055: An Interview With Kipp Chambers Director of Product Marketing at FullContact

Kipp Chambers Director of Product Marketing at FullContactWe have a great interview here with Kipp Chambers about what I personally feel is one of the most interesting and powerful services and apps on the market at the present moment FullContact. The app really helps real estate agents and mortgage brokers with the ongoing and painful problem of list building and database mining.

Every real estate agent’s career starts with a number of lessons from their broker’s training officer regarding the importance of building up a database of contacts. This is also a key element in the book that many see as the bible of the real estate industry: “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent”, by Gary Keller.

Basically, if you want a long-term career as a real estate agent you need to build a database of leads and then mine this database religiously. This is a fundamental part of 101 of effective real estate marketing. However, so many agents don’t have any real lists or central database. Is this because there really are no quality tools out there to help agents build lists and their database?

Not really, there are a number of high quality CRM systems (customer relationship management systems) on the market at the present moment aimed at helping real estate agents with this particular job. The one that I would highly recommend to any agent would be “Follow Up Boss.” However, I’m always amazed at the number of agents that we help daily, that don’t have any list building or centralized database system.

I’ve also had a lot of conversations with trainers in the industry who basically say that most agents are mostly lazy and won’t do the work necessary to build a database of contacts in their local sphere of influence.

I really don’t buy into this general expressed attitude. I personally feel that there is a more powerful deeper reason why so many agents don’t have any lists of local contacts which they can mine and use as a central part of their own online marketing strategy.

I’ve personally observed that almost all agents feel that they don’t do a great job of list building and database mining and collectively expressed the same wish that they could do a better job of this key task. However, they find that it difficult and this difficulty comes from getting the basic data into any type of CRMs.

This is where FullContent comes into play: it can totally automate how a possible lead can be added to a large number of CRMs.

In this great interview we go into some detail on how FullContact can really help most real estate kippagents in their list building requirements at an amazingly affordable price. If you want to move forward in 2016 connected to your real-estate career you really do need to listen to this interview!

Listeners can try out FullContact and get a month of Premium free – including real-time sync, daily updates, business card transcriptions, email signatures, and more – along with concierge onboarding to get them started on the right foot. Just:

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