102 Mail-Right Show We Interview San Diego Property Inspector Glenn Kleint

In episode #102, our special guest is San Diego Property Inspector Glenn Kleint. Glenn served in the U.S. Coast Guard before becoming a property inspector and he offers military and first responders a discount on his services. He also happens to be the trusted inspector for our shows co-host, Thomas J. Nelson.

“I met Glenn when he was fairly new in the industry and gave him a shot due to my inspector of over a decade planning to retire. Glenn caught my attention due to his involvement with his coaching through Buffini & Company , a professional coaching company I’ve belonged to my entire 18+year career.” -Thomas J. Nelson, Realtor.


Glenn explains in this episode:

Why hire an inspector to begin with.
What to expect them to inspect and not to inspect in your home.
What they do if they discover an issue.
How reports are broken down
Common myths and expectations of the client cleared up.
Special tools and tech that make Glenn unique.
Certifications that Glenn has taken upon himself to acquire.
Much more!
Glenn services include all of San Diego County and part of Riverside County. He can also refer you to a great inspector in your area if you live elsewhere.


Inspect-It 1st® Property Inspection – San Diego
Before You Buy or Sell, Inspect-It 1st
Office: (619) 905-0110
Email: gkleint@inspectit1st.com
Web: http://sandiego-miramar.inspectit1st.com


Glenn is also the author of Offerings of Shiloh a Novel

Book Capture ShilohFormat/Genre: Historical Fiction – Actions are historically correct, characters are fictitious
Shiloh – A Brief History
⦁ American Civil War Battle
⦁ April 6th and 7th, 1862 (Sunday and Monday)
⦁ Southwestern Tennessee – on the Tennessee River, equidistant from Memphis and Nashville
⦁ 23,746 casualties in 48 hours – more than the combined total of all the nation’s wars to that date
⦁ I visited Shiloh in 2006 – most gorgeous and eerie place I’ve ever been, and I’ve been to all the major Civil War sites
⦁ This is a story of the “Average Joe” soldiers who fought and died at Shiloh – I mention historical figures (Grant, Sherman, Johnston) only in passing, because the average soldier didn’t know who they were anyway
⦁ The is a gritty, down to the ground level view of horror and honor and the split seconds between being a part of the world and the dawn of forever

Available on:
⦁ Paperback – Amazon
⦁ Kindle – Amazon
⦁ Published in 2012, book took 5 years to write, edit and complete

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