067: Why Is WordPress Such A Great Website Building Took If You Are An Real Estate Agent?

In this episode Thomas J. Nelson and I talk all about what I personally feel is the most powerful and flexible platform for an agent to build an effective online presence: WordPress. We also have great special guest Jackie D’Elia of Jackie D’Elia Design, a great WordPress designer/developer who has extensive experience building websites for power agents and brokers for many years and has been a real estate broker herself.

We go into some detail on why WordPress is such an excellent platform for a real estate agent website, as well as discuss the key mistakes that a lot of agents make when considering what platform is right for them as they build their website.

However, full custom designed and built WordPress websites are not cheap. You are looking at anything from a $5.000 to $10.000 investment. We explain how it is still possible to justify such an investment in 2016.

A successful, professional agent needs to understand that in 2016 most of the visitors to their website are using smartphones or tablets with probably a much smaller number using a traditional laptop or desktop then even a couple of years ago.

If you are looking for a fully custom, high quality WordPress website I can totally recommend Jackie D’Elia of Jackie D’Elia Design.