011: How a Real Estate Agent’s Website Can Still Dominate Local Search in 2015

011: How a Real Estate Agent's Website Can Still Dominate Local Search in 2015
We talk about how agents/brokers can still dominate their local markets connected to their website. See, you can get great SEO for your website even in 2015 connected to letting it be a real local information resource. I personally call this type of agent’s website a “power local”. See, it focuses on what your visitors really want to know. ... Read More

010: Why Open Houses & Facebook Can Work Together in Generating Great Quality Leads

In this episode, we look at two subjects connected to marketing. One is a traditional real estate publicizing method--“open houses”. We still feel it’s a very effective method for agents to get more visibility in their local area and also can be a great method of building up quickly their email lead generation list. Bill, my ... Read More

009: We talk about Yelp and Zillow and Why Your Online Reputation is Really Important in 2015

We look at and also talk about Yelp and why these type of large portal review websites are becoming important directly to real estate agents and brokers alike. This process is linked to a term developed by Hubspot as “The Buyers Journey.” This is directly associated to a figure from the National Association of Realtors’ 2015 Home Buyer & ... Read More

007: Advice on Open Houses And How to Use Youtube

Bill’s wife did her first open house with Chase International and we talk about the power of doing open houses if you really want to build up your local exposure in the community. Bill gives some tips on how to market your open house events. I give some more insight into social media connected to using one of the most ... Read More

006: Marketing Has Become a lot More Complicated For Real Estate Agents

Marketing has become a lot more complicated for real estate agents and brokers in the past five years. In this episode we discuss what are the things you need to keep in mind when you are looking at what areas you are going to use your money on connected to marketing and lead generation. Also, what works in a ... Read More

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