#172 We Discuss Why Video Is The Way To Go In 2019 To Getting Leads


We Discuss Why Video Is The Way To Go In 2019 Connected To Getting Leads For Your Real Estate Business

Both Robert and I believe that you should be looking at using video in 2019 to market yourself effetely in your local area. If you are an up and coming real estate agent who’s looking to more successful next year, this is one semi-free marketing method that you should consider. With the latest smartphones, you have the ability in your pocket or handbag to make fantastic videos that with few tips and tricks that we discuss during this episode a real estate expert in your local community.

Jonathan Denwood: Welcome back folks to the Mail Right show, this is episode 172. It’s Thanksgiving week, I’ve got my great co-host Robert Newman with me. He’s already to supply you that golden, great dinner of Thanksgiving there with his family aren’t you Robert. Would you like to introduce yourself to the listeners?

Robert Newman: I’d love to, I’d love to. Hey, happy Thanksgiving everybody.

Jonathan Denwood: I don’t know what to say about that.

Robert Newman: I know you down. I like to keep you guessing every so often

Jonathan Denwood: You keep me on the edge, so I never know what I’m going to get every week with Robert.

Robert Newman: So, yeah guys, happy thanksgiving, thanks for listening to the show I really appreciate it. You can learn more about me if you really want to at inboundrem.com. I figure you’re a longtime listener at this point and you’re just a dedicated audience member and you know all about me. So, and if you don’t, I’m not hard to find.

Jonathan Denwood: And I’m the founder of Mail-Right, we are a suite of software services that give you space to using the power of Facebook. And if that sounds interesting book a chat with me on the mail right website and I’ll show you how it works. So, Robert, we’re going to have a little bit of a feast about VTO and YouTube. Would you like to start off Robert?

Robert Newman: Oh God, I would love to. So, if you’ve been doing any kind of marketing in 2018, you’ve been hearing over and over again that this year is the of year video and I couldn’t agree more, I couldn’t agree more! So, there’s a lot of reasons why video is so relevant. I’m just going to cover them if she listened to her other shows maybe you’ve heard this before, but I want to recap. So, the reason that video is so important is that Google is getting better and better and better at identifying user intention. That’s a fancy way of saying they’re taking user behavior is a stronger and stronger signal when it comes to ranking and sending traffic to your website. So what kind of content engages people for the longest period of time?

You guessed it, video! Something where people can watch and hear something. A blog post on average is read for about a minute and 30 seconds. If it contains a lot of images, maybe a little over two minutes, if it has a video, oftentimes people are watching a video on a page for about two minutes and 30 seconds and that’s the people that are identifying that they don’t want your content. Now, if they watch this video from end to end, they might be on your site for upwards of five or 10 minutes on this post.

Which is a huge signal to Google saying that you’ve got relevant content? So, at which affects all of your website’s SEO, Google actually uses video signals for a lot of other things these days. You can geolocate them, which means that they can identify, are you a local video content producer for real estate? This is incredibly relevant. You can actually outcompete Trulia and Zillow rather easily with video if you add a transcript to the video, Google reads this transcript. That’s just what you said in the geolocate it. And then last but not least, Google has made some changes in terms of if ye video typed out, right, and then you’d give it to Google. But they figured that you’re going to get your translation right, and so what they do is they give you extra credit points that you don’t even know about and they say, we now have established a page of traditional content along with this video, so videos are a powerhouse of marketing.

Jonathan Denwood: Robert your sound has just disappeared slightly, I still hear you, but it’s gone faint.

Robert Newman: Okay, so, video is just a powerhouse of SEO ranking capabilities. You could even just do a VLOG these days. Neil Patel and a lot of the most famous marketers in the world have gone to a primary video only format and experienced huge gains and increases across their website properties from having done. So, I personally utilize leverage video on every single blog post that I do, taking the time to do the video myself. So that’s my super long introduction to the video. Is there something that you’d like to say about video? John, before we…

Jonathan Denwood: Well I’ve got a question the Geo-tagging, can you go into that a bit about what that’s about. Cause I totally agree with what you’ve just said about how using video and agents can really take on Zillow and the big boys now. So, can you go into a little bit more detail about this Geo tagging business?

