103 Mail-Right Show We Explain 1031 Exchange And How It Can Help Your Clients

Whenever, I discuss strategies with investors, I know right away how adept they are as an investor by the response I get from dropping the 1031 Exchange into the conversation. They either jump right in on that or they look at me as if I suddenly started speaking Japanese to them.

The 1031 Exchange is a wonderful tax deferred event investors take advantage of when they sell an investment property and “exchange” it for another, or several other income generating properties:

  • Houses
  • Condos
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Oil Wells
  • Billboards
  • Etc.

It saves them a huge tax event when they sell/buy or reverse exchange (buy/sell) income property. Our guest today on the show is a gentleman who our co-host Thomas J. Nelson, Realtor has worked with in the past to assist his investor clients perform 1031 Exchanges.


William “Bill” L. Exeter is the CEO and President of The Exeter 1031 Exchange Service and one of the few that can not only serve you in all 50 United States, but internationally too!

1031 Exchanges defer the taxable event of selling (with gain) on your investment property (as you may know, investment properties are taxed at a higher rate than personal property).

Bill walks us through the:

  • Why you would or would not choose to do one.
  • Property Types that qualify.
  • The Time Frames and Deadlines that govern a 1031 Exchange.
  • Understanding the process.
  • The do’sdon’ts and rules of 1031 Ex.
  • Strategies and opportunities the 1031 Exchange provides.

Bill is quite knowledgeable with over 35 years of 1031 Exchange experience and he generously shares that knowledge with us on today’s Podcast. If you own or plan to own rental or other income property, this show is a must!

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