071 Mail-Right Question & Answer ActiveRain Show

Firstly, we hope you and your family had a great and peaceful Thanksgiving weekend.

In this episode we do something different. My co-host, Thomas J. Nelson, is a big user of ActiveRain, which is the leading Real Estate industry forum and discussion online area. He suggested that we look at some of the most popular questions that appear on ActiveRain over the past 6 months and see if we help answer any of them..

I thought it was a fantastic idea because Thomas has almost 20 years as an active and successful Real Estate agent and I can handle any web or online marketing questions that might come up during the show.

We received 20 questions from ActiveRain and we answered five questions during the 40 minutes of the show. Thomas did a fantastic job of answering the questions we had time for based on his deep extensive knowledge of the industry! Here they are:

1 – Do you buy leads? If so where do you buy from? If not, why not? What are good methods for Real Estate agents to find homebuyer and seller leads in the fall and winter once the housing market cools off?

2 – One week before closing on a higher-end listing, appraisal comes in, very late, at 4% below purchase price. Seller will only move forward if you “chip in” and reduce your fee. Your response?

3 – If a former client asked to pick your brain because they’re planning to “For Sale By Owner” their house . . . how would you respond?

4 – What’s better, having a Vlog or having a Blog?

5 – How often do you meet people thinking of or looking to get a Real Estate license in this market? If you are asked how to get it and if it is a good time to be a Real Estate agent, what will you say?

We would love some feedback from you the listener telling us what you thought of this type of format. We also plan to do more on the video side of Real Estate marketing using Facebook live in the New Year.