036: Lead Generation Online Services With Special Guest Greg McDaniel

Episode 036: We Have Greg McDaniel Back & We Talk About Lead Generation Online Services
We have Greg McDaniel back on this great show where we discuss some online lead generation tools and services that mostly get real results. We go tech into this show and almost blow Bill’s mind with the technology we discuss. Disclaimer: some of the views and remarks expressed in this episode are not Mail-Rights. https://boldleads.com http://www.primesellerleads.com ... Read More

035: The Luxury Market With Special Guest Melinda Goodwin

Episode 035: We have a Special Guest Melinda Goodwin We Talk About The Luxury Market
In this show, we talk about the Luxury market with agent Melinda Goodwin from St. George Utah who recently had an article published on Inman website called “Are you in real estate sales and marketing? You should be” We discuss the article and also Melinda drive to do 100 YouTube videos. With Melinda help we look at the difference ... Read More

034: Zillow & BombBomb With Special Guest Dave Woodson

Zillow & BombBomb With Dave Woodson
We have Dave Woodson comes back from last week's show for a more detail discussion on some things from how long has Dave been a full time and very active agent to what has the job and what hasn’t worked for Dave over the past year. David is a great fan of video and BombBomb link to directly connecting it ... Read More

033: (CRSP) Certified Residential Specialist Plus Zillow

(CRSP) Certified Residential Specialist
We start this episode talking about Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) qualification and what it means and how it can help an agent connected to showing possible new clients that you have more experience and real estate knowledge compared to most of the areas other agents. Then we look a semi-forgotten commission earner “out of area referrals” and how great ... Read More

032: Why Starting 2016 Strong is Really Important With Special Guest Greg McDaniels

032: We Talk With Our Special Guest
In this episode, we have back to the show to discuss how to start 2016 strongly. Greg gives some interesting insights into some basic techniques that he has personally used to attract possible new clients. Karen Conrad, my co-host's wife, joins the discussion and gets some real detailed tip and tricks from Greg on how she can start 2016 strongly! ... Read More

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