#120 Mail-Right Show: We Interviewing Debbie Drum

Debbie Drum is New Yorker and a best-selling author of books like Read Better Faster , she’s a blogger, she’s a Publishing Coach, marketing expert and software developer. Wow! Debbie Drum is also the creator of a way to sell more books called Read Better Fastera very powerful tool that helps authors get more reviews for their books.

Debbie’s journey got started when she Googled the phrase “how to make money online” in 2010. She made her first money publishing books in 2011 and she grew her audience with a simple strategy: She published a book a week in several different marketplaces and gained traction as people discovered her through her work.

“We live in a social (media) world and read reviews for everything.” Debie Drum.

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Debbie currently has over 50 products that you can buy related to Internet marketing, book publishing and marketing videos. We discuss in detail the need to focus on niches with your message, your marketing and your books. Be very clear on whom you are targeting; your audience is not “everybody” it’s “somebody specific”. That’s who you write to, that’s whom you send video messages to, that’s what the focus of your marketing needs to be.

With almost 20 years in sales, we found Debbie Drum to be sharp and quite savvy about her products and their applications, her sage advice and full spectrum of marketing experience.

This translates to any entrepreneur in sales based business (which is all of you); this is not just great advice for would be authors, but for all small businesses wishing to discover the “riches in the niches”.

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