075 Mail-Right Real Estate Agent: Show With Special Guest Rick Itzkowich

Rick ItzkowichJust when you thought you couldn’t learn anything more about LinkedIn, we bring you Rick I “The LinkedIn Guy”. Rick Itzkowich is a master trainer for LinkedIn, the inventor of QuoteActions, Author, International Speaker, Vistage Chair and professional trainer and entrepreneur.

In Episode 75, Rick shows us that not only is LinkedIn still very relevant; it’s essential whether you are a B2B or B2C networker. It’s a great way to bring referrals every week to your networking group and to create good will amongst your strategic partners.

Rick dispels some common mistakes people make and misconceptions they have for LinkedIn’s best practices as well as offers some great tips to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile.



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Are you a CEO, President or owner of a company with $2 to $10 million in revenues? Do you feel isolated and need unbiased business advice? Tired of paying consultants to tell you what they think you want to hear? As a CPA, attorney or banker, do you have clients with 10 to 25 employees who you know could use help in becoming better CEOs?

As a former CEO and business owner of two successful companies, one manufacturing and the other in professional development, I’ve logged more than 30,000 hours of corporate facilitation. When I started my current business of training people on how to monetize LinkedIn, I missed working directly with C-level executives.

Vistage International has asked me to build a CEO Peer Advisory Group in San Diego. This offers me a perfect blend for my entrepreneurial spirit, product development knowledge, and facilitation experience.

I’ve been there — trying to balance my business, time and personal life. I bring an understanding of real world CEO pains to the advisory groups I lead. With Vistage International, the world’s leading chief executive organization with over 17,000 members in 16 countries, stressed-out CEOs can quit making decisions in a vacuum. Become a better leader, make better decisions and achieve better results!


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Rick Itzkowich
Rick Itzkowich Consulting

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