#127 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Liat Siegel We Discuss Home Staging & Facebook Advertising

In this episode we have Liat Siegel as your special guest. Liat is experience interior designer who has worked with a number of real estate agents connected to successfully staging properties and helping both the agent and their clients get a amazing RIO results.

She now works with a number of boutique hotels and helping them also to get amazing results.

We also discuss her recent appearance on the “The Art of Paid Traffic” podcast hosted by Rick Mulready which is one leading podcasts that gives direct advice on how to use Facebook paid advertisement .

Liat Siegel, owner and founder of Hadar Interiors, provides luxury design & cutting-edge technology for higher performance, faster, and better results. An innovative 21st Century interior design firm, they help re-design commercial spaces to meet both esthetic, branding and business needs, as well as transforming their clients’ dysfunctional homes into gorgeous escapes.


Saving you time and money. She is also a great businesswoman, implementing business strategies for her clients’ designs, for bigger and faster return on their investments. Liat’s Hotelier Lounge podcast is dedicated to innovating and increasing CLTV in the Hotel industry.

Liat has partnered with companies and professionals from across the US and abroad. Her team includes *World Wide International* with over 30 years of experience and offices in the UK and the US. They’ve been doing it all from construction to architecture and design. Building everything from luxury residential to commercial spaces including complex projects such as hotels.

Another powerful member and partner are QT&CD, an emerging cutting-edge project management company based out of TX, including members with over 20 yrs of construction, finance, & engineering experience. Taking on some of the worst post-hurricane rebuilding efforts this country has ever seen, plus, effectively bringing our offices to two of the four largest cities in the US.

HI are innovators in the design industry, their dedication to providing powerful frameworks that are tailored to their customers’ needs, along with the well-rounded knowledge and experience that their partners bring to the table, Hadar Interiors customers receive a level of service that is virtually unrivaled.

While Liat loves talking about business, empowering women and/or having a meaningful deep and spiritual conversation, she also loves Jazz, a cool glass of bubbly sweet wine and dancing into the night – a true free spirit and a fun, approachable person. She won’t bite!

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