#122 Mail Right: We Talk About Improving Your Client’s Credit Rating Score

Eran SinaiEran Sinai is the COO of Consumer Guardian Law (Credit Repair & Monitoring: finding & correcting the damage) and the CEO of ID Cyber Center

(Cyber Security & Identity Theft Protection); both which are on a mission to fight Identity Theft and Credit issues in the United States.

Eran shares some great tips on repairing damaged credit, dealing with the IRS and Cyber Crime hacks. There’s greatr advice in this episode folks, we’re all subject to deal with it at some point in our lives; be in the know.

Eran Sinai prides himself on being one of America’s forerunners in consumer protection, with 20 years of experience in finance, debt, credit, and cyber security. A pioneer in new technology and advocate for justice, he founded a cyber security and insurance company after his wife experienced medical identity theft.

His background in working with the Government of Israel, Ministry of Defense and alongside the Federal Reserve has lent him a wealth of knowledge, in addition to attending college in NYC on soccer scholarship, later gaining a Ph.D. Commercial and International Law.

He can be found around San Diego, on the radio (Radio Show Host Monday Live @ 5PM “ Common Sense with Eran Sinai” live on ESPN 1700am) or on national T.V. or doing what he is passionate about; educating consumers on their rights, and what is going on in the world, so that all the jargon and noise of the news can be turned into simple common sense.

Eran Sinai, 
O: (855) 829-6097
F:  (702) 938-4113