Robert Newman: Sure, absolutely! So, at the time that you produce a video or an image these days your phone, your mobile phone, or most devices actually are including what they’re calling metadata, it is data that is surrounding the image that is not the image itself. An example of metadata is going to be when was the picture taken, right? Because your phone has a timer on it. Another thing that most people don’t realize is that the phone itself, if you’ve got your location tracker turned on, Geo Tags the place that the image of the video was taken. So, let’s just say that you’re in a Cape Corral, right? Which is from Florida and you’re walking into a neighborhood and you happen to be filming yourself. Well, you Geotag yourself while you’re filming. When you upload that information, unfortunately, the only thing that Google does not do, well that’s not true. I think it does automatically add a Geotag code, but you can go in and change that Geotag code as well.

Robert Newman: So, what you have to do is you have to do a Google search like Geotag, or latitude and longitude for Cape Corral, you give the neighborhood. And then you upload that to the video or number two, you filmed the video with your camera in the actual area and it’s Geotagged automatically. Either way, Google is giving you massive extra credit because they know automatically that the video has been filmed in the area that you’re talking about. So, let’s say you title the video like a Cape Coral, a city or neighborhood information. At the barest minimum, Google already knows the video was filmed in the location that you’re talking about. Which now gives extra credit if you happen to tag the video and say Cape Corral neighborhood, like neighborhood information.

Google is going to look at that video to a more serious way because they go, well we know it’s filmed there. So now we’re going to bump it up in the YouTube search results and see if people liked the video and if they do, if they engage with it very well doing the searches for that specific thing, that’s all it takes to get you to rank on YouTube. And that’s all it takes, having that video framed into your content Google automatically knows this is one of the top videos on this topic, on this neighborhood and it’s connected to a page of content, so it’s like adding a super powerful backlink into your content. Think of it that way, but it’s not a traditional bank.

Jonathan Denwood: It’s kind of touches on, I don’t want to go off subject on a notorious word but it does touch to things we’ve discussed before. One is evergreen content, because of video, doing a video of a neighborhood or doing a video about a specific subject and then writing content around. That video’s a great way of building some really great evergreen content for your website, isn’t it Robert?

Robert Newman: Yes, it is.

Jonathan Denwood: And the second thing is, it’s more of a question. Google business page, you know, how important do you think it is for a real estate agent to really set that up and fill it all in? And also, right you cannot load a number of videos to that page, that business page, that local business page, and I think that’s probably important as well. Would you, what do you think about that, Robert?

Robert Newman: I agree, I agree. So, I’m going to say that yes you can, I don’t know for sure about uploading the videos to the business page. I haven’t done it yet, but I’m pretty sure you’re right. So, I’m going to say yes, I think you’re right. And I’m going to say that that having a business page is probably one of the most powerful tools that you can have. So, if Google is closing down Google plus but there…

Jonathan Denwood: This is what I’ve thought to ask these questions because he’s a bit confusing, the present situation. Can you give some advice and clarification about what’s going on?

Robert Newman: Sure. Well, Google is moving away from a whole social media platform. But in the meantime, what they’re moving towards is they’re doubling down on their local infrastructure. And what that means is that I don’t know if anybody else is doing this besides me, but like they’re really encouraging people to be local guides. They’re adding in all of those reviews and deep information if you decide to be a guide and you’re like, you’re reviewing stuff. So, they’re taking the location on your camera and say you visited Yamazaru Sushi. They’re not just saying what did you think of the restaurant? They’re saying, what did you think of the tuna? What did you think of this? What do you, and they’re basically taking questions that people have asked about that restaurant and trying to get you to answer the questions?

So, they’re creating this whole social dialogue, prompting you to give them and all of that connects to your Google business page if you have one. You can do the same kind of thing for your business should you choose to. The amount of information that they’ve, that they’re allowing you to upload is has gone up by tenfold. They’re also doing something really unusual, where they’re basically allowing you to connect the website to your Google my business page and they’re giving you the website for free. So, they’re kind of going in the direction that for small businesses that don’t have a website presence, they’re giving you the ability to build an entire website around your google my business page. So, everything I’ve seen and everything that I believe is that they’re doubling down on local business infrastructure. So,

Jonathan Denwood: Just got a couple of quick questions, do you still need a Google Gmail account to set up a Google business page?

Robert Newman: Yes, you do.

Jonathan Denwood: Right. So, that’s number one you need folks, you need to set up with Gmail account. I don’t know why they do that, but you do. And do you still need, they got rid of them, have they got rid of the phone verification unit they sent, is it only they send, you need a physical address where they send a card to you?

