060: Special Guest Daniel Ahmadizadeh, CEO of Riley

Daniel Ahmadizadeh CEO and Co-founder of Riley I really enjoyed this interview with Daniel Ahmadizadeh CEO and Co-founder of Riley and he is only 24 years old! https://getrileynow.com/

Daniel is determined not to be a “Duck but to become a Cheetah” and I think he is well on the road to become that human Cheetah-type.. Riley seems to me to be a really cool service that any agent or brokerage that’s paying a load of money to online website portals should consider.

It’s been proven that speed of response is all-important if you want to turn online inquires into real leads. Every minute counts. Also, just having an automatic auto text or email responder system in place in 2016 won’t hack it anymore!

This is where Riley really pays-off in a big way. yYou will get a humanbeing that responds to a 9pm Saturday night online lead inquiry and does it in a really professional way.

In the second half of this great interview we also discuss why so many CRM (customer relationship management) systems are so terrible. There must be hundreds on the market at the present moment.

Here is some info about Daniel and his great company Riley!

Daniel Ahmadizadeh is working to revolutionize how consumers are informed and makedaniel choices. He co-founded Riley, a text-messaging based inbound sales assistant solution for real estate.

He recently was a part of the TED Residency’s first ever cohort and previously has worked as an associate for a venture capital firm in San Francisco, Major League Hacking, and two Y-Combinator backed organizations, CareMessage and Watsi.