005: Facebook-can You Get Results From Social Media in 2015?

    We all talk about social media and especially Facebook. There are social media experts that say that a real estate agent or broker shouldn’t think of using a Facebook business page anymore. I won’t mislead you-- it is not going to be easy getting people to like a real estate business page but it’s ... Read More

004: Listing Presentations Tips & Tricks!

Presentations are very important! It’s very likely that a possible new listing client will be seeing multiple agents and a listing can be lost at the final hurdle of the presentation. A computer presentation gives you a lot of options, including video, but you also need a great printed presentation to leave behind for the potential client. ... Read More

003: Print Media Still Matters in 2015!

Let’s get this one out of the way—the newspaper advertisement is totally dead as an effective marketing tool! However, print in general can still be very effective. Be sure you have quality business cards and a quality detailed leaflet that you can handout. Yes, we know this sounds pretty basic… but you would be amazed at the number of ... Read More

002: We Give 100% Practical Advice On Lead Generation!

Lead generation is the key factor if you want to be a successful real estate agent or broker. The key word in this episode was “farms.” The most important takeaway from this episode was how important it is to develop “lists of possible clients.” This is one of the most important areas that really sorts out the serious individuals ... Read More

001: What’s The Show Going to Be About?

Over the coming months we’re planning to discuss everything possible about how real estate agents and brokers in 2015 can make their businesses real top producers! We will be looking at traditional to new online marketing methods. It’s true that some traditional methods still work; however, a lot don’t. There are a number of new technologies that ... Read More

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