065: Why SEO (search engine optimization) Is So Important You The Local Agent

In this episode we look at local SEO (search engine optimization) with my friend and great WordPress local SEO expert John Locke from Lockedown Design.

The bad news is that as a local agent you are not going to be able to compete with the leading industry websites like Zillow however the good news is that almost any agent can “out localize Zillow”. What do I mean with this term? Well, any locally-based agent should be able to write about the local community they are serving in a way that Zillow can never really effectively compete with.

John outlines why this fact is so powerful and also talks about how this helps you build the local backlinks that are so important connected to good SEO from Google.

We also talk about why Google Local Business Pages are really important when it comes to local SEO and why you need to claim this online page and fill in all the fields of this page with as much detail as possible. It’s totally free and a lot of agents don’t do this which is quite damaging to their local SEO position when it comes to local search.

We then talk about NAP (name, address, phone) and how getting these basic details correct over multiple local websites is so, so important when it comes local SEO. John recommends Mozz Local as an inexpensive tool ($84 per year) that will really help you get the right contact information across all the different directory websites like Yellow pages and Yelp.

Our next topic is review websites like Yelp and why they are so important when it comes to local SEO. John gives some excellent advice during the show on this particular subject. Overall, we cover a lot of ground in this episode connected to giving some clear guidelines and tips for getting the best local SEO results possible.