Robert Newman: Yes!

Jonathan Denwood: Well, the reason why I’m asking Robert, is that they used to give you, you have to validate your address and they used to give you two options. One was they would bring a very polite lady, but she didn’t exist, would sign you up and you went through a process to validate your address. The other thing was to send you a card. Now I think you’ve only got, they only send you the card folks. And you got, so you’ve got to have a physical address in the area where you going to get one and when that card, you got to keep your eyes out because it’s really easy to miss the cards in all the junk mail that you get. Got to keep your eyes keen, don’t you really Robert because it’s really easy to miss that card, isn’t it?

Robert Newman: It is, and it’s really a pain in the ass to set it up. I think that’s what I’m hearing you say but it’s worth it. So, another thing that Google really has been paying attention to for a long period of time and they’re only increasing the value over time, is the reviews that are connected to your google my business page. They’re taking stronger, and stronger, and stronger signals from social testimonials. Some social proof is what it’s commonly called, and they’re really, they’re getting smarter and smarter about understanding the content of these reviews. So, they’re looking for keywords and cement meaning inside the reviews themselves. Plus, they’re taking a look at how many they have and what the strength of those reviews are and they’re absolutely applying those to local. No doubt about it and I personally believe they’re starting to apply those to your website too, I think it’s starting to impact domain authority.

Jonathan Denwood: Yeah and total [inaudible] for the Mail-Right system folks we have a great testimonial feature that generates great testimonials in a methodical way for you. So, I’ll just [inaudible]. The reason, I know I went off a little bit off topic here, but I do understand that I’m uploading video to this page really can boost how Google, you know, they give that option cause it’s totally free. You should use it really, shouldn’t you? The other thing I was just going to ask you is, Google maps because I heard that they’re tying Google maps with the business page in some new ways. Have you, known anything about that, Robert?

Robert Newman: Only Vaguely, I haven’t really studied up on it. I’ve heard the same things, I’ve noticed some things in terms of how they are tying maps into like my business page. But they’ve been doing that for a while, but I’ve also heard that they are increasing the connectivity between the two platforms. All the, I’m really, I’ve, you know what I’m going to reverse myself. I don’t feel comfortable commenting on it. I’ve, I only have heard of very general thing saying that they’re moving in that direction, I have no idea how they’ve moved there. So, yet I will study up on it. [Cross talk] I would like to bring us back on topic, [inaudible] number one, say let’s take a break and number two, I’d like to say when we come back from the break let’s really dial back in on video if you don’t mind.

Jonathan Denwood: No, sure thanks. Not a problem we’re going to go for a break. Robert’s put me back on track, that’s what he’s here for partly, to keep [inaudible] over my mind. We’ll be back in a few moments’ folks.

Robert Newman: Do you want quality leads from homeowners and buyers right in your own neighborhood? Then you need Mail-Right! It is a powerful but easy to use, online marketing system that uses Facebook to generate real estate leads and a fraction of the cost you’d pay from our competition. We stand behind our work with a no question asked 30-day money back guarantee. So, don’t delay, get started today. Go to mail-right.com.

Jonathan Denwood: We’re coming back. We’re in the festive spirit, Thanksgiving. So, it’s a funny thing Thanksgiving because obviously I’m English but I live in America folks. So, I’ve had some very kind friends invite me around. But it’s like having two Christmases, only America would you have two Christmases, wouldn’t you? [Cross talk] Only in America, two sets of Turkey. There you go, you can’t argue against it, can you? Now back, Robert managed to save me, so we’re back on the subject of video, off you go Robert.

Robert Newman: Okay, so now we’ve covered the importance of video and why you want to talk about video and it’s going to be just as relevant in 2019. So, don’t think that just because we said 2018, it’s going to be even more important in 2019. So, really important. Now how do you like what are some quick cheats? Like, let’s just say, Okay Robert, I’m sold on video. Like right now how do we get into it easily? Well, there are some tools out there that make video optimization like you don’t need to study like, [cross talk]

Jonathan Denwood: That’s where we need to start, what do we mean by, first of all, I think we got to backtrack a little bit and say. Thinking about uploading it somewhere, either to YouTube and what does this, the other bit that you introduce optimization, whatever, what does that really mean?

Robert Newman: Okay, fair enough. So, number one, the platform for videos is YouTube and you can…

Jonathan Denwood: And why is that the platform Robert?

