lot about in the moment marketing. So when you’re sitting in the car, your car is one of the best places to record a video…


Jason: You’re not driving.

Thomas: Right, so let’s make that clear, when you are not driving. We see a lot of realtors do that by the way. They’ll pull up to a listing and they’d shoot a quick video right there.

Jason: And the reason why your car’s awesome, no whining, typically works really well for you. It kind of brings, you know, nice lighting on your face. The next thing is sound. Everything’s enclosed so you don’t have to worry about a microphone or outside noises, so your sound looks really good and this is a confined space, no one’s
watching you you’re kind of in the comfort of your car. We find a lot of times I encourage people, they could use their cars as their recording studio.

Go out, sit in the car and record like a handful of videos. It’s a great way to show people again, that you’re in the moment, you’re busy. Right, they could just go out and start their car you know from the office and just do it outside and then come back and send their videos out but leverage that. That’s always there and that’s the best place you can start is sitting in your car and record a handful of videos.

Thomas: I think that the thing is that people, if they get in the mindset of what you brought up earlier, it is a story and these are little chapters. You’re not trying to tell your entire story, so let’s talk about length of video. What’s an
appropriate length a video?

Jason:Great question! So what it is that we found is it’s a little bit about the type of video that you’re sending out so when you’re first communicating your sphere of influence and you’re starting with video, you want to limit your videos to a minute or less. The reason why is, you have not established trust with your sphere of influence that you’re providing real value in that minute and then why this is important.

People are busy and admit it when you think about it, time is a lot. Especially when that average time someone spends on an email is seconds. So someone opens an email, they spend eight seconds and they read.That’s the average attention span in the inbox and why that’s sad is the average attention span of a goldfish is twelve seconds. So sadly we’re doing worse in our attention span instead of a goldfish. But you got 8 seconds to draw someone in and if you ask for much more time than a minute in those initial videos, people aren’t going to give it to you.

So you got to limit it to a minute but the good news is once you’ve established that trust, once you’ve shown them that you’re providing the real value, you’re talking to them as you’re sharing important points, you can then extend that on beyond the minute and go 2 minutes, 2 1/2 minutes and they’re going to engage with you. So that’s that. They don’t talk about this, there’s no magic number but in the beginning you got to keep it less than a minute, establish that trust because every video you send, you’re training them to watch the next video.

Thomas: Right

Jason: So don’t start with a five minute monologue to your sphere of influence…

Thomas: Right

Jason: People are not going to engage with you. Build the trust, then you can go in. So with one person, we can handle sending out up to an hour long video. We don’t limit our users on how long the videos can be. In that way so, one of things we’ve seen is people sending walk-through of a home.

We had one user who was working with someone living out of an R.V. traveling the country,
wanted a mountain property and he couldn’t do Face Time, they couldn’t do a live show through their phone so he recorded a 15minute video showing the entire property, got back to WIFI, that’s it, you know, upload a fifteen minute video on WIFI ; that will crush your data, got it uploaded, sent it out and the person bought the property sight unseen. Just doing the 15-minute video shot on the spot. So you can send longer video but again but again establish the trust and then grow with it.

Thomas:OK, so we’re what I’m hearing you say is work them up to it by showing that you’re not wasting their time essentially and each time you know these are wealth thought out as well, the purpose and what I’m trying to accomplish initially I’m trying to accomplish it in a minute or less.

Jason: Right, so a great way to start out to establish that trust is gratitude. Just send people a thank you. When you do that and you share gratitude with your sphere of influence, that creates an emotional connection and once you’ve created that emotional connection then you’re going
to trust you that much more. So think user or ways of showing gratitude and happy birthdays or home anniversaries are the best way to get started with people.

Thomas: That’s a great idea.

Jason: Because they really want to hear it. ‘You’re awesome and I really appreciate you as a human being’. We all want to hear that and that makes us feel good. It makes us feel good saying it. Sharing a happy birthday was someone instantly you stood out because we are in the world of H.B.D. you know, happy birthday we can’t even type it out anymore of Facebook. So your wall’s fills up with a bunch of a HBDs or silly means. When you take the time and say ‘hey I really appreciate you know I am glad you were born, glad you’re here on earth with me and that we get to share life together, happy birthday’.

That’s a meaningful message and then home anniversaries, every single person in your sphere of influence, you should send a video to you on their home anniversaries because it’s likely you haven’t communicated with them in the last 6 months or 8 months and just say ‘hey I’m so glad you guys are in your property. Can’t believe it’s been 5 years since you’ve been there. Just remember I’m always here to help. You don’t always need me in the in between but when you do need something, I’m here as a resource’. That simple, you can share that message.

Thomas:I’ll share a couple things I use it for recently is right after New Year, I sent out a ‘you’re not bugging me’ video and I let everyone know that I’m in between selling and listing homes I’m here as a resource for you so you know don’t hire that contractor until you check with me and see who I can recommend to you. Don’t do those three projects until we can establish a priority list because they might not all bring the same return on investment. So use me as a counselor or as a resource in between the transactions because that’s what I’m here for and to remind people that you’re not bugging me by calling me to do that.
Another thing I use ‘Bomb Bomb’ for is my weekly listing updates. That is just sending them stats typed out I include a quick video to summarize my report of the week and then I give them the details in the text. So that if I have someone that prefers to just hear my report, they’re done they don’t need to read it. But if I have you know more of an engineer mind they’ve got all the graphs in the numbers. But I find that people are
responding to that because they like the fact that they’re hearing my voice and they’re seeing me and it’s not just this
generic thing that’s going out that anyone could be sending quite frankly.

