052: We Discuss How An Agent Can Get the Most Out of Social Media in 2016

2-In this episode we look at social media and give some tips and tricks that have worked for us when using social media. One of the main challenges I’ve clearly seen is that a lot of agents are slightly intimidated by how to really use social media to  get quality leads.

I can totally understand this intimidation because you can really easily waste a lot of time on social media and get really nothing from all the time you spent online. However, on the other hand, you can get some really good results from the being online and using social media.

This is the total contradiction that comes of the medium. All I can say is it’s a balance. Clearly you can’t spend all day on social media but you have also got to understand that it’s a personal communication system and if you try and totally automate it won’t give you much in return.

What is really needed is a system where you automate the elements that you can which will allow you to concentrate on personalizing the areas of social media that really drive quality leads into your inbox!