091 Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show With Special Guest Rachel Kupin, EA.

Do you own a small business? (Hint, if you are a Realtor, you own a small business). Then you’ll want to listen to this! We have Tax Expert Rachel Ivanovich from Easy Life Management located in Carlsbad,CA. ELM services an international business community.
Rachel and her team are one of the most sought after bookkeeping and tax preparation companies on the West Coast, certainly in San Diego! Rachel shares her advice, red flags and best practices for preparing for and filing your taxes.
We discuss and dispel many misconceptions when it comes to taxes.
  • What do I need to consider when filing taxes?
  • Life changes (marriage, babies, buying a house) = call your Tax Preparer
  • We discuss some of the red flag areas on a self employed tax return and how to best substantiate these items.
  • Is having a home office really a red flag?
  • How do I write off my car and mileage?
  • How can I save for retirement if I’m self employed?
  • What can I do right now to save money on my taxes, ie., Health Savings account, IRA and what are the funding deadlines?
  • My kids are costing me a fortune…what kind of write off can I get for them?
  • What happens if I file and extension and how do I do that?
  • Tips and (tricks) to maximizing your deductions!

Rachel Teresa Ivanovich, MBA, EA.

Easy Life Management

3088 Pio Pico Drive Ste 201

Carlsbad CA 92008