069: We Have a Fantastic Interview Here with the Tyler Zey Co-Founder of Easy Agent Pro

tylerWe have a fantastic interview here with the Tyler Zey, co-founder of Easy Agent Pro . What can I say about this interview? Tyler is just great at cutting through all the online marketing nonsense and getting to the key things that will work for agents in 2016.

Tyler and his team have built a really effective website platform solution at a price any serious professional agent can consider. Their solution is based on WordPress and they have highly customized it so it offers a number of high-value elements. These elements aim at directly helping agents get quality leads from their website investment.

In this very broad discussion we go from why so many real estate agent websites are ineffective to what the social media properties are that really work for real estate agents and which ones you should forget about for generating real leads.

I was really impressed with Tyler’s industry insights and his ability to explain quite complicated marketing subjects in a clear and totally understandable way.

You really need to listen to this show if you are an agent who is looking to increase your book of business in 2017.

Easy Agent Pro is a proud sponsor of the Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Show and Mail-Right is totally happy to endorse this great lead-generation system developed. by Tyler and his team.

About Tyler

Tyler Zey is the co-founder of Easy Agent Pro. A website that educates over 100,000 real estate agents monthly via it’s blog and YouTube channel. He’s appeared on Inman news, RIS Media, And presented at most major brokerages in the US. His passion is real estate marketing and lead generation.

What Your Favorite Motivation or Business Books?


Can You List 3 to 5 Life Success or Leadership Principles?

I really only have one principle for our company. And that is Kaizen.

Definition: Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement. When used in the business sense and applied to the workplace, kaizen refers to activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers.

Our only goal everyday is to get 1% better. 1% better at follow up. 1% better at blogging. 1% better at video. 1% better on the product.

Over weeks/months, we find this the best method for achieving big things.



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