#121 Mail-Right Show We Talk SEO (Search Engine Optimization) That Increases Leads

SEO & Marketing Experts Tammy & Tim Emineth of Personal SEO, based in Seattle, WA join us on episode 121 of the Podcast this week. Tammy is a prominent blogger on ActiveRain.com, home to almost 300,000 real estate professionals that blog, share info and network across North America!
We discuss topics like:

Is Your Website Prepared for Your Business?
Are you selling yourself or just providing information?
Does your website pass the 5-second test ?
Blogging: is NOT DEAD. Those that blog on a regular basis gain 50% more leads on average. But, it’s what you’re blogging on that matters.
Lead generating blog posts are usually: very local and very niche focused.
If a blog post or article is noteworthy, some big name blog or website will pick it up and run with it.
Low Quality vs. High Quality Content – Smart Blogging

Outsourcing internet marketers away from USA; Google is looking for you either have to pay a reputable company to write it correctly for you or do it yourself. What type of information is Google looking for?

Google wants what the people want; authoritative information that gives the user a great experience while they are on your web page or website AND info that’s clear, concise and answers a question. Having images, video, and breaking up the content into sizable chunks, all help the reader answer a solution or solve a problem.

Google Wants Content, But People Get Bored…
We have to write for people and market for search engines.
Avoid Thin Content. You have to write the way people can understand and comprehend but also relate.
Don’t Over optimize key words.


Ranking Means Nothing if your Conversion Rate is Low
So how is an individual real estate agent suppose to compete with Zillow, Homes, Realtor.com? Get REAL followers from people THAT KNOW YOU. 3000 likes on a Facebook page AND #1 on Google for a keyword
One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is hiring a company that does not write legitimate content.
From here, you need to promote not only your website but the great content you do create.
It’s also important to gather back links from various sources.
Gaining Backlinks and Properly Sharing Your Posts and Website
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If you choose to link to a page, do it because it makes sense, not to just throw a link in there. Google will discount those unnatural links and you will have wasted your time. Other links beside your own and Social Media.
Which Social Media Should I Be Using?
For instance, let’s say you sell real estate in Columbus Ohio. That’s a big market to try and tackle so until you can be trusted with the big, go for the small. Focus on smaller places around Columbus until you mastered that online then move on. Don’t try to conquer all of them at once. It just won’t work as fast.
Expanding Your Online Presence for More Business
It’s getting harder and harder to rise above the competition but it can be done. It takes time and commitment. It’s consistency. It’s being in front of your audience all the time, never letting more than a few days go by without them knowing who you are, what you do and where you do it.
Tammy & Tim Emineth
Tammy: 425-344-0677 | Tim: 425-443-8372

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