068: We Talk To Ben Andrews of the Willamette Realty Group

In this episode we have a great guest with a fantastic personal story of success:Ben Andrews of the Willamette Realty Group.

Ben was facing the total collapse of his brokerage in Portland, Oregon at the beginning of the Great Recession.With the strong help of his wife he had built a successful real estate agent business. However, there was a problem: his wife was the people person of the act and Ben did most of the online and backroom stuff of the agency.

When his wife got pregnant and was not available to be the business’ chief front-end person, and with only $1000 in the bank the business was facing collapse.

Ben was depressed and was actively looking at a different career path then he decided he couldn’t just walk away from all the hard work both he and his wife had invested in the business over the previous years.

So what did he do? He decided to call the top twenty of his clients and ask them what they thought he should do!

Semi-crazy really but also very insightful! The advice he got wasn’t that easy to listen to. Basically, clients didn’t enjoy working with Ben. They felt he was always in a rush and didn’t really listen too much to their wants and needs. They all said that what they all loved about Ben’s wife was she always made them feel listened to and she acted on their instructions and needs.

This is when Ben realized he had to change his personal attitude and also how the business actually worked. We are now eight years down the road and Ben managed to keep the business going during the bad years between 2008 and 2012. He now has one of the fastest-growing brokerages in Portland.

Listen to this great interview and find out how Ben turned the business around and what are some of the key things he learned over the past eight years. You really will learn a lot by listening to this great interview!!