Robert Newman: Well, it’s the second largest search engine in the world in terms of SEO, which is, I mean 95% of the world’s searches are served up by Google. So, in terms of SEO, Google can read their own proprietary technology much better than they can everything else. Like their user signals that we’re talking about, they’re all coming from chrome. And so, all these tools that if you’re going to use them for the purposes of promoting yourself then YouTube is the way to go. And then uploading YouTube is as easy as going to the APP store and Google Play or Apple iTunes and downloading an APP, which will then allow you to upload videos from your phone relatively seamless into the YouTube ecosphere. You will, as you said, need an email address in order to establish an account if you don’t have one. If you currently do have one, you want to make sure that you have one for business and one for personal or you switch your personal over to business. You think I’ve covered, thank you for getting me to connect the dots.

Jonathan Denwood: Now that last bit is rather important, having two separate email addresses. One for the business, YouTube and one for your personal.

Robert Newman: Yeah okay. So, once you’ve done all that and let’s say, just say, all right, I have no problem filming a couple of YouTube videos, a couple of pointers. One, if you’re a real estate agent or broker, you do want to feature yourself or somebody that is designated as a brand ambassador for you. I really cannot emphasize this enough, if you can get yourself on camera just do it. Because people want to do business with the boss, that’s just the way it is. John’s the founder of Mail-Right, I’m the founder of inbound REM. We both have people that work for us, but you’re not going to see them on the show because they don’t carry the same weight as we do and if you call our…

Jonathan Denwood: Do you mean physical, your  out you’re, I’m a little bit pokey, aren’t I?

Robert Newman: Wow, I’m not going to touch that.

Jonathan Denwood: Going to be more pokey off the first time.

Robert Newman: I think you’ve got me to blush, I think I’m turning red, I’m not going to comment.

Jonathan Denwood: I’m slimming down actually, I have lost weight.

Robert Newman: Oh, congratulations. That’s awesome, can we talk about video?

Robert Newman: So, anyway. So, we got, John has put me totally off track now, Thank you. Now I’m thinking of Turkey and gaining weight I appreciate that. So, we’ve, once you’ve uploaded, okay, so once you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube, the kind of content that you want to have is featuring yourself. Okay. I’m back now. And then there’s a lot of things, tricks, video optimization. If you google video optimization or YouTube video optimization to be specific, you’re going to get a lot of results.

But there are some tools that you can automatically download and connect to your YouTube account that will help you with things like keyword research, descriptions inside the video. What kind of tags you should use, these are incredibly valuable things because when you’re creating a video, it’s one thing to create the content? Now you have to decide where is my audience and how do I aim this video at the right audience? That’s where keywords and descriptions come in with the video. Also, things like putting in a video index with and that are where you say on minute 1:18, this is what we’re talking about all the way through to minute 2:18 seconds. This is what we discussed, and then somebody clicks on that link and they go specifically to that section of the video.

Robert Newman: So, let’s just say they’re not interested and whether or not we’re talking about Thanksgiving, gaining weight, they want to know only about the YouTube optimization. Well, we could create a video indexing and give them that. Right? So that’s one of the things. So what tools do what, Uber suggest is a very good keyword tool for you too. So, I’ve not used it extensively, only a little bit.

What it was, I’m reading off a blog post, but it says that all you need to do is enter your keyword new uber suggest to select YouTube from the menu and a matter of seconds to the tool will analyze your keyword and provide you with valuable information. So, in other words, what keywords should you be targeting based on your suggestion so awesome. The tool that I use, which I think is much better. But what do I know is VID IQ, cost $10 or $50 a month depending on your membership level? And it’s an actual plugin that connects into YouTube. And now it’s on your YouTube channel and it shows you things like how many people are downloading your content every day or watching a content every day or sharing your content every day. How does that compare to last year at the same time? How many keywords are you ranking?

Jonathan Denwood: Do they have a free version?

Robert Newman: They may don’t know. I’ve always paid for it, I love the tool. They probably do have a free version, most of these tools do. So, probably there is a free version guy I don’t, maybe it costs zero. I’ve never used, I immediately started with the paid version because I was so excited for the tool, and this tool has no joke increased my traffic by 20, 30 percent just by itself. So, saying that it’s worth whatever the amount of money is, it’s like, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made in 2018.

