070: We Talk About Sells Talk With Special Guest Darren Cecil

2531465We have a great episode here with our guest Darren Cecil. Darren is an expert sales trainer with over 20 years experience working with a number of companies and individuals. We discuss “the language of the sell” and how talking the right talk with your prospects is so important.

Darren reckons that the sales process is a bit like dating and if you are going to be successful your languages will have to match. Basically, there three main communication styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic, and it’s really important to communicate in the style that your possible new client prefers. Unfortunately a lot of Real Estate agents don’t understand these fundamental points and so they speak only one type of sales language to their prospects. This tends to lead to misunderstanding and frustration.

Our conversation then goes into another linked area of the sales process that all Real Estate agents need to know: TA (transactional analysis theory), and the parent, adult and child framework that is part of us all. Thesa are key parts of any selling process.

Darren points out that if you want a possible lead to turn into a signed client you really have to be talking to the child because the adult will be suspicious and want to say no to almost any agreement placed in front of them.

If this sounds a bit strange then really must listen to the episode because there’s a reason why some people are just so much better at selling than others. I personally feel that some agents just understand some of these key differences in how to use language and how the subconscious really controls our buying choices!

Here’s Darren’s contact details below and he is more then happy to chat with any of listeners who want to know more about improving their sales abilities.


Darren Cecil