092 Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show With Special Guest Matthew Miale

Whether you are a real estate agent or a small business owner in general, Episode 92 is an important one.
Matthew Miale is a Keller Williams Top Producer and the founder of REProphet.com which is a software APP designed to help you work within your budget, pay your taxes with ease and even plan for retirement…(if you don’t , who will)?

We discuss being bottom line focused vs. top of the line celebrated. We discern between Gross Profits and Net Profits and how to have a budget so you’re not in tax debt or going bankrupt when you receive your #1 in Production Awards (yes, it happens).
Check out this important discussion with Matt Miale, The RE Prophet!
Matthew Miale
Phone: 860-539-2255
Mobile: 860-539-2255
Office: 860-313-0700
REProphet.com and http://www.themialeteam.com/