093 Mail-Right Show We Discuss Property Management Pitfalls and Red Flags to Avoid

Neil Fjellestad puts the “F” in FBS Property Management, one of San Diego’s most sought after property Management companies.
Neil touches on so many great points in this episode:
Is Buy & Hold Investing for you?
Choosing the right kind of property to invest in.
How to evaluate the property.
Treating tenants like customers.
Pitfalls, Mistakes, and Red Flags to avoid.
Why Realtors want to partner with a great PM Company
Neil, has 45 years of experience as a Real Estate Broker and Property Manager, his advice is timeless while his techniques are quite “today”.
If you own rental property or plan to invest in some; this is your show to learn from.

Website:        http://www.fbs-pm.com

LinedIn:        https://www.linkedin.com/in/neilfjellestad

More About Neil
Property Management Pitfalls and Red Flags to AvoiI have enjoyed a diverse entrepreneurial career in real estate for more than four decades. My business ventures and industry assignments have taken me all over the United States. My real-world experience continues to bring me satisfaction through the ongoing management of people and property.

My passion for learning has allowed me a nationwide opportunity to write and speak. In the classroom, I try to be an educator that respectfully challenges his students, advocates change and instills an appetite for excellence.

I stay very involved with my business interests though my partners and associates do most of the heavy-lifting. Their combined competence and motivation to invest their careers in our company allow me the freedom to act as an advisory to outside companies and non-profit organizations.

It was my privilege to design the curriculum and teach “Principles of Residential Property Management” as SDSU FINANCE 496. Offered for Spring 2014 and completed for grade by 30 students this course was well received and hopefully will return as a popular course at SDSU.

Specialties: My current assignments usually involve ongoing help with strategic planning, marketing campaigns, performance management and leadership development. I also enjoy being a SDSU Faculty member of the Finance Department in the College of Business Administration.