You know, for whatever it is, $500 a year I got a 20% increase on my YouTube channel which drives a lot of traffic and conversion actually. A lot of people that call in and schedule appointments all say, hey I’ve watched your YouTube videos. So, plus I have the content connected in, I have my videos connected into content. So, it jumps up the value of my content as well. But anyway, I digress. So, after another thing that the IQ does is it evaluates other videos that appear at the top of the YouTube search results. So, in other words, you can look at other people’s videos and get a score that tells you how optimized your competition’s videos are. Which kind of will give you an understanding, hey, if I want to do better, not only to have to create engaging content, but I probably need to optimize my video as well as if not better than, you know, brand x. So, VIDIQ.

I feel very strongly about it obviously. The video, the last thing to do though guys there’s another tool to do something that I’m horrible at, I hire somebody to do it for me. Just complete transparency because I’m so bad at it, but it’s really important, which is optimizing the YouTube thumbnail. And there’s a tool out there called Canva that will help you do the thumbnails. I’ve never used it, again, complete transparency. I hire somebody, I have a young lady that works for me and she does nothing but my YouTube optimization. Creates like cool little images and does all this stuff. And it definitely, that also improves engagement, click through rate, all the things that connect into YouTube. John, I think you’re better at that than I am. I’ve, I’ve watched what you do with Mail-Right? So maybe you have some thoughts on that.

Jonathan Denwood: Well, I’ve got a graphic designer on my team, on my other business. I have two businesses folks One makes money and then I give it to Mail-Right. [Cross talk] I’m going to change it, I have a lady and she developed a photoshop file which is a kind of template, or you can use Canva. One that I use is YouTube buddy, we forgot to mention that.

Robert Newman: That’s right, okay.

Jonathan Denwood: And TubeBuddy has two versions, it as a free version which isn’t totally crippled, and it has a paid version. I think the paid version has a similar price structure to, what’s it called? IQ, the one that you mentioned that.

Robert Newman: VIDIQ

Jonathan Denwood: Yeah. I have, there is a free version of that because I’ve got an on one of my browsers and I will be looking at that, because of Robert’s recommendation, in a little bit more detail probably on Thursday. So, TubeBuddy does similar things. I’ve got the paid version, but they were, a couple of years ago, they were doing a special deal. And I got, which I took up, which is like $40 a year. And I’ve kept paying that because I think it’s normally around $40 a month. So, I’ve got a reasonably good deal there [cross talk] and it helps you tag the videos which are important, it shows you what, it’s got the ability to suggest tags that you should tag your video on. It does similar things to the other product, yeah, look at both of them. They will be links in the show notes to buy folks.

Robert Newman: Oh, well excellent. See how so, we’re hitting the end of our scheduled show, we can always talk about, I think we may do. Like if you’re ok with this John, I’m going to suggest maybe a five-minute bonus content section and I think what I’d like to talk about is some specific ways you can apply video for real estate. It can give us some more ideas about how you could actually do, like what kind of content, video content could you create?

Jonathan Denwood: I think I’m going to wrap up the audio part is, what we’ve done can sound a bit intimidating. But really, for the benefit, you’re going to get, in getting yourself in front of our audience, a local audience. Consistently and with little cost. This is probably one of the most powerful mythologies and toolsets that we’re probably going to discuss into our routine, isn’t it, Robert?

Robert Newman: Yeah, definitely! No doubt about it. [Cross talk} This is how you separate yourself from Trulia and Zillow. This is how you become a hyperlocal expert video, video, video, video, no doubt about it.

Jonathan Denwood: The truth is that with Apple or Android, you probably got a phone that can just do fantastic video. We’ve, a little bit with a little stand and maybe a slightly better microphone. You can get fantastic results and I will attempt to have some links to some equipment that is recommended by some experts and I’ll give you a link on a couple of experts that, YouTubers that can do a lot of videos about equipment and that should help. But what you got to really do is just get over the hump do your first video and then I have in your calendar. The first couple times you do one, it might take a little bit longer, but then you can just cut out a period of time every week to do a quick video and just get it up. Would you agree with that Robert?

Robert Newman: Yes.

Jonathan Denwood: Get in the habit, when it becomes a habit it won’t be a problem. You just got to get over that hump folks. So, we’re going to wrap up the audio part of the show. We’re going to have an additional bit of a discussion afterward which you’ll to watch on the Mail-Right’s website, and on Robert’s website, and on the show’s YouTube channel and hopefully I will tag it correctly. We’ll be back next week Folks. See you soon, Bye.

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