076 Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show ActiveRain Q&A Episode

In Episode 76, we take it back to the trenches of real estate and answer more featured questions from the ActiveRain.com blog site. ActiveRain is the largest real estate agent & industry blog site in North America, where close to 300,000 real estate professionals and support services gather daily to exchange information, opinions and help each other solve challenges through blogging, Q&A and Meetup Groups.

The questions in today’s show are trending as some of the most asked questions by real estate sales agents in the last few weeks, from all across the U.S. and Canada. Jonathan Denwood & Thomas J. Nelson, Realtor offer their expert opinions from both the tech point of view and the experiential lessons of trial & error.

Jonathan Denwood is a website developer, Facebook consultant, based in Carson City, NV and the founder of both Mail-Right.com and the Real estate Agent Podcast. (775) 237-3884, or by email at info@mail-right.com

Thomas J. Nelson, Realtor is a veteran of CA real estate as an investor, property manager & Realtor with a CRS designation. He’s operated businesses in both The S.F. Bay Area and San Diego. Reach Thomas at 858-232-8722 or through email at TJN@ThomasJNelsonRealtor.com / www.ThomasJNelsonRealtor.com


Do you use a CRM? Why or why not? Which one? Have you used others?

Top Producer:          http://www.topproducer.com/

Contactually:           https://www.contactually.com/

Follow Up Boss:      https://www.followupboss.com/

REthink:                   http://res.rethinkcrm.com/


Is anyone using Cloud CMA? Pros & Cons?


Is anyone using Video Email?

Is anyone using Send Out Cards?


Should Realtors have a YouTube Channel and if so how would you use it to lead generate?

Do you send an electronic/email newsletter? If so, which newsletter have you found to get the highest click rates, best interact with clients, and bring new business?

How Do you monetize your blog?

What is the best lead generation software or service?

What are your essential apps of the year?

I have decided to build my own website using WordPress. What theme do you suggest? Drop and drag? What plugins do you use for CRM? Automatic drip campaigns, how?

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