066: We Talk About Local SEO With John Locke Plus The Show Has A New Co-Host!

John Locke, of Lockedown Design returns to help finish our discussion of local SEO (search engine optimization). I just thought this is such an important subject that we needed more time to discuss the it. I also introduce my new co-host Thomas J. Nelson who is a very experienced real estate agent based in San Diego, CA. Thomas is replacing Jayson Bates, who couldn’t continue as my co-host on the podcast for family reasons.

I would just like to say I really appreciate Jayson’s help connected to the podcast and I really look forward to working with Thomas as we work to make the Mail-Right-Real Estate Agent Show one of the leading podcasts in the industry.

this episode we revisit local SEO (search engine optimization) and look at some of the key areas connected to what is called “onsite SEO.” We discuss the things that you should blog about if you are a real estate agent which will really help you get excellent SEO with Google. We also look at why internal links are really important to Google and John gives some clear tips on how to best use internal link structures when you set up your website. We go back to why it’s so important to have “super-local content” on your website when it comes to a real estate business.

We finish off this fantastic two-part discussion of local SEO by explaining the value of local agents educating themselves so they can get some great results from their website.