Jason: Absolutely! It is making you memorable. Right, that’s the key thing when we think about the marketing and storytelling and all these things and I know you know we worked with agents for a long time and I have sat and talked with a lot of agents and one of the things I always hear, ‘it is so overwhelming, so much, where do I get started’.

What’s the most important thing, what’s the next right step and to me it’s about this idea that you’re talking about just being memorable and sharing for your sphere of influence and not being so focused on the next lead and the next and the next transaction and caring about the people that got you to the point where you’re at. So when you do that and you and you create that interaction and the beauty is ‘Bom Bom’ makes it simple. Right, that’s our goal. We should be making this easy for you. So instead of spending a bunch of time to edit and do all the work, you know it’s 30 minutes of your week and you’re doing it once a month. That’s going to make an impact on your business.this is going to lead to bigger refferal, repeat of business which is what agents are really looking to grow and it’s going that’s the best way to scale your business, to scale your sphere of influence.

Thomas: Well, I learned through the last great depreciation of the market that the way to recession-proof your business is to maintain the relationships of the people that you’ve sold to in the past and always be there for them.

This is a like you were saying a very simple way to to remind them that you care about them more than just the transaction, the relation. You’re saying, ‘happy birthday, hey it’s five years in your house, I bet you didn’t realize today is your anniversary’. Or you know, here’s some interesting information I found out in summary about this big new tax law that got passed. But you know but let me break it down for you in a minute or less. You know, type of thing, so but those are the things that we do to strengthen the relationships. I was told ‘I want to be your family doctor’. You know you’re not always sick so you don’t always need me but you might need me for advice in between being sick and when you’re sick isn’t it good to know that not only I know what I’m doing but I know you, which makes me know what I’m doing even better because I know who you are.

Jason: Yea! Absolutely, we apply it to Gary Vaynerchuk principle, i don’t know how many of your listeners listen to Gary Vaynerchuk. But it came out in the book several years ago that really does finds the content marketing role “Jab,Jab, Jab’ and the idea saying that you can’t just lay and hoaxed all of the time,you can’t always be asking for the business.

Thomas: Right.

Jason: When we talk to real estate agents who have always a kind of think about that you know anyone, I’m always here. Always asking, always hooking, you’re going to get a bit of fatigue. So the way to get around that is providing the jabs right. The jbs are those value adds. Jabs are the things that are there’s no ask behind it, it is purely just real value that’s being meaningful that’s focusing on the relationship and you’ll find also as an agent, when you’re jabbing and bending the hook, you’re more fit, you’re more ready to get to know Boxer comes out just playing the hook every single time.

Thomas: Right

Jason:You got to know where your jabs fit in and if you’re always just asking, asking, asking, that’s just the noise of the world and people are tired of it.

Thomas: Well you raised a great point because you know, I’m getting back to like when you mention about the birthday video or an anniversary video, something that’s personal should remain personal I don’t ask for business when I send someone a birthday wish. I don’t put my business card in a birthday card I might put it in a thank you note but I’m not going to put it in something like a wedding anniversary or the house anniversary.

Maybe I might do that because it’s business related but the birthday is so that they get like you’re saying they get the jabs and the hooks, they understand that you’re both a professional but also a person.

Jason: So that’s the business right. That is real estate is a relational business. That’s right and you can’t predict that because it’s going to be the thing that
you said build you and scale you, inside the goals that you’re looking to achieve.

Thomas:Well Jason I appreciate everything you’ve shared with our listeners and our viewers. We’re going to continue the conversation for a few more minutes for Youtube and video audience but we’re going to close out the audio portion of the podcast. So I want to give you an opportunity to re identify and let people know how to get a hold of you if they want more information about ‘Bomb Bomb’.

Jason: Yea, absolutely and thanks for the time. Hope I spend valuable – hope you guys got some nuggets that will really help inspire you as we head into 2018 and using the videos and ‘Bomb Bomb’ is going to be one of the tools that you would to upload that. You go a bomb bomb.com Get some of the free trial there 14 days test all this out, really see how it works, get it downloaded on your phone. Get the process going so moving forward, we’ve got a great team of people here that would kind of help you go through that process. So head over to bomb bomb.com. Course go to Facebook, like us there. We are always creating new content to help you elevate your video games. I always want to you help you be better on the video. So if you’re looking for resources check those out and then finally our blog bomb bomb.com/blog is a great resource written with tons of value just to help you get a sense of some of the key ways that you could be leveraging videos successfully in your business.

Thomas: Awesome! Just to be safe it’s bomb bomb.com. We’re saying ‘Bomb Bomb. Just don’t talk about it on an airplane. Folks My name is Thomas J. Nelson I’m a residential realtor here in beautiful San Diego California, where I’m never too busy for your referrals and you can find me on conveniently named

thomasjnelsonrealtor.com Facebook and LinkedIn or the other two places you’ll find me most often online. You can do the old fashioned thing and call me or text me at 858-2328722. We appreciate you stopping by the podcast this week. We will be back with another fantastic guest next week. For those of you watching, come join us on YouTube or wherever you watch your videos, we’ll continue the conversation there but for now that we’re saying goodbye and thank you for listening. Bye bye.


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