107 Mail-Right Show We Interview Samantha Belzer of Lawyers Title

In Episode #107, Samantha Belzer of Lawyers Title joins us to not only talk title, but offer her take on the real estate market from a unique perspective. She brings both title and escrow experience to her business and clients and works for one of the more respected Title Companies in San Diego, CA.
In this discussion Samantha shares her expertise with us on title basics, best practices and real estate strategies. After all, she spends all day working with Realtors and she comes from a family of real estate industry professionals; so she’s learned a thing or two from San Diego’s best (sometimes worst) real estate professionals: the dos and don’ts of real estate.

We discuss:
  1. What is title insurance?
  2. Why do we need it and what does it do for us and who does it protect?
  3. When do we need it?
  4. Is it optional?
  5. Title seems to be a commodity, how does manage to stand out from the pack?
  6. What should Realtors expect from their title reps?
  7. What is the good the bad and the ugly in you see out in the real estate trenches?
You’ll walk away with a better understanding and appreciation of title insurance and your title reps in this episode! When you open a transaction with Lawyers Title Insurance, you are handing over more than a business deal; you are handing over your trust. Through a collective effort of coordination and collaboration, Samantha and her team ensure that your trust in us is well-founded.
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Samantha Belzer

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